Apologies for the incompleteness of this page. This is very much a work in progress. Over 50 years ago, Randalls opened for the first time with the acquisition of other stores. With the 50th Anniversary of Randalls, I've decided to make this page listing every Randalls store in history. The column marked "R" is the original numbering as given by Randalls. The "S" is the Safeway numbering. To begin, there needs to be a brief history.

Randalls was founded as a new supermarket out of the Minimax stores (from what I can tell, Minimax was a sort of grocer's cooperative) in 1966, and established itself as a "better" grocery store, slightly more expensive than competitors but with quality in mind and great perishable departments. Unfortunately, the purchase of Cullum Companies, which operated the similar Tom Thumb in Dallas, left the company struggling with debt. It started to close as many stores as it opened, and in 1999, the company was sold to Safeway.

Unfortunately, while Safeway kept the Randalls name and adopted some of its policies, like gas stations at stores, the goal was to make Randalls a Safeway in all but name, and it showed. Safeway significantly altered the product mix of stores to make it in-line with their stores out west and dramatically cut expenses. With services deteriorating and product mix altered, shoppers left Randalls in droves for its competitors.

To make matters worse, all this happened at a time when H-E-B started to build full-line stores in town, which DID have good merchandising that Randalls now lacked. By 2014, Randalls' market share was now a fraction of what it had been before Safeway and a market pull-out seemed imminent, especially what had just happened with Dominick's in Chicago. This was halted when Albertsons came in. While Albertsons hasn't restored Randalls to its former glory, it has opened one store and has plans to build another, as well as allowing the chain to turn 50. Here's to another 50 years!

The numbering of the chain's stores was initially counting up from #1 and numbers were not reused (with the exception of #1, interestingly). Stores were added chronologically, anything prior to #10 is pre-1980, we start getting into New Generation stores around #50, and finally the late 1990s caps off with stores in the high 60s (you can really see how much the chain grew dramatically in the 1980s and then almost grinding to a halt in the early 1990s after the Tom Thumb acquisition), but I can't see rhyme or reason to Safeway's numbering. It almost looks like they continued with the last two digits of Randalls, as the stores were renamed to but there are overlapping numbers.

As of this writing, this is the third page. Updates include:
* A few more Austin-area stores were added as well as fixing an error.
* The sad closure of the Division has been mentioned.
* Fixed location of Jamail's.
* Finally fixed the paragraphs above with proper line breaks.
* The reveal of #55 being Humble all but confirms that #53 is in fact College Station, which explains why it wasn't in the 1994 phone book (not in Houston) or 1999 online (already closed), plus it was 1991 not 1992 which would not make it #57.
* An error regarding the locations of Kingwood's Randalls was fixed (#1057 IS #57) with the 2000 store added.
* Went back and changed a lot of the street names to proper abbreviations or full names.
* Updates to #20 made.
* A few little changes here and there to add more information to entries.
* Made the list look more like the other Albertsons lists.

The second version of this page had updated:
* #1 originally did have a different location.
* #5, #9, #16, and #19 were not found in the 1974 directory either. Previously, this was recorded as being not found in 1982.
* #6 updated. It looks like #40 was replaced with #69 (#40 has been added).
* #14 has an (*) under its Safeway numbering to indicate that it changed store numbers under Safeway.
* #52 was added. This was the Pasadena store that was sold to Albertsons.
* #54 was updated. It was Jamail's after all. However, yet it wasn't--it was moved from within the shopping center.
* #17 was revealed to be the Conroe Randalls via the same source that gave me numbers for Houston's Albertsons.
* #55 was revealed to be a short-lived Humble store (former Fiesta) and #40 was the store that MOVED to a former Fiesta.
* #70 was updated (RIP).
* Main sources for this list included the 1982 phone book, an archived version of Randalls' website (c. 1999) and selected Yellow Pages on Microfilms (including 1974, 1982, 1990, and 1994).
* A few Austin stores were added. Yes, I know I lack many of the Austin stores and a few of the Safeway-built stores.

