Welcome to Carbon-izer.com, my site. This consists of a bunch of individual blogs, projects, and other stuff all in one site.
This is kind of meant to be the site I always wanted to run (accounting for changing tastes and accessibility). I hope to consolidate various endeavors of mine over the years into one cohesive website, so expect to see changes as I move around some of these "buttons". In any case, enjoy what I have to offer. You can contact me through the email listed in the blogs.
Recently, this page has been redesigned. Basically, all the things in "Features" are in the new Features index, while the "Misc." items are now in the Retail index.

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   Features - This has several "full" pages that didn't fit anywhere else, from more recent projects like documenting the Northwest Freeway or other smaller buildings.

   Former Fast Foods of Texas - An ongoing project to chronicle both chain fast foods and chain restaurants in Texas that have fallen by the wayside.

   The Games Index - Reviews and other stuff. This was inspired off of things like |tsr's nes archive and HG101.

   The Retail Index - This has several pages written or is an accumulation of things I've collected. Much of this is still under construction.

   City Directories - Our newest "big section" to Carbon-izer!

   External Links - Link to my active blogs and other sites I enjoy.

   New Updates - This page will show when updates come in. The thumbnail will be different every update, representing something new that was added. Unfortunately, I can't guarantee an update schedule anymore, so just check back regularly.

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