Fresh from its success in San Antonio and Dallas and toward the beginning of a heavy expansion push, Albertsons established a move toward Houston around 1990 with a new store in Conroe, Texas, and existing stores in Louisiana (including an Albertsons store they had kept from the Skaggs days). At the time yet, Albertsons did not have an "official" Houston division, but that would soon change. After dabbling in areas around Houston like College Station or east Texas, Albertsons moved full force into the Houston market in 1995, which was dominated by strong local regional Randalls, Kroger, the Food Lion-sized H-E-B Pantry concept (small but numerous), and ethnic food retailers. The area got its own distribution center in 1996 in Katy and its own division proper in January 2001. Albertsons stores grew to be numerous in the Houston area through a vast variety of neighborhoods. The stores were modern and large and a few even included outdoor lawn and garden departments. However, it wasn't to last. They weren't as cheap as H-E-B, weren't as large as Randalls, and weren't as well-established as Kroger.

In the end, heavy competition and bad locations did in Albertsons, as well as the integration problems of American Stores. In 2002, Albertsons pulled out of the Houston area and its suburbs, as well as terminating expansion into the Gulf Coast (it had reached Mississippi and might have touched the Florida Division in a different timeline). The Bryan-College Station stores and the Louisiana stores were spared, being sent to the Dallas-Fort Worth division (though the Louisiana stores went to Florida for a very short time). Two years later, what was left suffered another defeat when Albertsons pulled out of the New Orleans market. It went with Albertsons LLC in 2006 and continued on, with the last Bryan-College Station store closing in 2011. Two stores in Louisiana did open during this time, but it was clear their best years were behind them. In 2015, the Louisiana stores (now part of the "South" division) were realigned with the new Houston Division, created out of the old Texas Division of Safeway. Joined with Randalls in Houston and Austin, the remaining stores were renumbered, which I have attempted to mark here. However, it was not to last, and in spring 2017 it was announced that the Houston Division would be combined (again) with the South Division.

While I did discover some of these my own (like #2797, truly a lucky break), a big hand goes to the following sources:
* Houston Historic Retail, for giving me inspiration to start this list for my own website (much of the list was built off of old store closings lists, not his, and the store numbering was based off of mine)
* This site for giving most of the remaining Texas locations with store numbers
* Louisiana Lightning for the LA stores and numbers
* Many of the rest (but not all) of the store numbers came with the assistance of Albertsons Florida Blog

Store #AddressShopping CenterCityStZip CodeCountyStore Info/History
2701301 S. College AvenueUniversity SquareCollege StationTX77840BrazosOpened in 1971 as a Skaggs Albertsons, rebranded to Skaggs Alpha Beta in 1979, then Jewel-Osco in 1991. Sold to Albertsons in 1992. Closed 11/97 in favor of #2758. Demolished in 2012.
27022205 Longmire Drive College StationTX77845BrazosOpened 1991, closed June 2008. Partially demolished in late 2009 for Walmart expansion and remained vacant until construction of Altitude Trampoline Park began in 2017. The store numbering was given later.
270312555 Briar Forest Drive HoustonTX HarrisOpened 1995. One of the 17 stores sold to Kroger in May 2002.
27047430 Spencer Hwy. PasadenaTX77505HarrisThis hasn't been occupied since Albertsons left, which may have been at least 2001.
27057530 Westheimer Road HoustonTX HarrisOpened November 1995, closed April 2002. Building divided between REI and Linens N Things (later DSW). Neither take address today.
27064425 FM 1960 HoustonTX77068HarrisConverted to a 24 Hour Fitness after closure in April 2002.
270715875 FM 529 HoustonTX77092HarrisOpened 1995, now a Food Town. (1 of 4)
270810535 Jones Road HoustonTX77065HarrisOne of the first stores in the Houston area and moved c. 2000. Divided into smaller shops: there's Tuscany Village Salon and Cosmic Jump, but the rest is vacant.
27092950 College Drive Baton RougeLA70808East Baton RougeOpened March 1992 as per Baton Rouge Advocate. Later became #709 after Safeway buyout.
271011321 Florida Boulevard Baton RougeLA70815East Baton RougeOpened in 1975 as a Skaggs Albertsons, but converted to Albertsons in late 1977 or very early 1978. Converted to a Super Saver (#1550) in mid-2005 but closed in June 2006.
27117515 Perkins RoadEssen VillageBaton RougeLA70808East Baton RougeAccording to newspapers, this store appears to have been opened in 1980. An Albertsons Express was later built.
