While Safeway did create a new Houston division in 1999 with the acquisition of Randall's Food Markets Inc., the original Houston division was created nearly 30 years earlier. In 1988, it was acquired by management of the Houston division and was renamed AppleTree in 1989. The store numbering was not reset from Safeway, and AppleTree once had 94 stores before bankruptcy. An additional five became "Budget Stores". The locations of these are unknown, just that three were in Houston and two were in Austin. It's possible they became "AppleTree Budget Stores", but we'll never know. "The company will operate 94 AppleTree Markets, including 48 in Houston, 21 in Austin and 25 others scattered through Central and East Texas." an early article stated. There were also some Safeway stores closed in the mid-1980s, these aren't listed (yet). The store numbers are few and far between as well. The list is mostly sorted by closure. Some of them have imprecise addresses.

After the first round, AppleTree was left with 89 stores. After the second round, 84. The (W) in Notes denote known former Weingarten stores. Also note that we don't know which Waco store closed in March 1992, the double asterisks represent the fact I don't know when it was closed but that it was definitely an AppleTree.

Even before the closures, apparently one Austin store ran out on its lease, so the list is amorphous. Between May 1992 and November 1993, 26 stores were closed or sold, the closure date for these are going to be "M26". Unless that number is completely wrong, of course.

By the time AppleTree died, they had 49 stores, then 12 stores were sold in Central Texas (10 Austin, San Marcos, Killeen...there wasn't a Temple store that survived to become an AppleTree), then there were 7. That is the last section. The stores were stores were sold in 1/94, with the Brenham store closing at about the same time. Therefore, the Brenham store has 1/94 as the closure. Later closures are estimated, '97 may not be entirely accurate for the Richmond location.

Store numbers were partially derived from this address and a phone book listing. Most of this was gathered from news articles, but some from Internet forums. This compromises about 80 stores, and the most complete list you'll find of the former original Houston division of Safeway, or AppleTree Markets you'll find, ever. Contact EARTHBOUNDMAN (AT) GMAIL DOT COM if you'd like to make a correction or addition.

