This covers the Bryan part of Texas Avenue South which has a different numbering system. North of East 26th North Texas Avenue starts.

East 26th Stoplight

2016: Superior Granite & Marble

1968: Bogard Motors
1971: Barnett Motors
1995: First American Bank
2005-14: Citibank (conversion)
2014-: BB&T (conversion)

2009: Burger King (new construction, opened)
2011: vacant (BK closed around January?)
2012: Chicken Express
Note: This replaced the Greyhound bus station, which had a 29th Street address. Ironically, the new restaurant had no access from Texas.

1969: Der Wienerschnitzel (first year open, looks like)
1980: Der Wienerschnitzel
1984: Der Wienerschnitzel
1989-: Wienerschnitzel (at some point in the 1980s, the "Der" was dropped)
Note: I heard this caught fire at some point but I don't know what the damage was (or when it was), as this building is classic A-frame through and through, and all that it entails.

2007: Palmer Kia (closed in 2009)
2011-: Caliber Collision (open that year)

2000-: McDonald's (built sometime in the late 1990s with a Playplace but renovated since)

19??-1984: Weingarten
1984-89: Safeway (Weingarten possibly closed for reset)
1989-92: AppleTree (rename, 1992 ended the site's use as a supermarket)
Note: At some point, this was renumbered from 1010 S. Main Street, which is why the ?? exist, but it was numbered to Texas by 1980. The store opened originally in 1956.

1980: Sears Roebuck & Co. (moved 1982)
1992: Clo-Jo's
2002-06: Albertsons (new building, store #2796 and closed in summer after LLC takeover)
2013-16: Walmart Neighborhood Market (opened in summer after years of vacancy but closed in 1/16 closures)

2005: Dollar Tree

1991-2004: H-E-B Pantry (not branded as Pantry Foods, and closed when the Tejas Center location opened)
2007-: Harmony Science Academy

1977-2014: Luby's Cafeteria (year opening and year closing, though at some point in the early 2000s or late 1990s, "Cafeteria" was dropped. It was still listed in the 2005 phone book as "Luby's Cafeteria")
2014-: Café Eccell (opened August 2014, Luby's closed in April of that year)
Note: There is a blog post for this building.