This page covers images and other things NOT covered on the original The Commons article over at Brazos Buildings & Businesses. While I do have more photos to come, here's some Tomato Bar memorabilia from The context should be on BB&B. Enjoy!

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Here are additional photos taken in February 2015. I have no idea what the exterior looks like anymore, but I know it's closed.

Main Entrance - This was a pull-through that acted as the focal point for the plaza. People would often stop cars during move-in and move-out times, and student groups often set up shop here (mostly sorority girls and whatever thing they were doing)

Bikes - Nearby with a view of all the bikes parked here and inside the building.

Connector corridor - The building was connected to dorms through these enclosed corridors.

Inside the connector, looking toward The Commons - Check out that funky but uncomfortable looking seating

Inside the connector, looking toward a dorm - I don't have any pictures inside of the actual dorms. I do remember they were dark, though, but I never had access to dorms since I never lived there.

Going inside - My phone isn't that great at taking pictures, but the inside was dim and moody.

Plaque - C.C. Krueger

Near mailboxes - I try to avoid people in these photos.

To Studio 12 - When you entered, you were facing the opposite of this spiral staircase. On the right was Studio 12, and on the left, I believe that was originally a lounge, but it later became offices for the MSC Choral Activities. When the MSC reopened in mid-spring 2012, it remained there for a little longer for the offices to finish off, but it remained closed the rest of my college career.

More corridors - I'm sorry these photos are so bad.

Outside the convenience store - Except for a brief time around 2013 and from late 2014 on, the metal box said "Rattlers". To the right was a convenience store, which was originally operated by a local convenience store operator. It was much smaller than a normal convenience store, but featured candy, snacks, a small selection of highly overpriced grocery type items, and school supplies. It did have condoms and feminine hygiene products, but lacked alcohol, cigarettes, and lotto tickets.

Sargino's - In spring 2012, this had really good pizza. Thin, greasy, and cheap, it was the go-to place and I could justify the greasy triangles with a banana. Between Chick-fil-a Express and this, the Commons was one of my favorite places to eat. The dining services were outsourced in fall 2012, and it ceased being the place it used to be (and the produce quality plummeted).

Chick-fil-a Express - CFA Express was another place to grab food. It only had chicken nuggets and sandwiches, plus fries (neither as good as a "real" Chick-fil-a) but everyone loved it anyway.

Flooring Types - I think one of my schools had that same type of carpeted tile.

Pool tables - No one here today.

Studio 12 - This was a lounge and secondary food court. To the right was a coffee bar that served Blue Bell ice cream (it was gone by early 2014), then to the back was a place that made decent (pre-fall 2012) burritos.

Former Home of Common Grounds - By early 2015, the old coffee & ice cream bar had been ripped out for more seating.

Bottom of the second floor, looking up - Those are some old light fixtures.

Information booth - That's just a bunch of florescent lights under a grid, not a huge spotlight or skylight.

Outside again - I hope to talk about that little building in another blog update...

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