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As Yoot Tower never had a real "strategy guide" of its own (at least in the U.S.), this is my, perhaps belated, attempt to make my own. A big hand to Cythera Guides for inspiring me to really make this (and providing me an idea of how to make it, it's basically the same structure), and it's really what a website-based guide should be: complete, easy to navigate, and without the bloat that accompanies wikis (especially fan wikis) and guides hosted by IGN and others. That being said, I do prefer physical strategy guides, and at their best they enrich the actual game play and can be a cozy read themselves (the Riven guide by Brady Games is a good example). In the case of Cythera, the hint book isn't nearly as useful.

Despite me loving the game, I found it odd I only put the original YootTower.com images in my original review.

In the first version of this page, I'm trying to just make a repository of what I can find on the game, including some Archive.org digging and local hosting (the reviews, except for the ATPM one, were sourced from Archive.org). I'd also like to link my old, in-depth review of my own with content from some old Mac gaming sites.

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