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South Highway 6 is the part of the highway beyond Earl Rudder Freeway after Texas Avenue which merges into it. Most of this highway pretty empty into the mid-2000s. The highway is two lanes in each direction with frontage roads. This picks up at the end of the Texas Avenue page and Earl Rudder Freeway.

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Valero / 2160 Rock Prairie Road
Corner Store #1906 opened around late 2015 with a Valero and was later rebranded as Circle K (#2741906) in January 2019, along with an update of the Valero station itself a few months later. Most of Corner Store's features are still intact, such as 8 flavors of ICEE (now "Froster", but for months, there's only 7 flavors, R.I.P. Banana Fanta) and a donut counter.

Rock Prairie Crossing / 3501 Longmire Road

Rock Prairie Crossing is a shopping center anchored by a Kroger with several shops and restaurants around it. Click the picture for the accompanying blog post, or click here.

Dutch Bros Coffee / 4009 Texas 6 South
Dutch Bros opened its third area location here in June 2021 at the corner of Scott & White Drive and the frontage road.

Baylor Scott & White Medical Center - College Station / 700 Scott & White Drive
This part of land was supposed to be a much larger shopping center anchored by a Wal-Mart Supercenter originally, but ultimately things changed and Scott & White hospital broke ground here. It included a redevelopment of the original routing of Rock Prairie Road (renamed Old Rock Prairie Road, and cut off from the rest of Rock Prairie Road) to Scott & White Drive (rerouting it slightly, adding a traffic circle, and adding an entrance back to Rock Prairie Road).

The hospital opened in August 2013 as Scott & White Hospital College Station with an adjacent clinic and medical office building (these are all connected) but got rebranded as Baylor Scott & White Medical Center in early 2016.

The old Rock Prairie Baptist Church site (consisting of two buildings) was relocated in 2008 before redevelopment began; the traffic circle is now at the approximate site.

Christland Church / 4050 Texas 6 South
This former gym opened in January 2004 and expanded around six years later. I seem to recall that the expansion was marketed as something like "more than a gym in 2010" or something along those lines. Unfortunately, around late 2016/early 2017, I can't remember when, Gold's Gym, which had announced a location at Tower Point, bought the gym, and while it didn't change names, it would close when the new location opened. As a result, it closed permanently after May 31, 2017. In 2018, Christland Church moved into the former gym as a permanent tenant.

The Ranch Harley-Davidson / 4101 State Highway 6 South
As of this writing, The Ranch is building a new location nearby. It was Independence Harley-Davidson from January 2005 to August 2016.


Chevron / 4150 Highway 6 South
Originally a Texaco since 2000, Shell in 2003, then converted to a Chevron around 2011 (may be off on that last one), this gas station originally seemed to have been designed for a truck stop, given its large and still unused parking area. For a period of around five years in the late 2000s, access was difficult as the frontage roads were one way but Barron did not cross under the highway. This was fixed in 2009 when the Barron overpass was completed. A taqueria, La Familia Taqueria, has been here since the late 2000s.

Originally, this was a gas station "Buff's Food N Fuel" (4100 Texas Aveneue) from 1984 to the late 1980s but the gas station was closed, with the pumps removed in the 1990s. The determination for what it was in the interim is a topic of future research.

Christ Church / 4201 State Highway 6 South
I'm going to hold back on this one as it has an interesting history. This church used to be called Christ United Methodist Church until fairly recently (probably disconnected from the Methodist church over theology), but was built in the 1980s as The Sandstone Center, a psychiatric hospital. It's been on the backburner for some time but deserves a better showcase on Brazos Buildings & Businesses.

At the northwest corner of Highway 40 and Highway 6 is Tower Point, a mixed-use development that was built in 2010 with new development continually building outward.

Gringo's Mexican Kitchen / 4300 Texas 6 South
This popular Mexican chain restaurant out of Houston opened in July 2022.

Walk-On's / 4320 Highway 6 South
Despite opening at exactly the wrong time (March 2020), Walk-On's is the furthest north development of "Tower Point", a large mixed-use area anchored by H-E-B opened a decade ago. The restaurant, despite threats of COVID-19 looming, remained open and popular until it was forced to close its dine-in area by government orders within a month.

