This lists all the "plug-ins" for the Tokyo scenario. This is the closest resemblance to the original SimTower game but much harder.

NameCons. CostMaint. CostIn-Game DescriptionStars NeededComments
Apartment$20,000--Rental residence for 1 person.Rental residence for 1 person.*Copied verbatim.
Barber Shop$100,000$500/MA hair salon.*
Billboard$100,000----*Billboards can only be placed on tower exteriors.
Big Country$200,000$2,000/MThe trendy steak house. It is very popular with young couples.**
Book Store$200,000$1,200/MBooks, magazines and comics.*
Boutique$200,000$3,000/MA ladies apparel store.***
Burger Land$200,000$800/MThe fast food store where the young people come.*
Cigarette Vending Machine$5,000----*Cigarette machines probably make more sense here than it does in Hawaii.
Classic Movie Theater$300,000$1000/MThe movie theater you manage.***$100,000$900/MThe coffee shop where people come from offices and shops.*Interestingly, "" was (and is) owned by Peet's Coffee & Tea, but they never operated coffeeshops under that name.
Condo$100,000--3 member family residence for sale.*
Convenience Store$300,000$5,000/M24 hour convenience store.**
Doctor's Office$500,000$50,000/QAn item to provide medical services to the residents.***
Drug Store$600,000$3,000/MLarge scale discount drug store.**
Electronics$300,000$7,000/MLarge selection of stereos and televisions.**Plug-in title is officially "Discount Electronics".
Elementary School$1,000,000$50,000/QThe school for the children in the structure****Plug-in title is officially "School".
Event Center$500,000$10,000/QThe event center you manage.***
Escalators$20,000$5,000/QA transit system to connect the adjacent floors.*
Floor$500/unit--An item to fill the space when an item is placed.*Basic empty space.
Flower Power$100,000$600/MThe flower shop.*In the U.S. Windows version, this becomes 1-800-FLOWERS (a real company).
Front Desk$100,000$10,000/QA tenant to manage the hotel rooms.**
GameWorks$2,000,000$10,000/MA hugely popular amusement center.***GameWorks was partially owned by Sega at the time, see the "Changes in the Japanese Version" page.
Gathering Area$500,000$50,000/QThe rest are in the structure where many people gather.***Ignoring that non-sensical description, this appears to be a lobby for the underground mall of the area of the structure. Contrary to the guide on the PC version, it appears that people DO become de-stressed here.
Housekeeping$50,000$20,000/QA place for the employees to stand-by in before and after cleaning hotel rooms.**Odd punctuation theirs, not mine.
Ice Cream$100,000$300/MAlmost 31 flavors of ice cream.*Comment references Baskin-Robbins.
Jenny's$500,000$3,000/MA family restaurant open 24 hours.**A clear take-off of Denny's. In the Japanese version, it's "Denisan" (Denny-san). It would be impossible to get the trademark in both games, in the Japanese version, it was owned by Ito-Yokado (now Seven & I Holdings), in the U.S., it is owned by an independent company.
J-Pub$300,000$1,000/MMore casual Bar & Grill, which is popular among the business people and young couples.*
Korean B-BQ$300,000$2,500/MSpecializing in Beef. A little expensive.***
Loco Taco$300,000$1,000/MThe popular spicy Mexican restaurant among the young people.**
Maharaja$200,000$1,000/MThey serve authentic Indian food and popular among couples.***
Mama Pizano's$200,000$1000/MThe popular pasta and pizza place among the young people.***
Men's Clothing Shop$200,000$3,000/MThe sportswear shop.***In the Plug-ins menu this is called "Sportswear", but that's the only reference to it.
Movie Theater$500,000$20,000/MThe movie theater you manage.***
Mrs. Weinstein's Toffee$200,000???--*Exclusive to the U.S. Windows version. Real brand.
Orange Julius$200,000???--*Exclusive to the U.S. Windows version. Real brand.
Office$100,000--6-worker office for lease.*
Parking Gate$50,000$10,000/QThis gives drivers access to the parking lot from the structure.***Unlike SimTower, this and the "Parking Lot" below are combined into one item and work automatically.
Parking Lot$5,000--An item to let office visitors and hotel guests park their car.***Like SimTower, I believe you only need them for suites and one for every few office tenant.
Pet Shop$100,000$20,000/MA lovely pet makes your life richer.**
Power Room$500,000$50,000/QThe place to provide the electric power to the structure.***Also known as "Transformer Room".
Ramen Noodle House$100,000$500/MRamen noodle restaurant with many regular customers from the structure.*
Record$300,000$2,500/MMid size record shop.*
Restrooms$10,000$1,000/QThe restroom for the people in the structure.*
Security Station$100,000$20,000The place for the security guards to stand-by.**Also known as the Security Room.
Service Elevator$100,000 with $50,000 per car$10,000/QAn elevator for the structure's employees only.**
Single Room$30,000--A hotel room for 1 guest.**
Simple Elevator$200,000 with $50,000 per car$12,000/QA Simple Elevator can be extended up to 15 floors.*In-game notes says it is only $800 per car. That is incorrect.
Sky Bridge$10,000$1,000/unitAn item to connect the two towers.*
Soba Noodle Stand$100,000$500/MThe soba noodle stand is where many business people come.*
Stadium$5,000,000$20,000/QThe final item, which can only be placed on the top of 100th floor.****You are likely to get the Stadium WELL before you have 100 floors.
Stairs$5,000--A transit system to connect the adjacent floors.*
Subway Station$1,000,000$100,000/QAn item to draw the people from outside of the structure. It can only be placed on floor B10.**Getting the Subway Station this early was a bit surprising. In SimTower, it didn't show up until four stars.
Suite Room$100,000--A hotel room for 2 or 3 guests.**
Supermarket$1,000,000$4,000/MThe large supermarket.***
Sushi-Man$100,000$1,200/MSushi made by a world famous sushi chef is poplar among the older customers.***Obvious spelling error (and generally bad grammar) left in for transcription purposes.
Trash Facility$200,000$10,000/QThe place for garbage from the building to be stored.***Place this immediately after getting the third star, your restaurants will get condemned because they'll expect a trash facility. Luckily, unlike the cockroach, it's not permanent and can be fixed with the addition of the trash facility.
Twin Room$60,000--A hotel room for 2 guests.**
ToyWorld$600,000$3,000/MThe toy store for kids and adults.***
Uncle Chow's$300,000$1,000/MAuthentic Chinese food popular with visitors from outside of the structure.***Also known as "Chinese" when listing plugins.
Video & DVD$600,000$2,000/MLarge selection of video rental.**

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