Formerly known as Carbon-izer Features, this page is now a complete listing of most everything on the site updated to December 1 2022 and arranged alphabetically. In a most recent update, many of the pages that used to be here have been moved off this page as part of site reorganization. Please consult Site Updates for more. These are arranged alphabetically and do not include sub-pages (like the Roads section inside cities, or retail pages).
   The Abandoned Hempstead Shell - A dusty reminder of gas stations past.

   Arlan's Market of Navasota - Arlan's Market, an independent grocery store, has some small stores, but this is one of the smallest.

   Austin - Everything from San Marcos to Bastrop to Williamson County is found here.

   Bayport Industrial Development - Listing of all the Bayport Industrial Development firms in the mid-1970s.

   Bryan-College Station - A complement to Brazos Buildings & Businesses is now coming into its own as a useful database.

   Carbon-izer Goes to Austin 2017...Plus Some - Truck stops! Defunct Mongolian grills! Motels! Antique stores!

   Carbon-izer Goes to the Mall of the Mainland, 2008 - Visiting a semi-dead mall in Texas City on a vacation to Galveston.

   Carbon-izer Visits the Corsicana Outlet Mall, 2014 - Blue skies, fast food, and awkward baby-changing tables.
   Carbon-izer's K'NEX Page - Catalogs, a 1997 newsletter...this is worth checking out and the sort of thing I hope to do more of.

   China Coast - The lost Darden brand, China Coast was supposed to be Chinese food to what Olive Garden was Italian. What happened to the chain?

   The Commons Companion - Additional photos and information from a great "Brazos Buildings & Businesses" post. More to come soon.

   Cypress Gardens '94 - A map and some musings of this defunct theme park in Florida.

   Chaparral Restaurant - One of Dallas' finest restaurants (now dead) has a menu here. No, I never ate there.

   Exor's Dungeon - Under construction site-within-a-site on video games.

   Fat Barbie - Some scans from an obscure comic strip and part of the new change of this section into "Scans & Ephemera".

   Former Chain Restaurants of Texas - One of the oldest features of the website, but rarely updated.

   "Fun Maps" of Bryan-College Station - Two novelty maps of College Station-Bryan in the 1980s showing the campus and surrounding businesses.

   Games I've Played - Some writings of video games I've played over the years. It's not just a vanity project, there's some resources there too, like maps to Power Pete/Mighty Mike.

   Gonna Electric Shock O.J. - Lyrics to a novelty song. Now third on Google!

   Houston - An absolutely massive section to the site, and started as a page to the Galleria (it also incorporates a section on Auchan, as well as Northwest Freeway, which were once independent features). Hundreds of addresses on major Houston arterials are covered with many historic advertisements, photos, and more.

   In Search of a Mansard Roof McDonald's - I searched for, and found, one of the rapidly-disappearing unaltered "mansard roof" McDonald's restaurants.

   It's A Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie Review - Now for something completely different—a movie review with a somewhat unloved Muppet Christmas movie.

   Italy in 2014 - Revisiting Italy, Texas with interesting truck stops and geodesic domes.

   Lafayette's The Real Superstore - The coolest and most unique supermarket of Lafayette, Louisiana. During the 1980s, anyway.

   Last Days of Zachry Engineering Center - Photos and videos of one of the last great 1970s buildings at Texas A&M University.

   Lone Star Arches - Some pictures of interesting McDonald's restaurants in Texas; some defunct. Not really being updated and may change in the future.

   Mall Directories & Quick Links - Like (healthy) malls, this page is being refreshed to serve you better! And, we're still open.

   Melted Blue Bell Ice Cream - Discontinued and rare flavors out of Blue Bell Creameries.

   A Newer, Safer Sharpstown - Sharpstown Center in Houston had an identity crisis in the early 1990s as it tries to persuade shoppers it's not only a good mall, but a safe one too.

   The Nickelodeon Hotel—when it was just a Holiday Inn - Information on a Florida hotel before its more famous incarnation.

   Rattlers Country Store - In which I discuss a defunct convenience store chain that is destined to be converted to 7-Eleven within the next few years.

   Old Roads of Brazos County - Originally part of Brazos Buildings & Businesses, I hope to someday expand this a bit more to cover old Highway 6. One of the most antiquated and out-of-place items on the site.

   One Piece Censorship - Look how they massacred my boy. (In-progress section.)

   Pollo Tropical's Texas Vacation - The rise and fall of Taco Cabana's sister restaurant.

   The Rad Project - This one isn't actually mine, it's a mirror of The Rad Project, which is now offline.

   Retail Chains - Miscellaneous information on some retail chains.

   Sears Bakery Deli Cafe - A nearly-forgotten Sears restaurant and gourmet foods concept in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

   Steam Banners - Custom Steam banners (the old 460x215 variety) I made.

   Sunrise Mall: Director's Cut - In 2007, I went to Sunrise Mall in Corpus Christi and took some photos, later submitting to them to Labelscar. For the first time ever, you can see the photos in high resolution and some reflection after nearly fifteen years.

   They Ruined Irish Spring - Yes, Colgate-Palmolive DID ruin one of their better soaps, and one that I used literally every day. Evidence inside.

   The Treasure Ship - This Panama City Beach (Florida) restaurant is gone, but lives on at Carbon-izer.

   The U.S.S. Lexington - A look at a brochure from when I visited Corpus Christi over 16 years ago.

   Waco-Temple-Killeen - Waco has some good memories for me as a kid, but here are some pictures from the early 2000s and a few other items, including a page on Richland Mall.

   Where in the World But AstroWorld - A detailed theme park guide describing this defunct Houston amusement park.

   Woodlawn High School Demolition, 2004 - This Baton Rouge school was torn down in 2004. Here's some demolition pics and some thoughts on it.

   The Wright Place Food Court - Some unique McDonald's items in the National Air & Space Museum.

   Yoot Tower Guides - An ongoing attempt for a comprehensive strategy guide/information site for this 1998 computer game.