27129650 Airline Highway Baton RougeLA70815East Baton RougeAccording to newspapers, this store appears to have been opened in 1985. Had Albertsons Express, but divested it in 2008. Renumbered to #712 after merger.
271315232 George O'Neal Rd. Baton RougeLA East Baton RougeAccording to newspapers, this store appears to have been opened in 1990 (under construction in June 1990)
27141801 West Thomas HammondLA70401TangipahoaHas been open since at least '98.
27152265 S. MacArthur Drive AlexandriaLA71301 Currently open though renumbered to #3215 after the Safeway merger.
2716110 Gause Blvd. W. SlidellLA70460 Sold to Sav-A-Center in 2004, which flipped the store to Rouses in 2007.
27174060 Ryan Street Lake CharlesLA  Currently open.
27181818 NE Evangeline Thwy.Northgate MallLafayetteLA70501 Opened 1998 as part of a redevelopment at Northgate Mall, and closed January 2012.
27194400 Ambassador Caffery LafayetteLA  Currently open.
27202678 Johnston Street LafayetteLA  Currently open. Renamed to #120 after merger.
2721604 Hwy. 332  Lake JacksonTX77566 Originally opened around 1985, closed in May 2002 and sold to Randalls, which reopened it later that year but closed in 2013.
27223955 Phelan Blvd  BeaumontTX77077 Now a rather large and upscale Market Basket.
2723220 S. Loop 336 ConroeTX77304 Opened around 1989. One of the 17 stores sold to Kroger in May 2002.
27243442 Palmer Hwy. Texas CityTX77590 Part of it is now Dollar Tree. Something took the rest of it (Goodwill?), but that's now vacant. Apparently a former Randalls later sold.
2725111 North Timberland Drive LufkinTX75901 Closed in April 2002 and reopened as an H-E-B later.
2726525 S. Fry Road KatyTX77450 Closed May 2002 and reopened as Randalls after renovations.
27273517 N. Main St. BaytownTX77521 Now a Food Town. It looks like it had an Albertsons Express, since removed.
272814625 Beechnut Street HoustonTX77083 Closed 2002, reopened in 2005 as World Food Warehouse. Most fixtures kept intact.
272910010 Cypresswood Drive HoustonTX77070 Opened 1996(?). One of the 17 stores sold to Kroger in May 2002. Includes a full gas station built by Albertsons
273019750 North Freeway SpringTX77373 Divided between Conn's and Sears Outlet. While Sears Outlet takes the address, Conn's (19746 North Freeway) takes most of the space.
27314811 N. Highway 6  Missouri CityTX77489 Divided between Star Cinema Grill and TITLE Boxing Club (Star Cinema Grill takes the address).
273216811 El Camino Real  Clear LakeTX77085 Closed 2002, became H-E-B later that year.
27337506 FM 1960 East  AtascocitaTX77346 Closed before 2001.
27343830 West Davis St. ConroeTX77304 One of the 17 stores sold to Kroger in May 2002.
27352250 Buckhorne Place The WoodlandsTX77380 Purchased and reopened by Randalls, presumably opening 2002
2736151 N. Friendswood Drive FriendswoodTX77506 One of the 17 stores sold to Kroger in May 2002.
273714500 Plank Road BakerLA70714 Originally Kmart, Albertsons opened here in May 1996 (though didn't take up the whole space, only about 57k square feet). It is believed to have closed in 2006.
27382851 Belle Chasse Hwy. GretnaLA70056 Sold to Sav-A-Center in 2004, which flipped the store to Rouses in 2007.
273950 Park Place CovingtonLA70433 Likely became Rouses in 2004, as it already was open as such by the time A&P sold out.
27404800 Highway 365 Port ArthurTX77642 Closed in April 2002 but has since reopened as an H-E-B.
274110251 Kempwood HoustonTX77043 Closed April 2002, reopened in 2003 as an H-E-B (src: bizjournals). Gas stations still look very Albertsons Express-esque
27421630 Spencer Highway South HoustonTX77587 Closed 2002, reopened as H-E-B later that year. Closed in 2005 for conversion into "Mi Tienda", which opened 2006
274320851 FM 1485 W. New CaneyTX77357 Later Gerland's Food Fair, converted to Food Town
2744250 S. FM 270 League CityTX77573 One of the 17 stores sold to Kroger in May 2002.
27457121 Broadway PearlandTX77581 Sold to Food Town (Lewis Food Town) in 2002 along with three others.
2746      I believe this was a cancelled Baton Rouge store. See "Unknown Numbers" below.
274715128 Airline Highway Baton RougeLA East Baton RougeOpened January 2001. Built with a Lawn & Garden center (now liquor) and an Albertsons Express (now Valero)
27481603 N. Airline Highway GonzalesLA East Baton RougeConverted to Super Saver before closing for good (likely 2006). The building is still vacant, but they built a Walgreens in front of it.