Randalls #Safeway #AddressCityNotes
111071 Northwest FreewayHoustonClosed and replaced a few years after Safeway took over (the store was still open in 2001). Interestingly, #1 moved from the real #1 at a shopping center at Mangum and 43rd fairly early on.
25550 North FreewayHoustonNow 99 Cents Only Stores, unknown closure (still open in 1982)
311621 Katy FreewayHoustonNow DaVita Dialysis Center (unknown closure)
49448 Long Point RoadHoustonHalf of the store is Seoul Garden today. Appears to have closed in 1987 and replaced by #39.
5Not listed in 1974 phone book. It may have closed prior.
6235 West FM 1960HoustonI believe this closed in the 1980s and replaced by #40. Vacant today, looks like.
711815 Wilcrest DriveHoustonNow Office Depot and dd's discounts (unconfirmed)
810960 Westheimer RoadHoustonNow Office Depot (presumably closed late 1980s and replaced by #47).
9Not listed in 1974 phone book. It may have closed prior.
1017410 Hempstead Road (Northwest Freeway)HoustonNow Spec's (partly), likely closed late 1990s.
11101114610 Memorial DriveHoustonFormer Handy Andy
1210125219 W. FM 1960HoustonFormer Handy Andy
1310131407 South Voss RoadHoustonFormer Handy Andy, closed summer 2013 and replaced with Whole Foods Market (rebuilt)
14*9660 Westheimer RoadHoustonFormer Handy Andy, renamed to 3014 after Safeway purchase and later torn down and replaced for a new store (#2961).
156806 Highway 6 SouthHoustonClosed 2005, now dd's Discounts, Harbor Freight Tools, others
16Not listed in 1982 phone book. Given that #17 turned out to be Conroe, it's possible that this store was in the outskirts of Houston.
1710171414 N. Loop 336ConroeClosed 2002 for a new location and became an Academy Sports + Outdoors. When the new store opened, this was implied to have opened in 1981.
1810828 Beechnut StreetHoustonI'm not sure when it closed but it has been sub-divided into Ultra Beauty Supply, Dollar General, and Melrose.
197098 Bissonnet StreetHoustonClosed fall 2005. Now Fitness Connection. This is the last listing in the 1982 directory.
207055 Highway 6 NorthHoustonClosed May 2012. Now Total Wine & More (former Goody Goody Liquor until May 2017), Sprouts Farmers Market (takes main entrance and expanded area), and Five Below. The numbering for these stores (pre-Safeway) from this until noted are derived from the pre-Safeway Randalls website.
213346 Highway 6 SouthHoustonI believe this was branded Flagship for a while.
22102211711 West BellfortStafford
238787 West BellfortHoustonNot listed in the 2005 closures, but was on the market as of late 2006.
241603 Cartwright RoadMissouri CityNow a Foodarama. Still extant as of 2000.
2513350 Jones RoadHoustonClosed 2005.
2616616 Champions Forest DriveSpringNow Fitness Connection. Not listed in 2005 closures, but Internet records still turn it up.
27923 S. Mason RoadKatyNow Pump It Up. Not listed in 2005 closures. I assume it was replaced with #70 in the late 1990s.
2819734 Saums Rd.HoustonNow 24 Hour Fitness.
2911021 Fuqua StreetHoustonClosed 2005. Now Foodarama.
30570 El Dorado Blvd.WebsterClosed 2005. Now Food Town.
3110312931 Central City Ave.Galveston
324802 Fairmont ParkwayPasadenaClosed 2005. Appears to be still vacant.
3340335586 Weslayan StreetHoustonExplicitly noted as flagship in 1998 directory
347320 Antoine DriveHoustonClosed 2005, now a Foodarama.
3510359503 Jones RoadHoustonClosed Jan. 2010, renovated into an H-E-B a few years later.
364880 Louetta RoadSpringClosed 2005 and sub-divided between Goodwill and Dollar Tree. The center portion appears to have been never re-occupied.
37536 Sawdust RoadHoustonClosed late 2002 or early 2003 when it relocated to a former Albertsons.
3823824 Highway 59 NorthHoustonClosed in November 2000 when it relocated to 600 Kingwood Drive.
