The Tower II in Japan did get a printed guidebook in Japan, which is described on OpenBook9003's page. It reads, roughly translated...

Sorry I made you wait. Finally, the THE TOWER II capture book will be released. A hybrid CD-ROM that can be used for both Macintosh and Windows is included. This included CD-ROM includes not only TOWERKITs that can be downloaded from our site, but also rare Towerkit that can only be obtained in this ultimate book. There are plenty of contents, including detailed tenant information and how to capture, and it will definitely be an indispensable book for Tower II capture!

KK Best Sellers BEST Game Strategy Series
"The Tower II Ultimate Book"
Price: 1800 yen
Published: KK Best Sellers
Author: Nobuyuki Kimura
ISBN: 4-584-16086-4

While it appears to be available for purchase (used) from a few Japanese websites, no copy of this book or its contents can be found on the Internet. A review from says it is "very well written because it is detailed". Hopefully, if it is found and translated, it can answer many questions about this poorly documented game!
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