I'm going to open this post by saying that I never went to AstroWorld, and in fact, only saw it once at night on a trip to Galveston, a trip I alluded to the WingNuts review, and at that point it was weeks away from closing forever, but my family was never much for theme parks anyway. I know I went to Disney World once, a trip largely organized by my late paternal grandmother, unfortunately never even got to see the Disney World castle properly, as that was when the castle was transformed into a garish "birthday cake" castle (link) in 1997, and being young meant I didn't get to experience the more interesting rides like Space Mountain. I went to Universal Studios in 2001 and Busch Gardens a few times (2003 and 2014) but as a whole never went to theme parks very often. I did come into possession of a few maps, though. I'm not sure where the AstroWorld map came from, if a sibling went or another source like a travel center. Unlike the Splashtown page I have no memories of AstroWorld.

In the initial update, I didn't scan the main map on reasoning that better copies were available elsewhere, but Reddit's is lower resolution. For my version, click here. It is in poor condition, and some errors in scanning and stitching the two sides together has caused it to be a bit lopsided (that's not your imagination)

Some remarks on the guide:

So, without further ado, the AstroWorld guide itself.

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