Carbon-izer Presents Bastrop, Texas - Highway 21 East

This section is made to connect Highway 21 down to Bryan, though even with the "completion" of this section there's still 60 miles left to cover as of this writing. This starts off from Highway 71 and was designed to cover two of the legacy entries to the old Bastrop page, Film Alley and Sac-N-Pac.

Unusually, we'll skip the first mile of Loop 150 (including where it crosses the Colorado River and becomes Chestnut Street). There is a strip mall off of Loop 150 that held Bealls from 1997 to the mid-2000s when it moved to the former H-E-B, and of course downtown past the river, but that won't be covered (at least not yet).

Film Alley / 1600 Chestnut Street
The opening of Chestnut Square back in 2003 on the edge of town was surprising at the time, but today, the cinema, known as Film Alley, is Bastrop's only full-line movie theater. The above link has a picture I took back in 2019 with additional information, but you can also see's photos (of Chestnut Square) here.

Sunoco / KFC / 901 State Hwy. 95
This gas station was built in 2003, originally featuring a car wash, a Sac-N-Pac (#407), and Shell gas. You can see what I wrote originally here, and to not repeat myself, the Sac-N-Pac west of town mentioned did hold out for maybe a year afterwards but it eventually converted (and before Stripes was converted to 7-Eleven, released as an independent). Finally, in early 2022, the Stripes was finally covered to 7-Eleven. Like its conversion to Sac-N-Pac, this happened sometime between mid-January and mid-February, and circumstances allowed me to see it twice in one year.

Roadhouse Restaurant / 2804 Highway 21 E.
This restaurant first opened in August 2002. Later on, a second restaurant was opened in Paige.

146 Highway 21 East
This former gas station (Chevron), d/b/a Lost Pines Grocery Store, operated only from 2011 to the end of 2019.

Willow Springs Recovery / 1128 Highway 21 East
This operated as a motel, Lake Bastrop Lodge, from 2012 to 2016. I am not sure of its original purpose, but it serves as Willow Springs Recovery today.

Valero / 1148 Highway 21 East
"Terry's Corner" has been here since 1998. It almost certainly started out as a Diamond Shamrock before being converted to Valero in the 2000s.

Texaco / 106 Quarter Horse Loop
This Texaco gas station was built in 2017, and has a convenience store, BB Market. BB Market has "Taco Chef" and Krispy Krunchy. There's a "produce" sign outside and some fixtures inside, but woefully undermerchandised.

Ridgeway Baptist Church / 153 Ridgeway Cemetery
This small church upgraded its signage in the mid-2010s (a piece of the old sign, which you can see on Google Maps, is now inside the church itself. It also of course, has the adjacent Ridgeway Cemetery. Here we'll stop. In time, we'll continue down Highway 21, through Caldwell, and continue to Bryan.

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