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Continuing from Highway 6 in Falls County, this section covers Hearne and Calvert in Robertson County. Version 5.0 of this page adds Texaco (Calvert), 1643 North Market Street (former St. Joseph Express), 1637 North Market Street (future 7-Eleven), Fatty's Smoke Shop, The Gift Shoppe + Flowers, Allen Samuels Chevrolet GMC, Valero (Lake Side Grocery), KOA Kampgrounds, Shell, Texas Equine Hospital, Kristen Distributing Company, and FedEx Ground. It updates 304 Main Street and 504 Main Street (Mike's Famous Chicken and ZZ Old General Store, respectively, both gone), as well as McDonald's and Abco Auto Parts. It also features completely new recut sections (from six to three).


Highway 14 has only had blinkers installed in the late 2010s (2019 I believe) but Burnett Street in Calvert (which this section focuses on) has had a stoplight for years. In the late 2009s or early 2010s, the stoplight was upgraded from its decades-old single stoplight to a more modern stoplight with pedestrian improvements. The "US 79" is referring to the flyover to the east (harder to access from southbound).

304 Main Street
Mike's Famous Chicken opened in 2021 in a renovated, previously long-abandoned building that once held a few gas pumps in the front (records indicate "CITY GARAGE AND EQUIP CO INC" from 1966 to 1990). Unfortunately, Mike's only lasted less than two months as an operating business, though it still looks otherwise untouched.

DQ / 208 Main Street
The only fast food restaurant in Calvert and here since 1979. Around 2013 it did a very minor exterior renovation (interior likely updated too) and became DQ (from Dairy Queen). The numbering shouldn't be even here, it's on the "odd" side of the road, and also a block up from the entry below.

Mike's Country Store / 209 Main Street
This used to be an Exxon until the late 2010s, and an older sign mentioning "SuperClean" gasoline dates it as a Philips 66. The defunct station across the street was a Shell based on signage.

518 Main Street
This former bank space was most recently ZZ Old General Store (opened 2018 but only lasting for a few years) and its most tenant in recent years was Cocoamoda. Operating from 2008 to around 2018 and even featured on Restaurant Impossible before it moved to Waco, part of the problem of the original restaurant was its extremely isolated location from the potential diner base in College Station/Bryan (most of the nicer restaurants favor the south part of town, anyway), and it's a surprise it lasted this long.

In the early 2000s this held "The Silk Purse".

Texaco / 801 Main Street
This was a Shell with "Big's" as of 2008 (the gas station was built in 2002). Between 2018 and 2021 it became a Texaco (with only a small sign near the ground). Big's is now "JD's" but Google indicates "Touchdown" as of late 2022.

Family Dollar / 802 S. Main Street
Family Dollar (#10614) opened in March 2014 less than a few months before the announced sale to Dollar Tree.

US HIGHWAY 79 to FM 2549

This section primarily covers Hearne. There are several stoplights in Hearne, though while a bypass has been proposed numerous times has never come to fruition.

Ama's Mexican Restaurant / 1647 North Market Street
The Market Street name starts around here (Hearne's name for Highway 6). This was opened in 2009 as a new-build, replacing a building closer to the main core of Hearne.

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites / 1645 North Market Street
Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites - Hearne opened in October 2008. The three-story, 64-room hotel is perhaps the first hotel proper in Hearne.

1643 North Market Street
This opened as St. Joseph Express (walk-in clinic) circa 2012 and later became CHI St. Joseph Health Primary Care by the late 2010s. By 2021 it gained some sort of association with Texas A&M University and soon moved out to 709 Barton Street as "HealthPoint".

1637 North Market Street
Google says 7-Eleven (#42205) is here but as of May 2023 seemed not very close to done, especially how long the Caldwell one took. It does seem to be a "truck stop" location with a separate truck diesel facility but because the store isn't done yet is unknown if it has any truck stop facilities (or restaurants, though a Laredo Taco Company counter is almost certainly a given).

Previously, this used to be Zeig Sheet Metal Works Inc. from the 1960s to around the early 2000s. The sign remained up until the early 2010s when it was leased to Sanders, a fertilizer supplier, but by 2020 it was empty, with only a sign advertising Marlin's "High Cotton Icehouse", which closed a few years earlier. In 2021, the warehouse began to be torn down.