27498950 Greenwell Springs Road Baton RougeLA East Baton RougeConverted to Super Saver before closing for good (likely 2006). The building is appears to be a medical supply company, but they built a RaceTrac in front of it that uses the address.
27504857 Government Street Baton RougeLA  Still open.
27511890 FM 359 RichmondTX77469 Converted to Randalls after Albertsons pull-out in 2002.
27524303 Kingwood Drive KingwoodTX77339 Closed 2002 and reopened as H-E-B in June 2003 which maintained most of its facade. Closed October 2016 when H-E-B built a new store.
27539725 Fondren HoustonTX77096 Closed in April 2002 and reopened as Lewis Food Town (Food Town) in April 2006.
27548000 Research Forest Drive The WoodlandsTX77380 One of the 17 stores sold to Kroger in May 2002.
27559525 S. Kirkwood Road HoustonTX77099 One of the 17 stores sold to Kroger in May 2002. Closed around 2005, now Food Town.
27561210 Albertson Parkway BroussardLA  Still open.
27572770 N. Sam Houston Pkwy. W. HoustonTX HarrisSold to Food Town.
2758615 University Drive East College StationTX BrazosOpened 1991 as a Randalls, closed and sold to Albertsons, which opened it in November 1997. Closed October 2011.
27591838 E. Sam Houston Pkwy. S. PasadenaTX  Originally Randalls, sold to Albertsons in 1997
27601500 W. Grand Parkway S. KatyTX  One of the 17 stores sold to Kroger in May 2002.
276111701 E. Sam Houston Pkwy. HoustonTX77089 One of the 17 stores sold to Kroger in May 2002.
276218322 Clay Road  HoustonTX77084 Sold to Randalls in 2002. Their current number is coincidentally "2672", go figure
27634750 Spring Cypress SpringTX77379 Around 2012 after being a vacant for a decade (closed 2002), part of it became a drivers license facility with a slight change in address (4740)
27641421 Beglis Parkway SulphurLA70663 One of the 17 stores sold to Kroger in May 2002. Retains Albertsons "Food" and "Pharmacy" signs
2765      See "Unknown Numbers" below.
27669125 W. Sam Houston Pkwy. N.  HoustonTX77061 One of the 17 stores sold to Kroger in May 2002. Included an Albertsons Express, which is still run by Kroger.
27671740 Baronne Street New OrleansLA70113 Unbuilt, an apartment complex called "The Muses" ended up being built instead. Address listed is apartment complex.
27685620 West Tidwell  HoustonTX77059 Closed February 2002. Later reopened as a Kroger, but it didn't last more than a few years afterward. An Albertsons Express was on the other side of the tracks, now "Fuel Depot".
276912603 Louetta Road HoustonTX  Converted into a variety of smaller shops
2770      See "Unknown Numbers" below.
27715696 Highway 1 Bypass NatchitochesLA71457 Sold to Brookshire's possibly around in 2002. Possibly the northern-most Houston division store in Louisiana.
2772      See "Unknown Numbers" below.
27731770 East T.C. Jester Pkwy. HoustonTX77008 Opened late 1999 or early 2000. Became Heights Self Storage after closure, parking lot partially removed. Around April 2016, became "LifeStorage"
27743502 Williams Blvd. KennerLA  From existing evidence, it appears this store opened in the late 1990s or early 2000s on the site of a former Canal Villere, but closed in 2004 and replaced by a Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market by 2006.
27752863 Ambassador Caffery LafayetteLA  Built in 2002 with a Lawn & Garden (now Liquor) store. Renumbered to #775 after merger.
277614060 FM 2920 TomballTX  Unbuilt, opened as Kroger. Looks like it was offered as surplus as early as 2000.
27773135 FM 528 FriendswoodTX  One of the 17 stores sold to Kroger in May 2002.
27785807 E. Sam Houston Pkwy. N.New Forest CrossingHoustonTX  Divided into a Big Lots (5807) and 99¢ Only Stores (5809). A garden center originally existed, though it was demolished for a Payless ShoeSource.
