Welcome to the Carbon-izer Features. These are page-based projects that may or may not be updated but are too big for a single blog post or something. The biggest one is the Northwest Freeway page, which I've spent a lot of time on, but it's fallen out of date and its replacement is just not ready yet.
   The Galleria - I first went to The Galleria in Houston, TX, and it was one of the more enjoyable day trips I've gone on in my life. This includes a large directory of how The Galleria appeared in 2003.

   Rattlers - In which I discuss a defunct convenience store chain that is destined to be converted to 7-Eleven within the next few years.

   The Northwest Freeway - Originally created as a chronicle for demolitions along the way, this documents the history of the Northwest Freeway corridor (the businesses along the way). The thumbnail is derived from a photo on West Houston Archives. This is no longer being updated and its replacement can be seen here.

   The Greatest Hypermarket I Never Knew - A brief page on the Auchan hypermarket chain in Houston, TX.

   In Search of a Mansard Roof McDonald's - I searched for, and found, one of the rapidly-disappearing unaltered "mansard roof" McDonald's restaurants.

   Last Days of Zachry Engineering Center - Photos and videos of one of the last great 1970s buildings at Texas A&M University.

   The Commons Companion - Additional photos and information from a great "Brazos Buildings & Businesses" post. More to come soon.

   The U.S.S. Lexington - A look at a brochure from when I visited Corpus Christi over 16 years ago.

   The Rad Project - This one isn't actually mine, it's a mirror of The Rad Project, which is now offline. A new page may be created to host Mirrors in the future.

   Old Roads of Brazos County - Originally part of Brazos Buildings & Businesses, I hope to someday expand this a bit more to cover old Highway 6.

   Splashtown Tribute - This was a page I created a long time ago (fall 2009) about the history of Splashtown in Spring, TX. It's obviously out of date and I don't have plans to update it, but it's here anyway.