I don't have a lot of information on this, but it was a breakfasty place with several locations in Houston. Not to be confused with Champps Americana. Most of these were derived from purpledevil of the HAIF or other postings on said forum and later updated from phone book listings.

Champs Restaurant
Houston5300 North Braeswood Boulevard#1, now El Ranchero. Also appears as 100 Braeswood Square
999 Frostwood Drive* #2, incorrectly appears in some listings as 900 Frostwood
* Torn down for a strip center between 1995 and 2002
* That strip center was reduced during the Katy Freeway widening.
* Presumably relocated to Gessner & Katy Freeway afterward
10810 North Freeway#3, now Mambo Seafood
8130 S. Gessner Drive#4. Demolished in 2003, next to the gas station.
6475 Hillcroft#5. Closed and torn down between 1995 and 2002 for a Conoco, now Exxon
12615 East Freeway#6. Torn down late 1990s? for a Burger King with a different address (1094 Federal Road).
111 FM 1960#7. Now CiCi's Pizza (at least the sign), building extant and renovated but vacant, probable last location.
5101 Bingle Rd#8. Later Bravos Mexican Restaurant, closed and later torn down in 2014 for a multi-tenant building
11290 Fondren#9. Torn down for a Shell gas station between 1989 and 1995
Gessner & Interstate 10Northwest corner, torn down for Katy Freeway widening (maybe, could be the next one down, also demo'd)
11813 Wilcrest Drive* Previously, I had 11814 Wilcrest for an Exxon that replaced the Champs in the south corner of the intersection, since roads run diagonal.
* However, a later source puts it at 11813, which is a full catty-corner from what was previously thought, and thus closer to a shopping center.
* Said to be Jojo's originally