Albertsons Coffee Shops

Albertsons stores were flying high in 2000. Despite troubles stemming from the American Stores acquisition that would ultimately bring the downfall of the company, the company was rapidly expanding and had Albertsons-branded stores covering a significant part of the country, with the longer-range plan to eventually rebrand their acquisitions from ASC (Jewel-Osco, ACME) to the Albertsons name. In the meantime, Albertsons stores stretched from their Boise homebase all along the West Coast, stretching down to the southern states, and reaching back up through the Midwest through Kansas, and Albertsons was filling the gaps. Des Moines was one of the "gaps", their stores bought and built as warehouse-style stores that eventually saw the Albertsons name and format (without closing the stores, no less).

One of these things mentioned from an ad post-conversion was the existence of Albertsons coffee shops, which were formatted similarly to the later Starbucks counters. I'm intrigued by the ice cream mention, however. The year 2000 was not a time when grocery stores started to make what could be considered "quality" ice cream. H-E-B claims they've been churning out Creamy Creations since 1998 and the goal was to make Blue Bell-quality ice cream but that wasn't the case with Albertsons, which was never much of an innovator. Grocery store ice creams in those days were usually sold in big plastic tubs (for Albertsons, that would've been their Good Day brand) or in cardboard boxes.

I'm not sure if any Albertsons-owned sell ice cream by the scoop these days (some do have gelato), but while the Des Moines stores bit it in 2001, it was also around the time that licensed Starbucks coffee stands swept the chain, which still dominate the chain today.

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