Downstown is a somewhat obscure syndicated comic strip that only ran from 1980 to 1986 by Tim Downs, which largely focused on relationships and dating. The characters were largely archetypes, from the pickup artist Chuck Laylo to hapless loser John to Fred, a balding, cynical type who says the women that one would only say if they had given on the concept altogether. Most of the comic strips are pretty hard to find today: I have managed to find a the strip through but they're locked behind the Publishers Extra tier.

Of note is the "Fat Barbie" storyline, which appeared the week of August 5th, 1985. I had immediately thought of when Mattel introduced the "curvy" Barbie in 2016, over 30 years after the original run of the strip, but at the time I hadn't really considered adding any scans. It should be noted that the real-life "Fat Barbies" weren't a success and were seen as social engineering on Mattel's part. But this was in the 1980s, before real life turned into a grotesque parody of itself.

I scanned this from the book, The Laylo Papers, its lone "collection" that interspersed a number of strips with relationship advice and other musings from the author.

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