Carbon-izer Presents Bryan-College Station

Carbon-izer Presents Bryan-College Station

For a period of about a decade, I operated Brazos Buildings & Businesses at Brazos Buildings & Businesses. While the blog was nearly axed a few times to focus on this site (and also due to changes in Blogger), I eventually realized the two sites are different. While the site heavily links back to the blog, this section covers the main city corridors more extensively.

Like the other sections of this site, it integrates with the Waco and College Station pages and with each other.

  • Earl Rudder Freeway
  • FM 60 [updated]
  • FM 1179 (Villa Maria Road / Briarcrest Drive)
  • FM 2154 (Wellborn Road)
  • FM 2818 (Harvey Mitchell Parkway)
  • Harvey Road
  • Highway 6 in Calvert and Hearne
  • Highway 6 in Navasota
  • Highway 6 South
  • Highway 21 in Bryan
  • Highway 21 in Caldwell
  • Southwest Parkway
  • Texas Avenue South (College Station)
  • Texas Avenue in Bryan









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