Steam is a great way to play games but there are a number of games that can be added through native sources, DOS, Ice, and many, many more. As a result, many retro games have no appropriate banner for them. I've created a number of my own banners here so others can use them too (use 'em for your own use only). The "Added" table refers to what version of Carbon-izer they were added with. Currently, there are 12 banners here. Note that in the case of "Reviews Available", if it was added the same update that the banner was added, the review won't appear until the following update, so Yoot Tower and WingNuts don't have links.
PictureGameNotesReview on Carbon-izer.comAdded
   BarrackGame Screenshot, modifiedNo22
   Eric's Ultimate SolitaireGame info screenshot, modifiedNo23
   The Fool's ErrandModified screenshot. Runs for Mini vMac.No21
   Kid Klown in Krazy ChaseThis is from the box artNo21
   M. C. KidsScreenshot from game.No21
   Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's RevengeBased after box art.No23
   Panic RestaurantScreenshot from game.No21
   Shufflepuck CafeScreenshot from game. Runs for Mini vMac.No21
   SimCity 3000 UnlimitedResized screenshot from game.No22
   SimTowerScreenshot from game.Yes22
   WingNuts: Temporal NavigatorModified screenshot from game. Runs in Windows 7Yes22
   Yoot TowerScreenshot from game. Runs in Windows 7Yes21