Carbon-izer on Temple-Killeen

Carbon-izer and "The Hinterland"

Originally designated as a Temple-Killeen section, this section is designed as a section for areas between the major cities covered on the site, particularly between Waco and College Station, or between Waco and Austin. I don't know why, but as few times as I've been through it, I've kind of liked Temple, and by extension Killeen. Maybe it was because it was associated with road trips, maybe because it bore a passing resemblance to the way College Station used to be (including an extant Mazzio's that lasted for well over a decade after the College Station store closed, or Killeen's Kmart, which also lasted years after the rest in Texas largely closed), maybe it was because it acted as an extension of Waco (the greater area is sometimes referred to "Waco-Temple-Killeen"), and I like Waco too. I may merge this page into the main Waco page sometime.

Currently there are three sections:

In the future, more pages will be added, and even feature integration with Waco's page!

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