391302 Blalock RoadHoustonOpened 1987, presumably replacing #4 (9448 Long Point Road). It closed 2005 and became a Super H Mart in 2008.
4070 West FM 1960HoustonI believe this closed in 1998 with #69, allegedly moved due to highway construction (or so they say). Whatever the case, it is now Workforce Solutions.
4110414800 West Bellfort AvenueHouston
425101 Avenue HRosenbergAt some point, Randalls moved to Pecan Grove and Kroger moved in around 1998 which closed in 2009. Planet Fitness may have since moved in a portion of it.
433501 Garth RoadBaytownDivided between a 24 Hour Fitness and a Goodwill.
44Not listed in 1999 online store directory.
45Not listed in 1999 online store directory.
46Not listed in 1999 online store directory.
47124711041 Westheimer RoadHouston* Opened 1989 and closed 2014.
* First New Generation store.
* A newspaper article mentions that this was Randalls' 40th store, despite the #47 store number.
* It also mentions that it was an expanded former Safeway.
* In 2016, it re-opened as a Whole Foods which downsized the space back to 45k square feet from the ~70k square foot store it was before.
4830482075 Westheimer RoadHoustonOpened December 1989 or January 1990 (reports vary) as a Flagship store (still branded as such)
493126 FM 528FriendswoodOpened August 1989 but closed fall 2005. Now Texas School of Business - Friendswood Campus and Dollar Tree.
5014705 Woodforest DriveHoustonNow the main offices for Galena Park Independent School District. Appears to have closed prior to 2005 but opened around 1990.
51205120905 South Shore Blvd.League City
521830 East Sam Houston Parkway SouthPasadenaOpened circa 1991 and sold to Albertsons in 1997.
53--615 University Drive EastCollege StationOpened 1991 and closed 1997 and sold to Albertsons, which closed in 2011.
5430544775 W. Panther Creek DriveThe WoodlandsThe replacement store to the former Jamail's (not the store on Kirby or even the convenience store in Uptown). The original store is actually now The Woodlands Children's Museum (formerly a Sears Hardware). This opened around 1992.
5598xx FM 1960 BypassHumble* Fiesta operated this from October 1990 to January 1992, the first Fiesta to ever close.
* It was purchased in 1992 shortly after Fiesta closed but Randalls didn't have much better luck with it.
* By January 1995 it was already closed again.
* Later it became Academy Sports + Outdoors and Ross for Dress until Academy moved in 2011.
* After Academy's closure it became Goody Goody Liquor (main section) and Boot Barn (west part).
* Evidence shows that Randalls and later Safeway held a long-term lease on this many years after pulling out: source
* Goody Goody Liquor closed in May 2017 and reopened as a Total Wine & More.
* It's 98xx because I don't know whether it was 9805 or 9815.
563047 John Redditt DriveLufkinNew Generation store opened 1992, closed 2005.
5710574540 Kingwood DriveHoustonNew Generation store opened late 1992. This store suffered major flooding in Hurricane Harvey and was reopened in November 2017.
583442 Palmer HighwayTexas CityOpen as of 1994 but later sold to Albertsons (before 1997), and now part of it is a Dollar Tree.
5912555 Westheimer DriveHoustonBuilt 1993 and closed fall 2005. 24 Hour Fitness opened in early 2007.
604610 Highway 6 SouthSugar LandClosed fall 2005, by 2016 had reopened as Fitness Connection and 99 Cents Only Stores.
6110613131 West Holcombe Blvd.HoustonFlagship store
6240622323 Clear Lake City Blvd.Houston4062 was likely used in a San Antonio division Albertsons, though I can't find it right now.
6321155 Tomball ParkwayHouston* Number not officially confirmed but this appears to have been the short-lived Tomball Parkway store, which closed in 1997.
