I hope you enjoyed Carbon-izer.com. This list is not for that, for the places beyond Carbon-izer.com and the sites I enjoy. This page was supposed to get the major overhaul last fall but only until recently it got this new look.

List of Links
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   Carbon-izer Blog - This has several "full" pages that didn't fit anywhere else, from more recent projects like documenting the Northwest Freeway or other smaller buildings.

   Brazos Buildings & Businesses - Running from 2010 to December 2014, this blog chronicled the history of Bryan and College Station through photos, advertisements, and personal stories of places gone by. Another personal project of mine.

   West Houston Archives - This site has extensive photographs on the roadways and highways in West Houston.

   Yesterland - A site that does a very good job on cataloging defunct Disneyland attractions, shops, and eateries.

   SFDebris - I don't really watch a lot of original content video on the Internet, but do check out their 13-part history of Marvel (from the late 1980s to the present day), if you're at all interested in that sort of thing (or why you've lost faith in modern comics).

   Highway Host - Great pictures and information of old hotels and restaurants.

   Abandoned Baton Rouge - An interesting site, considering that I've rarely actually *been* in Baton Rouge all that often.

   Historic Houston Retail - A smaller site specializing in Houston retail. It's a little smaller and rough around the edges, but it can become great with your help!

   Farscape World - Fansite dedicated to one of the best sci-fi shows that wasn't renewed (no, not Firefly)

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