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Welcome to Austin! Like Williamson County, this page is going to be a bit light on detail (even more so) at least as of Version 1.0. It covers the area from State Highway 45 to State Highway 71, with the site following 71 east rather than Interstate 35 continuing south; at least, that's the current plan. Again, most of this is extremely light, covering only a few areas of interest.


Austin's / 16231 N. Interstate Hwy. 35
The Interstate numbering resets again at the Travis County line. Austin's (actually in Pflugerville), also known as Austin's Park N Pizza, contains a number of attractions including bowling and rock climbing, with outside attractions including bumper boats, mini-golf, and a go-kart track. Pflugerville, TX 78660 Attractions include go-karts, bumper boats, mini golf, batting cages & a rock-climbing wall.

7-Eleven / 15829 N. I-35
At the southeast corner of Grand Avenue Parkway and I-35 is this truck stop 7-Eleven. It contains no access to Grand Avenue Parkway, instead connecting to Vision Drive in the back. For food options it contains Angelina's Tacos Caseros and formerly a Subway (gone between 2019 and 2021). My own personal hunch that it was not built as a 7-Eleven proved correct; as of January 2009 it was a Texaco with Speedy Stop and Subway (and probably had a taco counter in there as well). By 2013 it was 7-Eleven (Speedy Stop sold most of its stores to 7-Eleven that year), though the Texaco branding disappeared between spring 2015 and spring 2016.

AMC Dine-In Tech Ridge 10 / 12625 N. Interstate Hwy. 35
Occupying only a portion of the previous tenant, AMC opened a smaller movie theater here in December 2019 (before spending a good portion of the next year closed or under capacity). The "previous tenant" here was a Sears Grand, opened in fall 2005 and closed in April 2018. The Sears Grand was part of a concept from the pre-Kmart era Sears to create a hybrid of their department stores (complete with everything they had, like an auto center, portrait studio, etc., as well as Budget/Avis car rentals) with a more traditional discount store style layout with additional departments (garden center, pet supplies, non-perishables, and an HBA section), topping out at 164,000 square feet. While the Sears Grand downscaled the number of departments dramatically in the last five years or so of its life, the Sears outlasted the Super Target about half a mile to the north, with the remaining two Sears in the Austin area closing later that year.


The Hedge / 8300 N. Interstate Hwy. 35
Now we're getting to the part which was teased back when I wrote about a 2017 trip. The Hedge Apartments looks a bit like an old motel, which of course, it actually is. The website is here, showing floorplans which tend to be a bit cramped (and the bathrooms in the back, probably a carry-over). I believe I did stay at this motel, which was a Travelodge way back when (sometime in the late 1990s), but by 2019 it had long dropped it, known as "Austin Suites Hotel", despite still being a motel. It looks like it may have changed names in 2005.


For the rest of Austin until SH-71 south of downtown and the Colorado River, Version 1.0 will not cover that much, and of that, most of that was covered elsewhere, starting with our first entry.

Academy Sports + Outdoors / 7513 N. IH 35
This Academy was built on the long-time home of a truck stop (one of Austin's first) which later closed for a transmission shop. (More on this, the Austin Truck Terminal, can be seen here, where it also talks about Burba's, the restaurant there, and some other stuff). The Academy here opened in June 2002 with the same address as the truck stop it replaced.

Tricolor Auto / 7417 N. Interstate Hwy. 35
This small used car dealership was Capitol Kia Preowned from 2006 to early 2010s. Until around 2003, it was a go-kart track, originally Malibu Grand Prix when it first opened in the late 1970s, then Funwerks in its final years.

In 2005, you can see cars parked around the former go-kart track (used as an impromptu parking lot) and in 2008 most of the go-kart track was removed for construction of a Restaurant Depot. Portions of the former track can be seen between Restaurant Depot and Tricolor Auto.

7211 N. Interstate Highway 35
This Home Depot store opened in 1995 but closed in 2008 for reasons unknown.

The Home Depot / 3600 S I-35
Some eight miles south (yes, we did skip a lot of stuff) is a Home Depot built in July 2001. Notably, this Home Depot features green awnings rather than the orange ones Home Depot is known for. We now come to an end of Interstate 35 (at least for now) which we have been following since north of Waco, but now we must go east to Highway 71. Onward to Highway 71!

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