This lists all the "plug-ins" for the Kegon Falls scenario, but only on the first "star" (represented by a cherry blossom). The second star ("Bamboo") adds a little pagoda/museum for the "tower" and a few others. The final level, "Pine" doesn't appear to add anything. Look for the "completed" version in a future update.

NameCons. CostMaint. CostIn-Game DescriptionStars NeededComments
Attraction$2,000,000$1,000/QThe final item, which can only be placed on the top of the 2nd floor.**Technically, it IS placed as the second floor.
Coin Press Machine$5,000--The vending machine to press memorial coins.*
Cigarette Vending Machine$5,000----*
Fire Department$30,000$3,000/QThe place for the firefighters to stand-by.**
Floor$500/unit--An item to fill the space when an item is placed.*Basic empty space.
Ice Cream$80,000???--*Different from Waikiki Ice Cream stand. Description won't load, so no information on this one.
Japanese Snacks$50,000$200/MFamous tea and rice ball for older customers.*
Juice Bar$30,000$300/MThe fresh juice stand.*
Juice Vending Machine$5,000----*The original Japanese version refers it to as a drink vending machine, and the icon even has what looks like a can of Coke on it.
Large Room$60,000--A Ryokan hotel room for 2 or 3 guests.**
Lobby$5000/unit$1000/unitA basic part of the structure to determine the width of it.*The Lobby item is fixed in Kegon Falls (the button is there, but it doesn't work), you'll be paying $10,800 per year.
Kegon Simple Elevator$50,000 with $20,000 per car$5,000/QA Simple Elevator can extend 34 floors.*
Kegon Service Elevator$100,000 with $30,000 per car$5,000/QAn elevator for the structure's employees only.*
Kids Store$100,000$300/MA popular movie/TV stars' character store.**The signage says "KERO-P SHOP", whatever that is.
Restrooms$5,000--The restroom for the people in the structure.*Different item from the Tokyo/Waikiki versions.
Trash Facility$500,000$50,000/QThe place for garbage from the building to be stored.*Different item from the Tokyo/Waikiki versions.
Observatory$1,000,000--An important attraction to collect tourists into the Kegon structure.*It's pre-built for you. You could demolish and rebuild it in the same spot, if you want.
Old Time Cafe$80,000$300/MA coffee shop where the tourist can take a break.*
Pickle Farm$80,000$500/MThis shop has almost 31 flavors of pickles.Also known as "Local Pickle Farm".
Photo Studio$50,000$500/MA place to buy cameras and film.*
Front Desk$50,000$5,000/MA tenant to manage the Ryokan hotel rooms.*Different item from the Tokyo/Waikiki versions.
Housekeeping$50,000$20,000/QA place for the employees to stand-by in before and after cleaning Ryokan hotel rooms.*Odd punctuation theirs, not mine.
Small Room$30,000--A Ryokan hotel room for 2 or 3 guests.*
Souvenirs$100,000$800/MA tourist's souvenir shop.**
Spa$100,000$2,000/QAn item for the tourist to heal a tired body.*Has to be "discovered" before it is available. (It's usually found on building in the fifth to seventh basement).
Ticket Booth$10,000$1,000/QThe place to buy the observatory tickets.*Placed INSIDE the lobby.
Traditional Japanese$100,000$300/MMany lunch specials. This is a casual restaurant.**

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