Saltgrass Steak House / 4330 Highway 6 South
Until this restaurant opened in August 2014, there were no Landry's-owned restaurants in the College Station area. Despite being a bit pricey, it was a huge draw for the next few years. It also didn't hurt that it was the first true sit-down restaurant in the area (not counting fast food) and the first real exclusive draw to Tower Point.

Costco Wholesale / 4321 Texas 6 South
Across from the three restaurants at Tower Point comes a full Costco, opened August 4, 2022. The driveway on the north side of it was originally "Creagor Lane", a private driveway out to an oil pump, though this road has been defunct for several years.

Aggieland Credit Union / 4340 State Hwy. 6 South
Back on the side of Tower Point, this had been promised with "future" signage since 2012, and it eventually opened in June 2016. Aggieland Credit Union, 4344 Highway 6 South, and American Lube Center & Car Wash are all accessed through a driveway connected to Arrington—not to the highway.

4344 Highway 6 South
This was built and opened as Bush's Chicken in January 2016, part of the Central Texas-based chain, but for some reason, either cultural or operational, or perhaps just the wrong locations, Bush's Chicken never took off in the area. It closed in October 2017 (a Texas Avenue location in Bryan closed around this time as well, but the Highway 21 location limped on for a few more years).

In July 2019, Conroe-based Pie in the Sky Pie Co. opened in the spot (a second location) but the diner was one of the victims of COVID-19 in the area, closing permanently in October 2020. As of this writing it is to become Le Petit Cochon, a French bistro restaurant.

4400 Highway 6 South On the other side of the drainage pond and accessed through a different part of the shopping center sits this shopping center. This was built around 2017. Suite 100, Generator Superstore, is the only non-original tenant (it was originally Mattress One). FabricCare Cleaners (ste. 200) moved from the aforementioned Rock Prairie Crossing center, Smiles N' More Dental is suite 300, T-Mobile is suite 400. Domino's (suite 500, #9273) opened in May 2017, which functionally replaced an older location at Texas Avenue to better capitalize on the neighborhoods to the south.

IHOP / 4434 Texas State Highway 6
IHOP opened in April 2019. It did not replace the other location in Northgate.

McDonald's / 4440 Texas Highway 6
Originally, McDonald's was part of the Exxon across the freeway (opened 2002). In March 2012, it moved to this location.

H-E-B / 949 William D. Fitch Parkway
H-E-B Tower Point Market opened as the fourth H-E-B store in the area in August 2010, and the first to be built without replacing a Pantry store. (At the time, the North Bryan store was still a Pantry, though no longer carrying the name). At the time, it was more upscale than the store at Holleman but lacked a Cafe on the Run as other H-E-B supermarkets had at the time. Later on, the store got a bit more run down while a fifth store opened at Jones Crossing, which was everything the H-E-B Tower Point store wanted to be: bigger than the others, more upscale, and featuring an in-store eatery.

Chick-fil-A / 4431 State Highway 6 S.
Jumping across the highway to "Spring Creek Village", a center anchored by Lowe's and a few restaurants and shops facing the freeway, this Chick-fil-A opened in spring 2012.

4461 Texas 6 South
This building opened with The Sleep Station and a carry-out CiCi's Pizza location (not a buffet). In the late 2010s CiCi's closed (no later than June 2018), but the signage remained up. Last Shot Xpresso opened in February 2021.

Whataburger / 4471 State Highway 6 South
Whataburger #1011 opened in spring 2011.

Lowe's/ 4451 Texas State Highway 6 South
Lowe's (located behind the aforementioned restaurants) opened in mid-2010 with its first College Station store since the mid-1980s and its second area store.

Exxon / 1103 William D. Fitch Pkwy.
When this store opened back in 2002, it had the address of 101 Greens Prairie Road (Greens Prairie Road was renamed as William D. Fitch Parkway on the east side of the highway and rerouted on the west side of the highway). The store features A&M Expressway, though the highway sign is lopsided, as it originally featured a McDonald's, which opened later in 2002 and relocated across the highway in 2012 (presumably when its lease ran out). It also features Kirk's Cleaners (also opened in 2002, not accessible from inside). Mooyah opened in October 2014 to replace McDonald's, though does not share Exxon's signage.

