Welcome to the Scans & Ephemera page, formerly known as Carbon-izer Features. In a most recent update, many of the pages that used to be here have been moved off this page as part of site reorganization. Please consult Site Updates for more. These are arranged in order of when they were added (newest on top).
   The Treasure Ship - This Panama City Beach (Florida) restaurant is gone, but lives on at Carbon-izer.

   Fat Barbie - Some scans from an obscure comic strip and part of the new change of this section into "Scans & Ephemera".

   "Fun Maps" of Bryan-College Station - Two novelty maps of College Station-Bryan in the 1980s showing the campus and surrounding businesses.

   Where in the World But AstroWorld - A detailed theme park guide describing this defunct Houston amusement park.

   In Search of a Mansard Roof McDonald's - I searched for, and found, one of the rapidly-disappearing unaltered "mansard roof" McDonald's restaurants.

   Last Days of Zachry Engineering Center - Photos and videos of one of the last great 1970s buildings at Texas A&M University.

   The Commons Companion - Additional photos and information from a great "Brazos Buildings & Businesses" post. More to come soon.

   The U.S.S. Lexington - A look at a brochure from when I visited Corpus Christi over 16 years ago.

   The Rad Project - This one isn't actually mine, it's a mirror of The Rad Project, which is now offline. A new page may be created to host Mirrors in the future.

   Old Roads of Brazos County - Originally part of Brazos Buildings & Businesses, I hope to someday expand this a bit more to cover old Highway 6.

   Splashtown Tribute - This was a page I created a long time ago (fall 2009) about the history of Splashtown in Spring, TX. It's obviously out of date and I don't have plans to update it, but it's here anyway.