This page basically is repeated from the 2021 games list as I feel as it serves as a pretty decent guide for this game without resorting to YouTube or what have you. It doesn't list enemies or weapons (and what are effective against both), so it's not a complete guide. Using the maps someone extracted, I managed to build maps, which you can see below. I'm not sure they are for printing (I wouldn't recommend it, despite my love for my printed guidebook material) but they are helpful. The one missing from the rip was "Clown-3", you'll see how I had to work around it. (Hint: it's not pretty). Also they don't include food, but the poison apples in World 3 (Fairy Tale Trail) are marked with a Mr. Yuk symbol. All other food (bubblegum and grapes in the first world, pizza and sandwiches in the second, apples and pies in the third, peanuts and cotton candy in the fourth, and hamburgers and hot dogs in the fifth) aren't marked on the maps. In the case of the second world (Candy Cane Lane), only the pizza and the sandwiches are edible, everything else is just background objects or trying to kill you. Another exception is birthday cakes (as well as a second variety of pie), those are weapons. In the process of adding this independent page, I also fixed a minor error with Fairy-2, and of course, you can find a copy of this game to play here for modern systems. For original Macs, visit the Macintosh Garden.
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