The store numbers are unclear if they were ordered sequentially, as there are some that are not with the rest of the set. The (X) are provided by ArchMemoH, which are unverified, and are all M26 stores.
Store #CityAddressClosureBuyerNotes
Bay City7th Street1/92--
Houston6742 Hillcroft St.1/92--currently Famsa
HoustonRichey Road1/92--
HoustonGessner & US-591/92--
1111Bryan1010 S. Texas Avenue3/92--(W) Later a furniture store, now C&J Barbecue, Rockies (bar), and Bingo Barn
HoustonImperial Valley & Greens Road3/92--
Waco7125 New Sanger Road3/92--**Later Winn-Dixie (until 2002), now medical offices
Beaumont4/92Market Basketthree stores, likely all in operation today as Market Basket
Beaumont4/92Market Basket
Beaumont4/92Market Basket
Houston11006 Airline4/92FiestaStore still a Fiesta
Houston9510 N. Houston Rosslyn Rd.4/92Gerland's Food FairStore no longer in operation, now "Omron Oilfield & Marine" (they built a building in front of it)
960Houston5 Uvalde4/92Gerland's Food FairOperates today as Food Town
Nederland4/92Market Basket
Port Arthur4/92Giant Foods
1110Texas City915 6th Avenue4/92Food KingNow Hoffman Lumber Co.
Austin6800 Berkman Drive6/93--I read that this had closed June 1993, but later became Randalls in 1994 (either way) and remained up until fall 2010. Now Supermercado El Rancho.
1000Friendswood3210 FM 528M26--Lease ran out (Groceteria), now a Kroger
HoustonKeith Harrow RoadM26--Referred to in a 8/92 article
Houston1050 Federal RoadM26--Later H-E-B Pantry, now Sellers Brothers.
Houston15152 Bellaire RoadM26--Currently vacant
Houston8711 N. FreewayM26--Torn down mid-2000s for Más Club, which has since closed (the address may be off slightly)
Houston9529 Southwest FreewayM26--Now Giant 99 Cent Store (not related to a chain)
983Houston4705 Highway 6 N.M26--Later a Hobby Lobby (Hobby Lobby Creative Centers), now Family Thrift Centers
Waco1320 North 25th StreetM26--* Winn-Dixie until closure in 2002
* Later picked up by Fiesta until 2007
* Later La Providencia until 2009
* Super Plaza until February 2014, now vacant
Waco4501 North Interstate 35M26--* Winn-Dixie until closure in 2002
* Now Atwoods Farm & Ranch
* Replaced an adjacent smaller Safeway
948Wharton115 East Boling Hwy.M26--* "All Beauty" beauty supply store today
* This may or may not be the same as the 1992 Rosenberg location listed above. It may be the same.
Friendswood105 West EdgewoodM26--Now Ace Hardware. (X)
HoustonNear 403 UvaldeM26--? (unknown address) (X)
Austin601 William CannonM26--Made a note about this a while back but unable to find any more context. Still unknown.
1123Houston1175 Edgebrook DriveM26--Currently Fiesta Mart
1125Houston11240 FondrenM26--Currently Fiesta Mart
Austin5355 Airport Blvd.M26--Closed 1990
Austin3229 Bee Caves Road1/94Randall'sNever became Randalls and shut instead. Building extant but address altered.
Austin2101 S. Lamar Blvd.1/94Randall'sNever became Randalls and shut instead. Currently Office Depot.
Austin9411 N. Lamar Blvd.1/94Randall'sNever became Randalls and shut instead. Currently Ace Mart Restaurant Supply.
Austin8040 Mesa Drive1/94Randall's
Austin715 Exposition Blvd.1/94Randall'sHad an atrium-enclosed tree taken down after Randalls acquisition. The tree may or may not have died.
804AustinBraker Lane and Interstate 351/94Randall'sClosed in 1997.
Austin1500 West 35th Street1/94Randall's
Austin2025 West Ben White Blvd.1/94Randall'sDefinitely a former Safeway built in the 1970s.
Killeen2200 E. Veterans Memorial Blvd.1/94Randall's* Later Hastings, now divided between a thrift store (which may be closed) and a Family Dollar.
* Hard to imagine Randall's ever operating here.
San Marcos200 West Hopkins Street1/94Randalls* This Safeway originally apparently started out as a Marina-style before being rebuilt later.
* Sold to H-E-B in 1997.
* Around the mid to late 2000s, it was rebranded as simply H-E-B.
* Hard to imagine Randall's ever operating here.
904Houston3745 Westheimer1/94Rice Epicurean* Rice closed in 2013 for The Fresh Market, which downsized the space.
* The space is now Walgreens.
933Houston2020 Fountainview1/94Rice EpicureanThe last Rice Epicurean remaining open.
946Houston2617 West Holcombe Blvd.1/94Rice EpicureanClosed in 2013 for The Fresh Market
956Houston8710 Bellaire Blvd.1/94Fiesta Mart
Houston7510 Bellaire Blvd.1/94Fiesta Mart
1120Houston7061 Lawndale Street1/94Fiesta MartNow 99 Cent Only Stores
Houston3803 Dunlavy Street1/94Fiesta Mart* (W) Closed in 2012 for upscale apartment building (The Susanne).
