Games of September 2019

Hollow Knight (PC)

Originally released as a PC game in 2017 before spreading to mainstream consoles in 2018, Hollow Knight is a rare game (started playing sometime in late 2018) that ignites the memory of games played it in the past (I do remember thinking some of the music reminded me a bit of The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, but far better), along with the tried-and-true "Metroidvania" game format, of being able to explore a continuous world in side-scrolling 2D, collecting power-ups and continuing to go deeper. The biggest complaint I have with Hollow Knight is one minute I'm thinking it's the game that reignites the reason I played games in the first place, great music, a good story, and adventuring further. But then I get to a boss fight, and maybe my controller just sucks, but it starts to become a drag and I have to grind it until I figure out a winning strategy. (Final Rating 4.5/5).

Tetris Attack (Super NES)

I know I played Tetris Attack before, and mostly because I remember being cheated out of the "true end" of the single player campaign because I was cheated out of it a few years ago when I mistakenly selected "Easy" and didn't get to beat Bowser. As for the game itself, it hardly resembles real Tetris and licensed the name, and unlike many puzzle games, it livened it up with many ways to play and some catchy music, too. (Final Rating 3/5).