• BurgerTime Deluxe


  • Arcade


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  • Data East

Release Date:

  • February 1991

On Wikipedia:

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  • Game Boy

Burgers or Donuts:

  • Why Not Both?

I purchased BurgerTime Deluxe for a trip to Baton Rouge in 2011 (used, of course). While the name was reused for an obscure but repulsive-looking PC game, it was the only real improvement the classic arcade game ever got. (I've decided against creating a new page for BurgerTime for now. Maybe another time.)

BurgerTime Deluxe follows the same formula as the classic arcade, walk on ingredients to make them fall, stun enemies with the pepper (limited supply), use ladders to avoid them. Hot dogs and pickles try to chase you. There are cutscenes that tell a small story, namely, a competing restaurant called "Nuten Doughnut" is the one that sends food after you.

The upbeat music and nice graphics separate it from the arcade original.

It differs from the NES game in that there are more diverse stages, different (better) music, a new artstyle, a password feature, switching the pickles and eggs (in the arcade, you are introduced to eggs and hot dogs with pickles introduced later as a dangerous third enemy, here the third enemy is the egg), and as a fourth enemy, a giant donut that chases you. Sadly, there's no "color hacks" available, so black and white it must remain. (I did check out The Flintstones: Burgertime in Bedrock to make sure it wasn't just a reskinned and colorized BurgerTime Deluxe; it wasn't despite claiming otherwise).

Either way, it was still an enjoyable play, and I wish more was done with the franchise. Maybe I'll save that for my main BurgerTime review.