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This page covers Highway 71 from FM 214 to Tahitian Drive, covering most of Bastrop County and Bastrop itself, continuing from this page. Highway 71 continues all the way toward Interstate 10 but that won't be covered, at least not for the foreseeable future. It would be a big undertaking, that's for sure! This is the "main drag" of Bastrop featuring most of its commercial base.

Version 5.0 updates Valero/McDonald's, Exxon (Highway 21), Pizza Hut, and Jack in the Box (Jackson). It adds Woodland Village, Taco Cabana, Shell, McDonald's (Hasler), Shell (Childers), Vitalogy Skincare, Billy's Pit Bar-B-Q, and Sonic Drive-In

FM 214 to FM 1209

Valero/McDonald's / 2850 Highway 71
This combo gas station/McDonald's opened in the mid-2000s (evidence suggests the McDonald's side opened first in 2004, followed by the Chevron gas station in very early 2005). Around August 2022, the gas station brand changed to a Valero.

Berdoll Pecan Candy & Gift Company / 2626 State Hwy. 71
This gift shop is the business side of a pecan farm in the area. Even when the store is closed, there's a vending machine with pecan pies and Ms. Pearl the Giant Squirrel, installed in late 2011.

Exxon / 2061 State Hwy. 71
This Exxon has been here at least here since the mid-1990s. The tiny canopy was rebuilt around 2011 with a more modern one with additional pumps.

Cedar Creek High School / 793 Union Chapel Road
There's no school zone speed limit but this school (appears to be opened for fall 2009) can get busy around certain times.

Dollar General / 109 River Oaks Drive
This Dollar General opened sometime around 2010 (give or take a year). It has no access off of Highway 71, nor uses it as an address, but it does face the road.

Valero / 1525 Highway 71 West
While this was probably a Diamond Shamrock prior to the mid-2000s, this Valero featured Sac-N-Pac when it opened in 2000. When it came to converting to Stripes, Sac-N-Pac dragged its feet (still a SnP as of December 2017, long after the others had converted) but eventually did convert in 2018. It was presumably slated to become a 7-Eleven after 2018 when Stripes was sold to 7-Eleven, but by January 2022, however, it had disconnected from Stripes/7-Eleven and had become a generic "Food Mart".


Valero / 1481 State Hwy. 71
This opened as Corner Store Market (Corner Store's expanded store format, with a different logo) and was a Valero but de-emphasized (the Corner Store logo was on the canopy, and the canopy was green and white). It opened in November 2016 but by fall 2018 it was a Circle K, with more emphasis on the Valero branding.

Exxon / 1273 Highway 71 West
This was in fact built as a Buc-ee's and operated as such from 1998 to 2000 (Buc-ee's #11) when the convenience store was still small and using other gas brands. It hasn't been a Buc-ee's in over two decades but it's still an Exxon.

As of November 2022 it has a "Cooper's Express" fried chicken program.


Jack in the Box / 111 Highway 21 West
Jack in the Box #925 was opened in summer 2001 (after the demise of Buc-ee's across the street) and served as Bastrop's only Jack in the Box for nearly a decade.

Andre's Automotive / 1177 Highway 71 West
Until 2015, Andre's was on the old right of way of Highway 21 (Mt. Olive Road closer to 21), but a reconstruction of the creek removed the bridge to that section.


Developed in the late 2000s, this shopping center (a PDF of it can be seen here, map on page 10) was what helped Bastrop further accentuate its spot as an Austin bedroom community rather than a small town it was before. It has Lowe's, Spec's, Hobby Lobby, Best Buy, as well as a Chick-fil-A, and in general what's on the map is what is there in reality with a few notable exceptions.
  • The aforementioned Lowe's is store #2840 and opened in November 2008.
  • One of the earlier Carl's Jr. stores (in their ill-fated late 2000s/early 2010s Texas expansion) was located at 711 Highway 71 West, opened in early 2009. Unlike others that opened in Houston and beyond, it also featured a Green Burrito co-brand. It closed in 2018, replaced by an Arby's, part of the massive downscale of the chain that had the chain exiting most of Texas; today, the few Carl's Jr. stores in Texas are found in truck stops.
  • Old Navy (767 State Hwy 71 West) opened sometime around January 2022. It was formerly Staples, which opened in January 2011 but closed in February 2021, presumably a 10-year lease that they didn't want to maintain.
  • HomeGoods (753 Highway W. Ste. C) occupies the empty space in the map linked. It opened in July 2019.
  • Orange Leaf, a frozen yogurt shop at 747 Highway 71 W. Ste. A600 opened in September 2015 but closed in 2021.
  • IBC Bank (701 State Highway 71) closed by spring 2022 but reopened as VeraBank by August 2022.

