I'm going to open this post by saying that I never went to AstroWorld, and in fact, only saw it once at night on a trip to Galveston, a trip I alluded to the WingNuts review, and at that point it was weeks away from closing forever, but my family was never much for theme parks anyway. I know I went to Disney World once, a trip largely organized by my late grandmother, unfortunately never even got to see the Disney World castle properly, as that was when the castle was transformed into a garish "birthday cake" castle (link) in 1997, and being young meant I didn't get to experience the more interesting rides like Space Mountain. I went to Universal Studios in 2001 and Busch Gardens a few times (2003 and 2014) but as a whole never went to theme parks very often. I did come into possession of a few maps, though. I'm not sure where the AstroWorld map came from, if a sibling went or another source like a travel center. Unlike the Splashtown page I have no memories of AstroWorld.

I didn't scan the main map on reasoning that better copies were available elsewhere, and although higher-resolution, mine is torn and patched with tape. Perhaps we will see it on a later update. In the meantime, here is a link to the map in question. What follows belows is the four pages of actual information.

Some remarks on the guide:

So, without further ado, the AstroWorld guide itself.

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