• Blobbo


  • Puzzle


  • Glenn Andreas


  • Glenn Andreas

Release Date:

  • 1995

Officially Discontinued:

  • 1996


  • Macintosh

Systems Used:

  • A real old Mac long ago but today just emulators

On Wikipedia:

  • No, but there used to be

One of the original ideas behind the Games List was to add lesser-known titles related to my Classic Mac gaming heritage (see Bachman and Spectre) and Blobbo fits the bill. Well, technically Blobbo Lite since, until I actually started writing the review, there was not a known download of Blobbo anywhere. I finally found it through Googling and following up with an email (to Sweden, no less!), and uploaded it, though I couldn't get the level editor to work. Response was underwhelming, you'd think finding the full version of a beloved Mac shareware title after nearly two decades would get applause, but few cared.

OK, so the way Blobbo works is a puzzle game. There's 25 levels, which at least one version I saw had 25 level files ready to go. The full version has solutions to everything. Because the solutions require you to quit out, I'm at work creating a "walkthrough" to the whole game.

The first level (actual size)

The animations are sparse but clever, especially later levels, as there's Sparky (a little frowning ball of electricity that will eventually zap you after your sunglasses disappear) and spiders (poisonous ones, a bite will turn Blobbo green with Xs for eyes). I'll try to find those 25 levels, but in the meantime, please do download it and play it, because that full version was missing for 20 years. It's not exactly a missing Doctor Who episode, but still worth looking at.

There's modern freeware re-interpretation and fan art of Blobbo on DeviantArt, too...thankfully no slash art of Blobbo or the other freaky things hiding out on DA. Below, you'll see the point and thus the plot of the game, but it's only revealed once you beat Level 25...

May 4 2015