    Chili's / 734 State Hwy. 71
    This Chili's restaurant opened in summer 2002 (see the link in the Home Depot entry below).

    Panda Express / 728 State Highway 71 West
    The pad site next to Chili's and in front of The Home Depot was built and opened as a Panda Express in early 2011.

    The Home Depot / 525 State Highway 71 West
    A bit about The Home Depot when it opened back in 2002 can be seen here on


    Woodland Village / 696 State Highway 71
    This strip center was built in 2005, which a current PDF is available here (archived from here). The building on the far left is currently, as of this writing, Morelia Mexican Grill. In the late 2000s and early 2010s it was Nancy's Steak House, then Los Cabos Mexican Grill by 2015. Dickey's Barbecue Pit was also here at one time as well. According to this page, Dickey's Barbecue Pit was here from 2012 to 2014, then again in 2015, and briefly reopened in 2016. This seems to be mostly correct, it seems to have operated from 2012 to 2014, then again in 2016-2017, from what I can piece together.

    Taco Cabana / 698 State Highway 71
    Taco Cabana has been here since late 2005. It is considered part of Woodland Village (see entry above).

    Texas Boot Company / 733 Old Austin Hwy.
    This building was formerly 735 Old Austin Highway and was built in 1988 for Griesenbeck's, a local furniture store. Here's an advertisement for their out of business sale when it closed in 2007. From what I can tell, "Sears Authorized Dealer Store" opened in 2005 (Bastrop had a smaller catalog store that disappeared in the early 1990s when the catalog went away) in suite "B" of 735 suggests that perhaps Griesenbeck's downscaled prior to its closure. Texas Boot Company opened in late 2010 to replace Griesenbeck's (renumbered to 733), and Sears closed several years later (sometime in the late 2010s). The Authorized Dealer Stores became Sears Hometown shortly after it opened, but it never had this on signage.

    Southside Market & Barbeque / 534 Highway 71
    Based out of Elgin and bragging to be the oldest continuously operated barbecue restuarant anywhere (1882), the Bastrop location was Southside's first branch location and opened in November 2014.

    Chevron / 516 State Hwy. 71
    Opened in December 1993 (per filings, though probably opened in 1/94), this Chevron's big sign can be seen from off the main highway, almost as if they had the foresight to realize that the divided highway it opened off of would be a freeway eventually, and within a decade, it was.

    Shell / 513 State Hwy. 71
    This gas station has been a Shell since at least 2003 (likely a Texaco before that) and was originally built in the mid-1980s.

    Wendy's / 514 Highway 71 West
    For some reason, I remembered the Wendy's in Bastrop having a salad bar, one of the first and last I saw to do so. But Wendy's began phasing out salad bars in late 1997 through 1998; however, the Wendy's opened around 1996-1997 and did have a salad bar, just before it was phased out.

    H-E-B Plus / 104 North Hasler Blvd.
    The de facto supermarket in Bastrop. I remember when this was first built back in 2003, with the new H-E-B directly next to the old one it had replaced across from Hasler. The old H-E-B (see "First National Bank of Brenham" below) was 50,000 square feet, which seemed to me a modest size, at least according to the ones I had visited in Waco. The frontage of the new H-E-B (which opened in May 2003) was similar, but it was much deeper, clocking in at 90,000 square feet. In November 2014 it finished an expansion, rebranding it as an H-E-B Plus (at about 119,000 square feet).

