• Hammerfight


  • Combat


  • Konstantin Koshutin


  • Kranx Productions

Release Date:

  • September 2009 (Russian), October 2009 (English)


  • Windows, Linux, PSP, Mac

Systems Used:

  • Windows 7, screenshots with Mac OS X

On Wikipedia:

For what it's worth, I like most of the games on the 2011 Humble Indie Bundle that I've played. I loved Machinarium, VVVVVV, and Braid and enjoyed most of the others. Crayon Physics Deluxe and Osmos have beautiful visuals but lose their appeal after too soon, and same (to a lesser extent) with And Yet It Moves. Cogs I never liked too much (at all, really) but I just wasn't a fan of that genre. Atom Zombie Smasher and Revenge of the Titans were not as good as the top three but they still had appeal and I played through most of them.

There are a few others, some of which I'm just now breaking into, like Hammerfight, and so far, it is the weakest of the lot. Lemme just tell you that it lacks the beauty of even the weaker titles in the Humble Indie Bundle, with a cramped 800 x 600 resolution. Honestly, for a game released in 2009, that seems too small for a max resolution and reminds me in terms of graphics for stuff from a decade prior to 1999...and most of the ones that come to mind are much better games.

My carpal tunnel syndrome!

However, that pales in comparison to how screwy the controls are, which is where it really falls apart. It's one of those "mouse with wonky physics" games, which is why I don't like the classic Mac title Crystal Quest as much as I wish I did, as the whole point of Hammerfight is to propel a craft with weapons to smash into other similar crafts trying to do the same to you. Even if the concept sounded solid (no pun intended), the controls are just too haphazard. It just was such a turn-off.

It feels like it would make an okay mobile game, as I can see touch controls working out better, but it isn't (nor is it a port of one). Please, hit the back button on your browser and read a review for a better game. I bet the ones below and above this title are far, far better, and as of this writing, A Link to the Past is listed directly below this one. I'd recommend that game over most of the games here, to be honest.

UPDATE: Scratch that, since I wrote the review, I've since added Home to the list, which currently sits below Hammerfight, which is not "far, far better" (by any means, at least Hammerfight plays like an actual game), though Grim Fandango sits above this one.

March 11 2016