I made this page because no other page like this really exists, a site that tries to catalog discontinued (not off-cycle) or otherwise rare Blue Bell flavors. I have no connection to Blue Bell Creameries and this was built on archived websites, ice cream reviews, and my own memory.

Due to this page being part of "Carbon-izer Labs", it may or may not be updated or polished in the future.

Banana Split - This is the flavor that I miss most of all. It's not be confused with the vastly inferior Banana Split Sundae flavor introduced in 2017, though it is similar. It disappeared after the listeria incident (still available in 2014). In 2001 it was available year-round but eventually dropped to seasonal.

Blue Monster - Not discontinued, but a scoop shop exclusive. This is vanilla ice cream with chocolate chip cookie dough pieces and chocolate creme cookies (basically Oreos), very similar to their Cookie Two Step flavor. The main difference here is that the ice cream is colored a dark blue color.

Country Vanilla - This has appeared more recently as a lowfat yogurt and No Sugar Added flavor but was once a Year-Round Half Gallon Ice Cream flavor.

Groom's Cake - Groom's Cake was a 2009 flavor with chocolate ice cream with chocolate cake pieces and chocolate-coated strawberry hearts, surrounded by swirls of strawberry sauce and chocolate icing. It was off the market for a while and re-introduced in 2017 with Bride's Cake. While Bride's Cake is still a rotational flavor, Groom's Cake hasn't been seen after the promotion.

I ♥ Chocolate - This was introduced in time for February 2014, and is very similar to Triple Chocolate but has even more chocolate-related content. It's a chocolate ice cream with chocolate candies (also filled with chocolate), a chocolate icing swirl, and dense chocolate cake pieces.

Krazy Kolors - Like Blue Monster, this is not discontinued per se but it is a rare flavor only in scoop shops. It is an ice cream with dark yellow, red, and blue swirls. I believe this used to be called Superhero probably as late as the early 2010s but the term "superhero" is jointly owned by DC Comics and Marvel (and their respective corporate owners, who have decidedly unfriendly lawyers). Currently it is described as a vanilla ice cream, but I seem to remember a different flavor. I'm not sure if it had an actual flavor or if I was just tasting the artificial colors.

Orange Swirl - This was a good flavor with orange sherbet mixed into vanilla ice cream. It was on store shelves in 2013 and I remember seeing it out in 2019 as a re-release but haven't seen it since. I suppose you could "make" it yourself by adding vanilla ice cream to orange sherbet--both Blue Bell products, but it's not in one product.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake - Introduced in 2001 as a rotational flavor, "brown sugar pineapple ice cream blended with pineapple chunks, maraschino cherries, and vanilla wafers, then swirled with praline sauce".

Red, White & Blue Bell - This July 2014 flavor featured strawberry ice cream and blueberry ice cream, very similar to Neapolitan. While it doesn't look really look like red or blue (pink and purple, more like) I'm personally annoyed at the lack of an Oxford comma in the name.

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