Games of September 2020

In revising the Games page, I did want to a sort of retroactive lists, like, say, "played in 2012" list where I could add everything I played in 2012, derived from the Old Games List.

But when I started putting things together, some had writings and some didn' I would have to retroactively write something (for 2018) in terms of things like Terraria and some games I couldn't find any information on. Instead, I decided to post back old content as I played them again, and linking back to them. This way I could also reuse all those thumbnails I built up over the years.

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (Super NES)

One of my favorite SNES games. I tried to play this on my 3DS recently, unfortunately, due to emulating the extra chip inside, performance is less than stellar. Besides, there's a lot of fond memories tied to this game, as I explained in my old review from January 2016, why would I dilute that?


Giving DOOM another try with GZDoom gave a surprisingly decent play of the classic FPS game, which I wrote about previously half a decade ago. Actually being able to separate mouse look from moving is a great feature, but it's still not immersive as it could be, and the "game" you start playing (from "E1M1") is rather short...each "episode" restarts you with the basic weaponry and all that.

One of the more annoying parts of the game is how dark parts of the game are (lights often flash for "atmospheric" effect) but that just felt annoying.

As an aside, I have no real desire to try out even the old WAD of Chex Quest, which got an official re-release, and its first time under the ownership of General Mills, as the original Chex Quest was under Ralston Foods.

Donkey Kong '94 (Game Boy)

Also known as Donkey Kong GB or just Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong '94 is one of the rare Game Boy games that are actually good. Most of the Game Boy library is quite bad, basically anything that wasn't Zelda or Mario (and even the latter suffered pretty heavily) is just shovelware or gimped versions of their SNES counterparts. DK94 is a notable exception. It has a great bait-and-switch to start out with: the first four levels is just a straight port of the original Donkey Kong arcade game albeit with nice animation touches (and it includes the "pie factory" level absent even in the NES port). When you beat the fourth level, rather than restart, DK wakes up and steals Pauline away, and the REAL game starts.

The actual game is more like what would be released in 2004 as Mario vs. Donkey Kong, but better (and runs faster than the 3DS' GBA emulator) and features almost 100(!) stages. I did play MvDK about a year ago but I played so little of Mario vs. Donkey Kong that I didn't even include it in the premier of the new page.

The Fish Files (Game Boy Color)

One more title! Like I mentioned with in my review of Urban Yeti! over a year ago, I learned not to trust HardcoreGaming101 a while back for recommendations. Once again, they totally oversell bad games with the game this time around: The Fish Files, a graphic adventure game for the Game Boy Color, and it's as bad as sounds. However surprisingly decent it looks is ruined by the tiny screen, the limited controls, the awful music, and the simplistic writing (made worse by clearly not being a native speaker). It's a shame too, because a straight port with uncompressed graphics (which are clearly inspired by Day of the Tentacle) and mouse-driven movements it could easily be on par with TeenAgent. The Fish Files is like TeenAgent without its good qualities, which means its pretty awful, really.