2779      See "Unknown Numbers" below.
27807747 Kirby Drive HoustonTX  One of the 17 stores sold to Kroger in May 2002. Retains old Food and Pharmacy signs
278119900 Southwest Freeway HoustonTX  Unbuilt, eventually opened as an H-E-B
278215226 Crossroads ParkwayCrossroads CenterGulfportMS Opened August 1999 and closed February 2002. Reopened as Belk in March 2003.
2783      See "Unknown Numbers" below.
2784      See "Unknown Numbers" below.
27855912 Highway 49 NCloverleaf MallHattiesburgMS  Replaced an unknown department store anchor, operated from 1998 to December 2001, now Dirt Cheap Building Supplies. Did it ever open to the mall interior?
2786      See "Unknown Numbers" below.
278712434 Texas State Highway 249 HoustonTX77086 Unbuilt, was built as a Kroger Signature store.
278811565 Texas State Highway 6 Sugar LandTX  Sold to Kroger.
27895151 Lapalco Blvd. MarreroLA70072 Now Fort Knox Self Storage, but originally a Schwegmann (likely closed in 1999). Internet records refer to this store's pharmacy, so it did open (if briefly). The massive square footage (over 100k square feet) suggests that Albertsons only occupied a portion of the building.
279012400 FM 1960 West HoustonTX77065HarrisOpened 2000 and closed in April 2002 as the first round of closures. However, it was one of the 17 stores sold to Kroger in May 2002, which reopened it.
279112466 Interstate 45 Frontg. Rd. WillisTX77378 Opened 2001. One of the 17 stores sold to Kroger in May 2002. Closed after a new Kroger Marketplace was built across the road, at least partially Goodwill today
27929960 Bluebonnet Blvd. Baton RougeLA70810East Baton RougeCurrently open.
27933400 Tulane Avenue New OrleansLA70119 Now a Goodwill
27948745 Spring Cypress SpringTX77379 One of the 17 stores sold to Kroger in May 2002. Sometime around 2015 Kroger expanded the store by about 50%.
2795      See "Unknown Numbers" below.
27961901 Texas Avenue S.TownshireBryanTX BrazosOpened 2002 as part of a shopping center redevelopment. Closed summer 2006, reopened as Walmart Neighborhood Market in summer 2013, which closed January 2016. Gas station built and reopened as independent before Walmart opened.
2797301 S. College AvenueUniversity SquareCollege StationTX77840BrazosUnbuilt. Would've renovated and reopened #2701 as "Albertsons University Market".
27982750 Country Club Road Lake CharlesLA   
2799      See "Unknown Numbers" below.
2801Gause Blvd. and I-10 SlidellLA  Unbuilt, Albertsons had planned to redevelop a former Wal-Mart here
2802      See "Unknown Numbers" below.
2803      See "Unknown Numbers" below.
2804      Bizarrely, this number is now in use for a Las Vegas Albertsons.
2805      See "Unknown Numbers" below.
2806      See "Unknown Numbers" below.
2807      See "Unknown Numbers" below.
2808      See "Unknown Numbers" below.
2809      See "Unknown Numbers" below.
2810      See "Unknown Numbers" below.
2811FM 1960 West and Ella Blvd. HoustonTX  Unbuilt, Albertsons would've been built on the southeast corner
2812      See "Unknown Numbers" below.
2813      See "Unknown Numbers" below.
28143450 US 190 MandevilleLA  Opened around 2000-2001 in a former Delchamps Premier and sold the store to Sav-A-Center in 2004. Albertsons reopened the store after Sav-A-Center's demise in 2009 but it closed in 2015 for F21 Red and Whole Foods Market.
28151951 Barataria Blvd. MarreroLA  Former Delchamps which Albertsons moved into after closing #2789, closed 2004, now a grocery store called "The Budget Saver"
28196616 FM 1488  MagnoliaTX  Unbuilt, Albertsons had already given up on this plot circa 2001 and was trying to sell it.
27??Hooper and Joor Road Baton RougeLA  Albertsons planned to build here in 1998 and ultimately pulled out (Walmart NM is building). Likely #2746.
27FH6350 Eldridge Parkway HoustonTX  Unbuilt, opened as Kroger even though construction had started as Albertsons.
27FGDairy Ashford and Westpark Rd. HoustonTX  Unbuilt. Now home to a Walgreens and small shopping center.