• Super Tetris 2 + BomBliss


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  • Bullet-Proof Software


  • Bullet-Proof Software

Release Date:

  • December 18, 1992 (original SFC version, Japan only)

On Wikipedia:

  • No


Poorly-Documented Tip:

  • Music is independent of mode, you can switch it up.

You can see what I wrote back in 2019, which is basically the same review as below but before rewriting it. I'm not re-creating here because the problem was it was a little muddled due to simultaneously referring to a recently discovered Macintosh port. The original SNES version was one of the games I somehow managed to hook onto in the mid-2000s (there were a number of those, both a bunch of classic, good games and ones not so much).

I'm not a huge Tetris fan but somehow the music was memorable enough that it evoked a forgotten part of the past...though if we were going to be entirely truthful the soundtrack is objectively pretty average (overall) for some of what the better Nintendo games put out. I also didn't realize that the SNES version wasn't released in America or Europe (so, more accurately, it would be an Super Famicom game). After all, the entire game is in English. How was I supposed to know?

The Mac version wasn't exactly the same game as the SNES version. Prior to the late 1990s, crossing over from console to computer was always a bit sketchy. Computer-to-console games often suffered from blurry graphics and some compromises made when it came to trying to translate a mouse and keyboard to a ROM cartridge with limited storage and just a directional pad and a few buttons, whereas console-to-computer games usually suffered in the sound department and lacked the programming tricks that consoles used for smooth scrolling graphics and other features....and of course, Super Tetris 2 + Bombliss for the Mac is no exception, adding some cool dithered graphics (which weren't the same as the SNES version) but ditching the music of the SNES version for some 10 second clips, none of which are memorable.

FINAL RATING (SNES version only):   

January 23 2023