Welcome to Carbon-izer.com. Contrary to its appearance, it is not a relic of Web 1.0, only an homage to one, the kind of site that has individuality with specialized interests, the sort of thing how the Internet used to be. After languishing for nearly a year, Carbon-izer has had a few changes, so check Updates below. Carbon-izer v23, reflects the "update version" of the site.

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   Features - The meat of the website that's not video game reviews or business databases with features on various subjects, often with historical information.

   City Directories - Look up old addresses in Houston and College Station, including times when the Internet won't go back to.

   Former Chain Restaurants of Texas - An ongoing project to chronicle both chain fast foods and chain restaurants in Texas that have fallen by the wayside.

   The Games Index - Once a flagship feature of this site, this is an archive of reviews, or rather, reflections on various games I've played and the place they held in my life (at one time).

   Steam Banners - Several custom Steam banners for your custom games.

   Old Stuff - Right now this only has the Retail Index, but it will have the Games Index next time.

   Inside & Outside Carbon-izer.com - About this site, as well as some other sites to check out.

   New Updates - This page will show when updates come in. The thumbnail will be different every update, representing something new that was added. Unfortunately, I can't guarantee an update schedule anymore, so just check back regularly.

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