The Exxon is still currently the last place to get gas between College Station and Navasota.


Like Tower Point, Caprock Crossing is a sprawling mixed-use development, though most of the buildings face Greens Prairie Road and Highway 40.

Walgreens / 998 William D. Fitch Parkway
The very first development in Caprock Crossing (a bank was there before closer to Arrington and integrated into development). Walgreens opened here in March 2014 (and curiously, a rival CVS is nowhere to be seen).

Discount Tire / 4470 Texas 6 South
Discount Tire is located at the southwest corner of Greens Prairie Road West and Highway 6 and opened in January 2015. Originally, Greens Prairie Road West went straight across under the freeway but the construction of William D. Fitch Parkway cut it off at what is now Arrington Road. Later construction continued Greens Prairie back to the freeway in the form of a narrow, winding road connecting different parking lots in Caprock Crossing.

RV Station / 4520 Texas 6 South
Bryan College Station This RV dealer originally opened in 2017 and has more than doubled in size.

HOMEFIELD College Station / 16345 Hwy. 6 S.
Rainbow Play Systems is a modular, proprietary playground manufacturer with independently owned showrooms, and while the College Station location is new (link), it brings back memories of passing similar establishments on road trips. I know I've seen the (now-closed) Baton Rouge location off of Airline Drive in my travels but I've also seen one of their distinctive playsets (which may have been an actual installation!) elsewhere along the route.

Extra Space Storage / 17333 Highway 6 South
Opening in 2007 as A&M Super Storage, this storage initially featured a "pack and mail" area in their office which later converted to a Penske truck rental area. Sometime in late 2015/early 2016, the facility expanded in the back and as of 2021, is now branded as Extra Space Storage (not to be confused with its more modern counterpart closer to Texas A&M University).

Living Earth / 17750 State Hwy. 6 South
Soil/mulch yard with several Houston locations. This site opened in 2017.


This intersection marks where the Texas World Speedway is located. Although the overpass was built sometime in the early 1990s, there weren't stop signs at the crossroads of the frontage road until around 2021, when Southern Pointe Parkway opened.

Santa's Wonderland / 18898 Hwy. 6 South
Opened in 1998 as a drive-through Christmas light display that charged by the car, today it's an elaborate seasonal amusement park that brings in cars backed up for miles on the frontage road. Speaking of which, back in 2005 (since around a decade prior) the frontage roads were two way on both sides (from Rock Prairie on), but terminated just south of Santa's Wonderland. To access it, you exited on the Texas World Speedway exit, and moved over to the southbound frontage road, getting out the same way. When the frontage roads were expanded and converted to one way later, an additional turnaround lane and overpass was built just south of Santa's Wonderland to avoid going all the way down to Peach Creek Road (and saving Peach Creek Road from needing turnaround lanes).

Museum of the American GI / 19124 Highway 6 South
Museum with a building and occasional WWI/WWII battle re-enactments. The new Millican Reserve neighborhood is just south of it. Hopefully the neighbors are okay with living next to a (simulated) war zone (sometimes).

Where Millican Meadows Circle connects is about where the pre-reconstruction frontage roads ended. The Peach Creek frontage roads were isolated from the other frontage roads until they were all rebuilt.

PEACH CREEK ROAD / FM 159 to FM 2154

Beyond Peach Creek, this area was completely redeveloped in the late 2000s with frontage roads and separate mainlanes instead of just a four lane highway with shoulders and just a double yellow stripe in the center.

TopDog Fireworks / 23510 Hwy. 6 S.
Opened around 2011 and relocating from up the highway, this fireworks warehouse is open seasonally.

STGenetics / 22575 State Highway 6
Known as "Sexing Technologies" until very recently (2022), this facility deals with cattle breeding (to put it as nicely as possible).

At the very end of this section is the FM 2154 overpass. Check out FM 2154 and Highway 6 in Navasota, where Highway 6 continues south.

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