Carbon-izer Presents Other Roads in Austin
Other Roads in Austin
This covers other roads in the Austin (Travis Co.) area and surrounding (but not Hays County) that are worth mentioning in this page. Version 1.0 has everything listed here and is not built out of a previous page (except for maybe adapting and expanding some old Wikimapia descriptions).


Walmart / 710 E. Ben White Blvd.
Walmart #1253 opened in May 2005 (as a Wal-Mart Supercenter) after relocating from their old location at 5015 S. I-35 (and as of this writing, the Bluepages page says it opened in 1988 and expanded in 2005; this is incorrect).

Tornado & El Expreso Bus Company / 711 East Ben White Blvd.
This was a Taco Cabana from 1987 to 2006. Around 2011 it became Axent Auto, and affter closing around 2015, became the Austin location of Tornado & El Expreso Bus Company.

Bill Miller Bar-B-Q / 709 E. Ben White Blvd.
Bill Miller has been operating here since 1979, back when trains still rumbled through on the now-abandoned tracks (now overgrown and a homeless magnet) behind it.

Chevron/McDonald's / 3909 South Congress Avenue
This combo gas station/McDonald's restaurant has been here since 2001.

Habitat for Humanity / 500 W. Ben White Blvd.
This was Kroger Family Center (972) from 1970 to 1978...the only physical Kroger store Austin has ever seen, and was later a Homer's Home Center from 1979 to 1982.

The section near 1st Street became Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre (as it was known then) in 1982, with Ross Dress for Less taking the rest of the space in 1984. Ross closed in 1992 shortly before construction of the widened Ben White Boulevard took out the front parking lot. Chuck E. Cheese continued to operate at the subdivided space (502 W. Ben White) until the early 2010s. By 2016 it had become Austin Habitat for Humanity with the non-profit "ReStore" operating in the 1st Street frontage area.

7-Eleven / 601 W. Ben White Blvd.
This "true" 7-Eleven, with gas and a convenience store, has been operating as such since 1986 (though likely originally had Citgo as a gas brand).

Uncommon Objects / 1602 Fort View Road
While the history of Uncommon Objects hasn't yet been explored, it was discussed at the page "Carbon-izer Goes to Austin 2017...Plus Some".

Before the freeway was built, Fort View Road intersected with Ben White and curved toward Gillis after a stoplight.

Two Men and a Truck / 1600 West Ben White Blvd.
This odd building owned by a moving company used to be addressed as 4305 Clawson and was the home of Short Stop, a drive-through hamburger chain once owned by Two Pesos, from 1985 to 1995.

1815 West Ben White Boulevard
This abandoned restaurant looks pretty rough today. It was a Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) from 1974 to around 1997, "Roy Henry's Famous Waffles & Chicken" from 2000 to 2001, S. 1st Bar-B-Q & Catering (2002-2006), and Taqueria Los Jaliscienses from 2007 to 2020. It also appeared to be a Philips 66 for a very brief time prior to KFC, with KFC possibly even renovating the building.

4416 Menchaca Road
This was an old-school no-fuel 7-Eleven that operated from 1961 to 2006. In 2007 it was retenanted by local store Live Oak Market but it closed toward the end of 2021.

Randalls / 2025 West Ben White Blvd.
This store (Randalls 485, later 2485) originally opened as Safeway way back in 1966. It later changed hands to AppleTree as the Houston division spun off in 1989, then was sold to Randalls in 1994.


Arby's / 4411 S. Lamar Blvd.
This Arby's originally opened in 1972 and was the last "Big Hat" Arby's location in Austin. Sadly, in late 2020 the sign was dismantled & removed as part of the restaurant's closure. In 2021, the building was demolished and rebuilt as a new Arby's...but the sign did not reappear.

4477 S. Lamar Blvd.
This was once a Woolco that operated as part of the Westgate Mall from 1970 to 1983. In 1983 it reopened as a Wilson's catalog showroom and converted to Service Merchandise in 1985 before closing in 1996. The current tenants here include Central Market (opening originally in 1999 and briefly closing in 2006 for a renovation), Whole Earth Provision Co., Skandinavia Contemporary Interiors (formerly Bealls), and other tenants on the west side of the building (built after Westgate's demise).

4715 S. Lamar Blvd.
This was once Cannoli Joe's "Italian Feast", a large Italian restuarant with extensive theming and menu options but sometime in or prior to 2013 it closed and is now divided into smaller stores and restaurants (the Italian village-themed exterior was completely changed) including Canne Rosso, Stouthaus Coffee Pub, RE/MAX Posh Properties, and Salon by Milk & Honey.

At Home / 5151 U.S. Hwy. 290 West
This store originally opened as Garden Ridge (#32) in 1999 and was renamed as At Home sometime around 2014-2015.

Graceland Grocery / 8600 U.S. Hwy. 290
This former gas station was originally Buddy's Corner Store for years (with a small Texaco gas station) and in the early 2010s, transformed into Señor Buddy's, a hybrid Mexican restaurant/corner store that served not only tacos but drinks and wines. Their motto was "Mi Casa Es Su Casa," which translates to "My House is Your House". In summer 2015, the era of Señor Buddy's came to an end. It was renamed as Graceland Grocery and served up barbecue while the "grocery" part took a further backseat. The gas canopy disappeared around 2020, presumably as part of road construction that was to be well underway by 2022.


This continues from Highway 71.

QuikTrip / 4802 US Hwy 183 S.
This 24 hour convenience store (with fresh sandwiches!) opened in 2020.

Tex-Mix Concrete / 11021 S. Hwy. 183
This ready mix concrete supplier is the last address on US-183 before Highway 130 is in the median of the road. Since around 2008-2009 the reconstruction of the road has prevented left turns in/out.

Pilot Travel Center / 10700 US-183 Hwy.
This truck stop on Highway 183 (a ways down from the Highway 71 intersection) with a McDonald's (a McDonald's sign is also at Highway 21 just to the south of here) opened in late 2009. It replaced the Mustang Travel Center (a Diamond Shamrock) that operated here from 2003 to 2009, but was destroyed in the highway widening that created Highway 130 in the median of Highway 183. To the south of here, beyond Highway 21, is the town of Lockhart, which has to be exited from 183 (the frontage roads that served double-duty as 183 continue south).

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