* Was an H-E-B Pantry briefly (1998-1999) and now Stein Mart and "Jump On In"
* Former Safeway store and one of three AppleTree stores acquired.
6430645130 Bellaire Blvd.Bellaire* Opened in 1959 as a Weingarten
* Became Safeway in 1984
* Became AppleTree in 1989
* Briefly closed and renovated into a Flagship in 1998
* The Lifestyle renovation removed Flagship branding around 2008
652028 N. Main StreetPearland* Former Safeway/AppleTree
* Now Big Lots and Office Depot.
* Moved sometime in the early 2000s, possibly 2001.
66106612850 Memorial DriveHoustonOpened 1996, Flagship store
6730675161 San Felipe StreetHouston
6830685800 New Territory Blvd.Sugar LandOpened February 1998 as a replacement to #42
692224 West FM 1960 (Cypress Creek Parkway)HoustonOpened 1998, former Fiesta Mart (and Woolco before that). Didn't last more than 2 years or so.
7030701525 South Mason RoadKatyAnnounced it would close in February 2017.
712800 East BroadwayPearlandClosed 2005, later divided into Conn's and other stores
--17723050 North Fry RoadKaty
--17732225 Louisiana StreetHoustonOpened 2002.
--177412312 Barker Cypress RoadHoustonOpened September 2001.
--1776600 Kingwood DriveHoustonOpened November 2000 to replace #38. Weirdly, Yelp at least says that this is #111, which I find that hard to believe considering how relatively few Randalls have opened.
--26701890 FM 359RichmondFormer Albertsons, purchased 2002
--2671525 South Fry RoadKatyFormer Albertsons purchased 2002
--267218332 Clay RoadHoustonFormer Albertsons purchased 2002
--2674604 Highway 332Lake JacksonFormer Albertsons purchased 2002 but closed July 2013
47124712727 Exposition Blvd.Austin* 1999 directory listed 2725 as did a 1991 article
* Appears to be first in numbering pattern of Austin stores. Former Tom Thumb.
472Not listed in 1999 online store directory.
47324736800 Berkman DriveAustin* I read that this had closed June 1993 as AppleTree, but later became Randalls in 1994 (either way)
* It closed in fall 2010. Now Supermercado El Rancho.
4745555 N. Lamar Blvd.AustinNow Goodwill and Half Price Books. It appears that this was definitely a Tom Thumb and according to Internet sources, this was built as a Rylander's, a chain Tom Thumb bought in 1972.
47524755311 Balcones DriveAustinFormer Tom Thumb. Other Internet sources indicate this was a Rylander's originally, a chain Tom Thumb bought in 1972. It appears this store was originally even smaller than today, and that Randalls began work on an expansion shortly after or before rebranding it...it was built in 1964.
47724773300 Bee Caves RoadAustinNewspaper searching indicates this was a Tom Thumb (not AppleTree) in 1991 and rebranded as Randalls in 1994
48124811500 W 35th StreetAustin
48524852025 W Ben White Blvd.AustinFormer Safeway/AppleTree, purchased in 1994
487--2300 Loehmann CrossingAustinCan't find address. Located in 78738 Zip Code, could be either Marshalls today or H-E-B.
490249010900 Research Blvd.Austin
--46171306 West Davis StreetConroeOpened 2002 but closed 2005. Later divided into Hastings (closed in late 2016) and Gold's Gym.
----2516 Avenue HRosenberg
----615 University Drive EastCollege StationClosed 1997 and sold to Albertsons. I suspect this was probably store #55, but I don't know.
----2200 E. Veterans Memorial DriveKilleenOpened as Safeway, then AppleTree. Didn't last long at this location, unknown closure, later Hastings (until around 2008, though never used the whole space) and currently Texas Thrift and Dollar Tree.
----11303 Veterans Memorial DriveHoustonBuilt around 1987 and closed 1997. Believed to be 44, 45, or 46.
--29619660 Westheimer RoadHoustonBuilt ~2011 to replace an older store on the same spot. Flagship.