College Station101 Rock Prairie Road (inside Exxon)Probably disappeared within a couple of years of c. 2000 opening, but still on outside.
404 University Driveunknown suite, closed by the end of the 1990s.
Houston8800 W. Sam Houston Pkwy. South (inside Auchan)Located in Auchan's food court.
2518 Rice Boulevard Suite B* Became "Purple Vanilla" in November 2011 after they dropped the franchise agreement.
* Despite renewing a 15 year lease (indicating that they probably originally opened in 1997), they closed in 2013.
* Now SnowBlock shaved ice.
3411 KirbyNow Oui Desserts
10978 Grant Road Ste. BNow Rock-a-Billy's Shaved Ice(?)
Waco1020 South Fifth Street (inside Exxon)I seem to remember this gas station had a TCBY in the early 2000s.