I admit, I was intrigued when I first read about the "McDonald's redesign" circa 2007, which announced it would phase out the old "mansard roof" McDonald's in favor of a newer, sportier look. While the initial designs were far more complex (with three distinct "zones", one designed for families, one designed for those on the go, and one with a more coffee-shop ambience) has been streamlined somewhat into one dining room, I watched, over the years, as the old-style mansard roof McDonald's were replaced or renovated at a startling pace. I knew that time was running out at finding an older one, and I had to find one, to preserve my memory of how McDonald's stores really were. Luckily, I did stumble upon one in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. These are my pictures, unfortunately I didn't get any good exterior pics.

Every old, pre-redesign McDonald's usually was a bit unique in some ways...I remember a "nautical" one in Baytown with pictures of ships and stuff (that's been razed), and this one's credit had a bit of neon lining the perimeter of the outside walls. Unfortunately, I never caught it at nighttime, which would've been nicer as far as that went, but lighting would be poorer. I'm happy with the pictures I got. Here they are, in a reduced resolution to save bandwidth.

Completed January 2015