It should also be noted that back in the mid-2010s, Hearne had a TETCO convenience store at 800 West Brown Street that was sold to a different operator rather than converting it to a 7-Eleven.

Love's Travel Stop / 1423 N. Market Street
Opened in early 2011 (with FM 485 changing from a stop sign and two long yield lanes to an ordinary stoplight), Love's Travel Stop #375 features a McDonald's restaurant inside (giving Hearne two McDonald's stores, not just one). It appears to have replaced two older motels. My previous research has shown that it was the "Executive Inn" and the "Brazos Valley Inn".

Budgetel Inn & Suites / 1259 N. Market Street
Two-story motel opened around 2009.

Valero / 1255 N. Market St.
Home to the "Stop N Save" food mart. In the late 2000s this didn't have a gas branding and had a brown facade with red, yellow, and orange striping--very '70s. I thought the station had been demolished but it was just renovated and updated around the time Budgetel Inn was built around it.

1051 North Market Street
This address holds both Penny's Diner, a classic, chrome-styled diner restaurant, and a motel. For years, the motel was the one-off Oak Tree Inn, but toward the late 2010s converted to a Baymont Inn.

Stoney's Liquor / 879 N. Market Street
The Stoney's name was seen further up on Highway 6 in Riesel, but this Stoney's Liquor store (same company) opened in 2011 in a new building.

Hearne Railroad Museum Depot / 139 West 9th Street
Originally, this former train station was at the south end of where the train tracks intersect. In 2000, it was relocated across the street where it was to be restored as a railroad museum; however, it was over a decade before it actually opened as such. When the museum opened in 2011, parking was on a former cotton mill to the south (the ground foundation, the other part was on a foundation about four feet above ground level) but eventually this was demolished and replaced with a conventional parking lot.

Sonic Drive-In / 207 North Market Street
As traffic often slowed down around the railroad crossing, I remember better remembering this intersection, and before Sonic Drive-In moved here in 2002 (relocated from 801 Brown Street), the Magnolia street sign was this old-fashioned, almost ornate style sign that I've never seen anything like it. Definitely part of one of my memories of going up to Waco.

Laundromat Depot / 201 N. Market Street
In the early 2010s (or very late 2000s) this reopened as a laundromat, tearing down a metal building addition to the south. Originally, "Laundromat-Lavaánderia", the current name was assumed around 2021 with a repaint of the building from tan to blue (the previous laundromat repainted it tan from red, white, and blue).

The railroad crossing at East 6th Street was closed in 2013.

CEFCO / 100 N. Market Street
This CEFCO was previously an Exxon but converted to the CEFCO brand name by 2021 (it was still an Exxon as of 2018, which by that time the Waco stores had switched to self-branding). It has a Subway inside and has been CEFCO since 2003. Previous name of convenience store was "Big Gas" at least back to 1996. It is the last CEFCO seen on Highway 6 heading south, as Brazos County and by extent the entire Houston area lack the stores. CEFCO #51 is the number.

Valero / 102 S. Market Street
Previously a Chevron (prior to around the mid-2010s), this was originally a garage-based gas station at one time. The Valero sits on one of the four blocks that make up downtown Hearne, with the intersection being at Magnolia and 4th Street.

Chicken Express / 106 West 2nd Street
Opened in March 2017 (one of the first new stand-alone fast food builds in over a decade), Chicken Express has a 2nd Street address but has signage off of Market Street, and can be accessed from the alley just north of the store.

Flo-Mart Express / 410 South Market Street

Also known as Flo Market, this former Shell (Texaco before around 2003) was originally a garage of some sort (with the abandoned office to the right of the store). At that is what it appears to be.

Fatty's Smoke Shop / 507 S. Market Street
Fatty's Smoke Shop (out of Bryan) opened in 2023. The building, a former gas station and garage has not functioned as a gas station in many years. In the early to mid-2010s it was painted teal and was "El Panadero Taqueria y Panaderia" (also known as "Taqueria y Panaderia Panadero") and briefly (2021) "Speed's Auto Sale".

