Games of January 2020

Cuphead (PC)

The only game of this month, Cuphead is a reminder of why I won't review any games unless I'm familiar with them. It's understandable that movie reviewers can watch a movie and then assign a score to them, it's not really logical that game reviewers can assign a score without playing them through (or at least get a good idea of what the game is like). Most of the time, they can't even play the game. They don't even seem to like the main game-playing audience.

Cuphead is a game that I got despite the fact that these types of games aren't exactly my cup of tea (pardon the pun). While the bosses (it's all bosses, really) seem like they can be beaten with a bit of practice, I have a bad feeling that there will be some bullshit that will keep breaking perfect runs...thanks to things like this, I got stuck in the last world of Super Meat Boy and never picked it up again (there's a reason it never appeared on the original "Games List"). So if Cuphead tries to play this game on me, then I'm not sure I'd be impressed with it as I am now. The animation and music is top-notch, it really does feel like you're "playing a cartoon" from the 1930s (this has been used for many an adventure game review, sans the 1930s part).