College Station303 University DriveRenovated 1930 building, formerly Flying Tomato Pizza. Was confirmed to be Two Pesos in the early 1990s. Presumably closed in 1993. In 1994, it became Fitzwilly's, and since 2013 The Backyard.
Galveston2729 61st StreetNow Taco Cabana (presumably since 1993)
Houston7400 FM 1960 WestTorn down sometime in the late 1990s for what is now Jared The Galleria of Jewelry.
1611 Gessner RoadFirst location, planned to open as "Natcho's". Later Taco Cabana (since 1993), but now renovated into Hamni Bank.
10 FM 1960 WestFound in 1990 phone book. We believe this to be a mistake as that address doesn't seem to exist (or a "0 block" for FM 1960 West)
5350 North FreewayLater Taco Cabana (since 1993) but now Chacho's (looks to have changed over in the late 2000s)
10890 Northwest FreewayLater Taco Cabana, closed around 2006 to become Big Daddy's Barbecue. Torn down in 2012 for freeway widening, now parking for Captain Benny's next door.
6006 Westheimer RoadLater Chacho's, may never have been a Taco Cabana.
913 Westheimer RoadLater Taco Cabana, but became a Smoothie King around 2009.
3905 Kirby DriveNow Taco Cabana, presumably since 1993.
8101 South Main Street
8902 Richmond Avenue
11079 Westheimer Road
Webster705 Bay Area Boulevard