This was originally designed as a Brazos Buildings & Businesses post, I kind of feel like a jerk since this was supposed to go up at least a month ago, and I was too ambitious and didn't get into it. Here's the photos I took, in no particular order. I apologize for the crummy quality of video: my voice sounds terrible on recorded video (and I should know, if you recognize my voice, kudos to you). Pictures are from November 2014. As of January 2015, I've completed a small fraction of what I intend on adding: to keep my bandwidth in check, I've decided to upload the future videos as private videos on YouTube.

IMG_1751.JPG - We first look out on what was what I've been told was the "Hydro Mechanics Laboratory". I don't know why they demolished it, but it was a few years back, well before they announced the renovation. I think sometime between 2010-2011.

Another look at the building. This originally was posted at Brazos Buildings & Businesses.
IMG_1753.JPG - Heading up the stairs to the main atrium. There's no handicap ramp here, and by summer 2015 was the first to go (the whole stairs, fountain, statue, and all)

IMG_1754.JPG - This statue was on the entrance stairs. I have no idea if it was destroyed or in storage.

IMG_1755.JPG - The fountain (now entirely gone). - A video I took of the fountain in action. Warning: this video is pretty big, I'll likely remove it and replace it with a smaller video.

Entering Zachry Engineering Center - Enough milling around! Let's enter the building! (YouTube privately listed)

IMG_1758.JPG - I believe this is the stairwell into the basement.

Zachry Engineering Center To the Basement - This not only has a loading dock but a full below-ground parking deck. This was a cool building (YouTube privately listed)

IMG_1760.JPG - The parking garage. It was much dimmer in real life, my camera just doesn't take all that good pictures. (Pic 1/3)

IMG_1761.JPG - The parking garage. It was much dimmer in real life, my camera just doesn't take all that good pictures. (Pic 2/3)

IMG_1762.JPG - The parking garage. It was much dimmer in real life, my camera just doesn't take all that good pictures. (Pic 3/3)

Looking Around the Parking Garage - Investigating strange doorways! (YouTube)

IMG_1765.JPG - I just hate how the lighting fails to show the spookiness of the place. Maybe I should get a real camera soon.

IMG_1766.JPG - "Area Maintenance Shop".

IMG_1767.JPG - Yet another look at the parking garage.

IMG_1768.JPG - Entrance to the outside. This led to a ramp that emptied out onto Bizzell. No other building on campus had parking like this.

IMG_1769.JPG - One last look at the garage.

IMG_1770.JPG - Looks like this was restriped at one point in the past...

IMG_1771.JPG - Emergency evacuation plan/floor plan. I tried to take a good picture of this one.

IMG_1772.JPG - Time to go back up.

IMG_1774.JPG - Floorplan of the Ground Level. This is not the main level with the lobby. I hope to add a video to this one soon, but it's just me going up in the elevator.

IMG_1776.JPG - Some funky tile inside one of the men's restrooms.

IMG_1777.JPG - This sign hasn't been touched since the early 1970s.

IMG_1778.JPG - One of the hallways in the Ground Level.

IMG_1779.JPG - Heading back up to the main level.

IMG_1780.JPG - I was once into the "old retail" scene, and Zachry reminded me a lot of malls from that era. Specifically, this funky light fixture.

IMG_1781.JPG - Zachry wasn't exactly attractive on the outside, but it was full of natural light, like these cool skylights.

IMG_1784.JPG - This was after a long video (500+ MB!) but it's a stair landing.

IMG_1785.JPG - The font here kind of reminds me of the signs that might be on the Starship Enterprise.

IMG_1786.JPG - Second floor corridor. I got a Cherry Pepsi from those vending machines once. The university switched to Pepsi a few years before my time. Disgusting, I's nothing like a good Cherry Coke, but they went with the highest bidder.

IMG_1787.JPG - The "Level Two" floorplan. This is one up above the "First Level".

IMG_1791.JPG - Some chairs in an upper level study area.

IMG_1792.JPG - Another view.

IMG_1793.JPG - Based on the position of said funky light fixture, this is a mezzanine above the third level.

IMG_1794.JPG - One last look at the flooring here.

Zachry Video Pack - Videos for 1773, 1782, 1783, and 1788. (153MB)

More coming soon...

last updated June 30, 2015