This is not an article I wanted to make but I felt like I had to. As far back as I remember when I could take baths myself, I used Irish Spring, a soap my father used. It was a good soap, and for years it held the place of honor near the bathtub. Sadly, around late 2021/very early 2022, that changed. It's not that I hated the new look of the brand. It's not especially offensive and not worth getting upset over. The problem is that they changed the formula and scent of the soap, the first time since the early/mid-1980s. Advertising flaxseed oil was the first bad sign. Did they have flaxseed oil before? No. Some people on Reddit have noticed the change. The new smell sounds more like overpowering stuff used by teenagers (Axe, Old Spice) than the nice mild scent of the old one. For a comparison, I have managed to scan copies of boxes before they changed and after they changed (the bottom one is the new one, obviously). Sorry about it if there's issues where one is smaller than the other, you can right click and see both full size.

So it is with sad acceptance that I have had to switch to Safeguard, an inoffensive deodorant soap by P&G. Colgate-Palmolive will win me back if they revert the formula, revise the formula to make it closer to the old one, or introduce the old formula alongside their current one.
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