Amigos y Familia Mexican Restaurant / 702 S. Market Street
This restaurant opened in 2011. It used to be Ama's Mexican Restaurant from 2001 to 2009, which later moved near the new Holiday Inn Express (see above). Before Ama's, it was Texas Burger of Hearne (unknown if related to the Madisonville Texas Burger/TX Burger) from 1997 to 2000 and Calahan Fried Chicken from 1995 to 1996. (That's all what can be found at the moment).

Johnny Reb's Dixie Cafe / 708 S. Market Street
The Confederate flag logo disappeared around 2015 but this diner has been here in this location since the late 1980s.

McDonald's / 906 S. Market Street
This McDonald's closes at 11pm (unlike the all-night one at Love's). The restaurant was built in 2000.

Pizza Hut / 1002 S. Market Street
Small towns like Hearne can only really support one pizza place, for Hearne, it's Pizza Hut (no Domino's). This was been here since 1986 (replacing a short-lived location at 907 Brown).

The Gift Shoppe + Flowers / 1108 S. Market Street
The only records currently available are that this floral shop has been here since at least 1996.

SouthStar Bank / 1308 South Market Street
SouthStar Bank built their Hearne branch in the late 2000s (between 2005 and 2009).

Allen Samuels Chevrolet GMC / 4556 Highway 6
This smaller car dealership was built in 2005.

Abco Auto Parts / 5752 Texas State Highway 6
From 2003 to 2007 this was Horseshoe Club, then Gem's Gentlemen's Club (one of the area's only topless bars) from 2007 until a fire in November 2008 (which was later ruled to be arson). Abco Auto Parts opened in this location in 2010, building its two main buildings on the foundation of Horseshoe/Gem's.

FM 2549 to FM 2818

This section covers the northern fringes of the Bryan area as it stretches into Robertson County.

Valero / 10915 S. State Hwy. 6
In late 2012/early 2013 this gas station (it has an extremely rudimentary website did a major renovation with a new Valero brand ("Discount Fleet" store) and a new facade on the store. It appears the name of the store ("Lake Side Grocery") has been on the store in some form even before the revamp. (Before the Valero, as of 2007, it had no brand but the pumps were from Summit). More on this will be coming in a future update.

T&S RV & Sport / 10212 Texas State Highway 6
This was Country RV Center from 1993 to around 2010/2011. As the economy started to come back to life, it reopened under a new name and ownership--RV Source. It took a few years for RV Source to use all of Country's space, though. In mid-2021, RV Source was bought and rebranded as T&S RV & Sport.

Valero / 10915 S. State Hwy. 6
In late 2012/early 2013 this gas station (it has an extremely rudimentary website did a major renovation with a new Valero brand ("Discount Fleet" store) and a new facade on the store. It appears the name of the store ("Lake Side Grocery") has been on the store in some form even before the revamp. (Before the Valero, as of 2007, it had no brand but the pumps were from Summit). More on this will be coming in a future update.

KOA Kampgrounds / 12942 Highway 6
The "Bryan / North College Station KOA Holiday opened in June 2023.

Shell / 13244 N. Hwy 6
This Shell ("Hwy 6IX Travel Center") has two in-store concepts (Big Madre Tacos and Champs Chicken) while it has space for a full adjacent restaurant. It was built in 2020, with truck stop facilities (showers, laundry).

Texas Equine Hospital / 13688 Texas 6
This horse veterinarian was completed in 2009 and is one of the last of the Hearne-area address series before renumbering resets at OSR going north from the College Station border.

Kristen Distributing Company / 8301 N. Highway 6
This was built in 2013 as the first and only American plant for Gunler Foods, a Mexican company that City of Bryan gave incentives to for opening in the new Texas Triangle Plant. It would bottle oil (which was to be shipped back to Mexico) and manufacture paper products, opened 2013. Less than a year later however, the company abandoned the site and in 2015, it reopened as the new home of Kristen Distributing Company (relocating from 1501 Independence Avenue) which distributes a number of beverage products, as well as bottling its own line of soft drinks. The Miller sign outside of the plant used to be near the Texas World Speedway for many years.

FedEx Ground / 8011 N. Highway 6
Around late 2022/early 2023, FedEx Ground relocated to this large new facility from just down the road at 2799 North Earl Rudder Freeway.

Around FM 2818, it becomes Earl Rudder Freeway.

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