* An alternate address for this 3808 Dunlavy, apparently
1143La Porte9701 S. Spencer Highway1/94Gerland's Food Fair
Sugar Land1109 Eldridge1/94Gerland's Food Fair*Address hits for Mega Gymnastics, now closed.
* There's a Food Town at 1130 Eldridge, which I think is an old Food Lion, so Food Fair here closed as early as 1997.
* Because there's two Food Town brands, this may or may not Gerland's Food Town
969Houston13811 Cypress-North Houston Road1/94Gerland's Food FairCurrently operates as their Food Town brand (or is it theirs?)
1001Houston10902 Scarsdale1/94Gerland's Food FairCurrently operates as their Food Town brand (or is it theirs?)
Houston7601 Westheimer Road1/94Gerland's Food FairNow Ross Dress for Less
Deer Park3322 Center Street1/94Gerland's Food FairCurrently operates as their Food Town brand
932Seabrook4614 E. Nasa Road 11/94Big Chief Super MarketsNow Arlan's Market
Lake Jackson165 Oyster Creek1/94Stanley StoresNow "Jerry's Food King", presumably after the bankruptcy of Stanley Stores
964Houston13642 West Montgomery1/94Kroger* Now "Family Thrift Center" (and due to name changes, it's now State Highway 249). It's hard to imagine a Kroger name EVER being on this building.
* Maybe they didn't.
934Houston9325 Katy Freeway1/94KrogerBranded as "Kroger of the Villages" and also one of the few AppleTree stores that completed a renovation.
1057Houston2300 North Gessner1/94KrogerBranded as Kroger Signature. One of the last stores built as a Safeway (around 1988).
993Houston1990 Old Spanish Trail1/94KrogerClosed permanently in January 2017
1102Houston1938 West Gray Street1/94Kroger(W). Upper level stores?
Houston14900 Northwest Freeway1/94KrogerClosed in 2005. Now "K1 Speed Indoor Cart Racing"
1107Houston1352 W. 43rd Street1/94KrogerThis store was demolished in 2000-2001 and replaced with a larger Kroger store.
Houston7068 FM 1960 East1/94KrogerNow 24 Hour Fitness
943Conroe1100 W. Dallas1/94KrogerNow a Palais Royal
1117Houston2409 Bay Area Blvd.1/94KrogerClosed circa 2005-2008
1103Houston239 W. 20th Street1/94Kroger(W)
980Pearland2028 North Main1/94Randall'sNow a Big Lots and an Office Depot.
1011Houston21155 Tomball Parkway1/94Randall's* Randalls closed this location in 1997.
* Later an H-E-B Pantry (around '98-'99), which has since moved to a larger location.
* Now "Jump On In"
Houston5130 Bellaire1/94Randall's
917Houston1805 Ella1/94Cox's FoodaramaStill Foodarama
959Pasadena4100 Fairmont1/94Super Warehouse FoodsAppears to no longer be in business (last known as 99 Cent Only Store). Also served as "Super Plus" foods for a time.
731Brenham2226 S. Market1/94--No one bought this store. It remains closed.
714College Station1725 Texas Avenue S.10/02KubicekDemolished or extensively remodeled, now Spec's and OfficeMax
736Bryan1760 Briarcrest--KubicekRenamed 2008 to Village Foods by new owner, to close 2016 and be partially filled with an Aldi.
1193Bryan2001 E. Highway 212009?Kubicek* Last AppleTree, renamed to Super Canasta with logos intact
* Later Food City, renamed to El Ahorro
* Part of the store is La Michoacana Meat Market, the rest is vacant
Huntsville2601 11th Street1997?KubicekNow Brookshire Brothers. Records suggest the changeover happened in early 1997.
1012Houston9371 Richmond Avenue1996?KubicekClosed by 1997, now "Ayva Center" banquet/conference center
1105Houston8620 Stella Link7/97KubicekLater Food City, became Sellers Brothers by 2008. Closed in 2015.
The following are stores that closed in 1987, which left, according to the newspaper, 104 stores in the Houston division. These never became AppleTree, obviously. The newspaper I got this from switched the locations of Louetta and Sawdust Road, so the store number may *possibly* be off. Also I should note that there was a Scarsdale location on the list, but it was not closed in 1987 like planned but eventually managed to last up until the end of AppleTree as a chain (but not as a brand).
928Houston11502 Wilcrest Drive1987--Now Foodarama
958Spring7310 Louetta Road1987--Appears that it was later taken over by H-E-B Pantry, which later demolished it for a new H-E-B somewhat behind it, keeping the address.
968The Woodlands130 Sawdust Road1987--Later taken over by H-E-B Pantry, which later demolished it for a new H-E-B around 2002, though the new store faced east.
1058Houston"FM 529 at Highway 6"1987--Was this a different Safeway/AppleTree then the one closer to the Kmart near Kieth Harrow?