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As of this writing, Wellborn Road is the closest road to "home", and a good starting place to the "Cities" network (when it's complete!), though will still connect to the other "College Station" area roads. Version 2.0 updates formatting, Southwest Crossing (missing link), Whataburger (addition to add other buildings), Jones Crossing (real link), Sunoco,


This section is the only one in Bryan. For years it featured one stoplight (Old College Road, owing to when Wellborn curved into the road and did not extend to Villa Maria). It lacks a turning lane due to a narrower right of way, and because of that when the F&B Road stoplight was installed around 2015-2016, the road briefly becomes two way (and for some reason, F&B Road does not line up with Old College Road). Also, in the mid-2000s, the Villa Maria end was rebuilt with an underpass.

Wave's Z Islander / 3803 Wellborn Road
Opening in fall 2009, this student apartment complex (also known as Z Islander) is designed around a Disneyesque tropical theme with lots of bright colors and weird architecture. Notable incidents here include a plane crash in the parking lot that killed two people (the occupants in the plane, not anyone in the apartment complex) when a small plane bound for Galveston malfunctioned and crashed before it could get clearance to land at Easterwood for repairs.

Westgate Center / 4201-4353 Wellborn Road
The blog has more information on this strip center but the page is out of date as of this writing.

Domain at Northgate / 101 Church Avenue
Domain at Northgate and its predecessor, Cafe Eccell, face Church Avenue (and have a Church Avenue address) but they still have major access of Wellborn Road, so this being covered. (More on Church Avenue perhaps another time).


University Drive and Raymond Stotzer Parkway is all FM 60, but to the west of the railroad is Raymond Stotzer Parkway, and it's University Drive to the east. There are two stoplights here to provide access to University Drive as it passes under the tracks. This is the section that goes through the Texas A&M University campus, speed dips to 35 mph and there are two in-campus stoplights (Old Main Drive and John Kimbrough Boulevard/Joe Routt Boulevard).

Texas A&M Hotel and Conference Center / 177 Joe Routt Blvd.
Formerly the site of Cain Park (adjacent to Cain Hall), this is an on-site Texas A&M hotel. Originally, the MSC hosted a hotel on its premises but this was scrapped in the 2009-2012 renovation. Evidently, the university reversed course and built its own hotel on campus (not counting the Century Square hotels), which opened around August 2018, right before that year's football season. [Website]


Berkeley House / 801 Wellborn Road
Large apartment building at College Station opened in 2018. It replaced a large lot where a thrift store operated (and previous buildings had been there previously). Just to the south of it (past W.A. Tarrow Park) is the spot of the recently-demolished Valero and its adjacent car wash which was wrecked a year prior. Check them out at this this blog post.

W.A. Tarrow Park / 107 Holleman Drive
This park (with multiple baseball diamonds and the Lincoln Center on-site) has an address of 107 Holleman but the main parking lot is off of Wellborn. Formerly "Wayne Smith Park" (before it was combined with Lincoln Center in the late 1990s), the parking lot entrance is marked as "Lonnie Lane" in a few older maps.

First United Methodist Church / 1125 Wellborn Road
This church was built in the early 2000s; the Google Earth aerial shows construction finishing off in early 2003.

Southwest Crossing / 1301-1411 Wellborn Road
This shopping center at the intersection of Southwest Parkway and Wellborn Road has a stand-alone Layne's Chicken Fingers and a few other businesses. Check out the recently-updated post at Brazos Buildings & Businesses here.

Whataburger / 1451 Wellborn Road
The new Whataburger opened here in January 2018. It's 24 hours (formerly even the dining room) and cars will still stretch out in the drive-through to the wee hours of the night. New buildings have been built around Whataburger, they will include a Chipotle and Starbucks (sharing a building) and Andy's Frozen Custard (another building).


The Harvey Mitchell Parkway overpass has been documented and is explored on the FM 2818 page. In any case, it was completed in 2011 after construction began in 2009.


This shopping center, which opened in 2018 and is anchored by an H-E-B. There's a few other shops and restaurants on the premises, including a wildly popular Chick-fil-A. Check out a description and in-depth look of the shops (past and present) here.

Koppe Bridge Bar & Grill / 11777 FM 2154
Recently upgraded on the blog, this restaurant has been here since 1992 (when there wasn't much out in this direction) and expanded a few times.

Wellborn Shopping Center
This small shopping center is anchored by an Ashley HomeStore Clearance store, and features a Mexican restaurant and a few other shops. Originally it was anchored by an Ace Hardware, but it didn't last more than a few years due to both construction and the opening of a new Lowe's in south College Station.

Dunkin' / 12061 FM 2154
This Dunkin' Donuts ("Donuts" was dropped from the name a few years ago as part of a corporate rebrand) opened in November 2020 and features Baskin-Robbins inside as a co-brand.

Dutch Bros Coffee / 12065 FM 2154
This West Coast-based coffee shop is drive through only (as per their model) and opened in January 2021.

Shell / 12677 FM 2154
This Shell opened around 2003 (Brazos CAD says 2002) as a Shell (though it might've been Texaco in planning processes). Max Express is the convenience store here with a space leased to Polly's Cocina (12675 FM 2154). Polly's Cocina is the last of "Mi Cocina", which once boasted at least three stores (including one on Southgate) in the area and had to change its name due to a complaint from Dallas-based Mi Cocina. It wasn't originally Mi Cocina, I believe it was "Oxbow Smokehouse & Meat" which by mid-2004 had moved to the shopping center south of Rock Prairie. More on this gas station will be researched in the future.


The Rock Prairie stoplight was installed in the late 1990s/early 2000s and replaced the North Graham stoplight a block up (it was closed in 1999, and originally connected to Victoria).

Exxon / 12727 FM 2154
This Exxon was previously covered at this blog post. It had a restaurant space leased inside, with the fourth being Little Caesars (the previous three being Taco Casa, Sonic, and A&W in reverse chronological order).

Sunoco / 13601 FM 2154
Early planning documents show this to be a Chicks (substantially smaller than the huge store they built on the bypass), but since Chicks was bought by Stripes, it opened in 2016 as an ordinary Sunoco/Stripes with Laredo Taco Company inside. It's not easy to get in and out of, depending which way you're going.

America's Country Store / 14675 FM 2154
This store primarily operates in animal feed and pet supply, as well as some home décor items. The blog page notes that the store converted a garden center into a pet boarding center "recently" (as of 2019). The store originally opened in October 2005.

Wellborn Grocery / 14889 FM 2154
Former Chevron station. Blogpost here.


There's just not much beyond the Greens Prairie Trail stoplight. There are a few subdivisions and Millican (which has American Plant Food at 22492 FM 2154, the ONLY even-numbered FM 2154 address actually on the road). I've attempted to cover (best that I can) Veronica's Country Corner at the corner of FM 2154 and Highway 6 South but that was all torn out when the highway was rebuilt, and even FM 2154 was slightly rerouted to align with the new overpass.

North of here is "Highway 6 South", which we will cover in another version of this site sometime (hopefully soon). To the south, this is where Navasota starts (the city limits extend into Brazos County). To continue south to Navasota, click here.
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