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2/25/15: Redid organization, new entries particularly in Randalls, Gulf Pacific, Sparkle Sign, took out references to the LEGO Movie, added some new stuff in the Fairfield part of the page (Western World!)
12/28/14: An extensive update. New HTML look. Added a bit on Lawrence Marshall Hempstead. Another Chevron update. Fixed "Massage Nation" error. Added a few other bits and pieces, along with updates. Fireworks warehouse, the new Mobil (old Chevron). Most notable was adding Jones Road. Elaborated on the Denny's, added Brookhollow, filled in a few pictures.
8/21/14: More on the 290 gas stations. Some updates on the restaurants around the Grand Parkway. More info on "Merche!". AMF. Jack's added back. Jojo's and Champ's. Cavender's night pic. Update on Chevron. Brookhollow added. 10700 added back. Al's Tuxedo added back.
6/29/14: Hockley Park, Hanson Aggregates, salt mine, Community of Faith, Exxon gas station, Shell gas station, some updates to make it flow better, car dealerships, Arsham, Philly Connection, another Shell, Hotel Preet, Larry's, Goodwill, Chevrons, Carl Jr. and maybe a few other things I might've missed. Two new photos added.
6/1/14 - Added Waller Co. Line BBQ, Frenchy's discussed, Gringo's added, more pictures, talks about Randalls, Randalls distro center, Stewart & Stevenson added, Gulf Pacific mentioned, Phobia, Sparkle Signs mentioned, more of those fast foods linked, mention of Texaco, JVA, Brake Check, discussed a former AppleTree turned indoor track racing facility, Fairbanks Plaza, more on NW Freeway Center (photos and more), added photos back for the old demo'd areas which were in the original version, Nick's Grill, Monterey's Little Mexico.
5/21/14 - Scrapped a number of elements and completely redid page to focus on the corridor rather than simply the demolitions.
3/28/14 - Jersey Village Automotive finally added.
1/24/14 - Pictures added for Jack in the Box. HoustonFreeways.com page linked. Various HTML quirks fixed.
1/14/14 - Entries added for Big Daddy's BBQ, Jack in the Box, and Jack's Carpet. Entries updated for El Chapparal. Pictures added for Chevron.
1/7/14 - Pictures added for Casa Ole and McDonald's. Entries added for El Chapparal and Chevron.
1/6/14 - Launched.