Alvin2601 Bypass 35Now Popeyes, appears to have been rebuilt in 1995?
Houston3030 CullenThis address was for University of Houston, so it must have been an on-campus location.
9204 Bellaire Blvd.Later Popeyes, Chase Bank currently (construction ongoing in 2002)
10100 BissonnetI believe this is now 9990 and currently Brenda's Taqueria
5919 S. BraeswoodCurrently vacant?
7629 BellfortWhataburger by the late 1990s (still extant)
917 Edgebrook DriveNow "Marco's Seafood & Oyster Bar", at least most recently.
2420 Gessner RoadDemolished by 2002, a strip center was built there in 2006.
14510 Memorial Drive* Dairy Queen by 1998, then Memorial Florist (also "Flowers by Nino" around this time)
* Returned to restaurant use with "The Memorial Grill" (closed around 2009), then finally a Schlotzsky's.
9134 Long PointLater New Hong Kong Deli, now Mi Amigos Auto Sales.
218 West Greens RoadDemolished in early 1990s for Greens Road underpass, drive through remains
17388 Hempstead RoadRenumbered to 17234 Northwest Freeway, later a Whataburger. It was closed and rebuilt in early 2016 due to freeway widening.
7400 LouettaAddress points to a "Best Donuts" today. Strip mall location?
18522 Kuykendahl* Unknown location.
* Old references to this address include Video Row (video store) and Eckerd (not CVS)
1915 Mangum RoadLater Hartz Chicken Buffet, now Frank's Grill
5625 Richmond AvenueLater Popeyes (and still Popeyes)
11403 Wilcrest Drive???
4502 W. FuquaNow Popeyes
12550 Bellaire Blvd.Now Popeyes
8910 Westheimer RoadOpen 2012-2015, part of an aborted plan to return Del Taco to Houston. Now Golden Chick.
Pearland3416 E. BroadwayLater Popeyes but appears to be closed now.


Note: all of the entries, unless noted, were from a 1986 phone book from the Houston area. All were gone by the early 1990s. back