Carbon-izer Presents Austin

Carbon-izer Presents Greater Austin

The Austin/Bastrop/San Marcos area as covered in this site is both one of the oldest and newest sections of the "Cities" pages, covering everything from just south of Temple-Killeen all the way down to San Marcos, and going all the way east to the Lost Pines area (which unfortunately, looked very different after 2011).

Starting out as a page just on Bastrop and expanding to including Austin and San Marcos, this page doesn't even include all the Austin-area memories and content I wish to preserve (especially heading out to Fredericksburg, another issue in itself) but I think it does a good job at what it does.

Trying to organize my thoughts and memories on all of this have hit some road blocks, especially in trying to find out more information about Bastrop's McDonald's restaurant (that's a whole different thing that I'd like to cover in more detail at some point).

Like most of the stuff in the "Cities" section, some of the content originated with what I added to Wikimapia, especially the Bastrop (and some of the San Marcos) content. At this point, everything I've written previously written about the Austin area (Barton Creek Square, Pinthouse Pizza, etc.) is on this page. The I-35 series ends here, but Highway 71 and Highway 21 continues to the Bryan-College Station pages.

  • Highway 71 in Austin
  • Highway 21 East in Bastrop
  • Highway 71 in Bastrop
  • Interstate 35 in Austin
  • Interstate 35 in Hays County
  • Interstate 35 in Williamson County
  • North Austin Roads
  • South Austin Roads
  • Other Hays County/Caldwell County Roads
  • ***************
  • Casis Randalls









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