Carbon-izer Presents Brazos Buildings & Businesses

Carbon-izer Presents Brazos Buildings & Businesses

For a period of about a decade, I operated Brazos Buildings & Businesses at Brazos Buildings & Businesses. Due to changes in Blogger and in the interest of improving Carbon-izer, I've decided to move the "base of operations" here, though the articles on the blog will remain (I'm not interested in trying to rewrite 200+ articles). However, this website may feature some new entries previously unexplored.

Rather, the current site will feature some of the major corridors previously seen in the City Directories page with new information.

  • Earl Rudder Freeway
  • FM 2154 (Wellborn Road)
  • Harvey Road
  • Highway 6 in Calvert and Hearne
  • Highway 6 in Navasota
  • Highway 6 South
  • Texas Avenue South (College Station)
  • University Drive
  • University Drive East









    In the future, more pages will be added.
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