I first visited the Galleria in 2003, and subsequently in 2007, 2008, and 2009 (there may be others that I missed). The mall has of course changed over the years, losing Foley's for Macy's, and Lord & Taylor for a Borders bookstore and restaurants, and even then those have changed—the Borders has closed for a Forever 21 store, and the original Macy's (pre-Foley's), "Macy's at Sage", is being demolished for a redevelopment of that part of the mall, which would add a new Saks store and eliminate the quiet, dated corner of the mall hidden from the rest of the bustling center. In 2012, I checked out a book called Houston Today from the college library and was enamored by the 1970s maps and renderings. While I later scanned more (and the book was later completely scanned, but not by me), one of the first things that I added were maps from the Galleria, originally posted on Carbon-izer's blog. With the exception of the listings of stores, which was taken from the full PDF, I have scanned these on my own. I believe this is original, with the vacant spaces being the ones mentioned in the Kaim article that were hand-picked tenants that did not want to conform to the strict rules Hines had created for them.

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Listing of Stores - Listing of all stores and a brief description.
Level One - This is the one with the ice rink, and neither end in reality (today) has an outside entrance, one is toward Neiman Marcus, the other dead-ends because it's located in the basement (technically).
Level Two - Note that both ends lead to parking, and Neiman Marcus isn't mentioned at all.
Level Three - The third floor looks pretty empty. There's a "mall-within-a-mall" with art galleries (that sort of "sub-corridor with tiny shops" thing was popular in the early 1970s) and even a movie theater.