    501 Highway 71 West
    This building houses both a First National Bank of Brenham branch (the headquarters is described below) and a Starbucks (opened March 30 2007). The building appears to have been expanded in 2007 to add the Starbucks (suite B). It doesn't appear that the Starbucks connects to the bank on the inside.

    Prosperity Bank / 499 State Hwy. 71 West
    Surprisingly, the original H-E-B did appear to have gas pumps even in the late 1990s, and after H-E-B left, this was torn down for Lost Pines Bank, which had an old location behind 501 Hwy. 71 West and was torn down for the H-E-B in 2003. The new location was acquired by Franklin Bank in 2004 and by 2008 (the year that Franklin Bank, among others, failed), had dropped the Lost Pines Bank name entirely. Prosperity Bancshares purchased the defunct Franklin soon after and by 2009 was operating as Prosperity Bank.

    First National Bank of Brenham / 489 State Hwy. 71 West
    After H-E-B's closure, the building was divided in half. Bealls renovated the right half of it (see next entry) while the left half had the front of the building ripped out for construction of a two-story building constructed in front of it. The rest of the old H-E-B (one floor, obviously) extends beyond the narrow two-story section.

    Planet Fitness / 487 State Highway 71 West
    Planet Fitness opened not too long after Bealls' demise in 2020, but the Bealls opened sometime around in late 2005 (or very early 2006) according to this page, and took up half of the old H-E-B that was here (and taking its address). Bealls has had a presence in Bastrop since 1997.

    McDonald's / 496 Highway 71 West
    This long-standing McDonald's has an interesting history before unfortunately being sanitized a number of years ago. We'll hopefully get to talk about it sometime in more detail.

    Schlotzsky's / 492 Highway 71 West
    Schlotzsky's Deli (as it was known back then) opened in 1997 as part of the construction around the new Wal-Mart Supercenter. In the late 2010s, Schlotzsky's would attempt to rebrand as Schlotzsky's Austin Eatery, but while the Bastrop location got one of the first re-dos under that theming, the chain backed off on full rebranding. Despite this, the Schlotzsky's still features the "Schlotzsky's Austin Eatery" brand.

    490B Highway 71 West
    Sadly, while we do have a page for the old Payless, it's all night shots. It too opened in 1997 and closed in early 2019 when the chain went under.

    Walmart / 488 Highway 71 West
    Walmart moved here to a new "Wal-Mart Supercenter" in February 1997 from its old ten-year-old space about where Tractor Supply Company is today. From its construction to 2011, it had a McDonald's inside which co-existed with the store nearby.

    Whataburger / 401 State Hwy. 71 West
    It appears the original address was 419 State Hwy. 71 West before it was renumbered, but the Whataburger here has existed at this location since 1992.

    Burger King / Denny's / 300 Highway 71 West
    A most curious hybrid opened in early 2018. The Burger King and Denny's here are linked together by an interior hallway (the restrooms are Denny's, they have longer hours), though they have separate dining rooms, kitchen, and staff. The previous building here (before it was Burger King) held a restaurant called China Chef (1991-2014).


    On the east side of the Burger King/Denny's sits Childers Drive (a suburban street) but the north part is Loop 150. This goes into Bastrop's downtown as Chestnut Street, which loops back into the Bastrop downtown as Chestnut Street (after briefly serving as Loop 150), then continues east all the way into Bryan as Highway 21.

    Check out the page here.

    Shell / 212 Hwy. 71 West
    This Shell has been here since at least 2008 (as a Shell, the station itself goes back to the 1980s). Its convenience store is currently known as "Apple Grocery" and the roasted chicken restaurant "El Norteño Ricos Pollos Asados" is located inside.

    Vitalogy Skincare / 208 State Hwy. 71
    Part of an Austin-based
    dermatology group, this was previously a bank. There is evidence to suggest that this actually started out in the mid-1980s as Nan Olsen's Bastrop Pit Bar-B-Q Restaurant (it closed sometime in the early/mid 1990s) and by 1997 had been renovated into a bank. By 2008 it was operating as First State Bank by 2008 though in the early 2010s it closed and was replaced by Vitalogy by early 2016.

    Billy's Pit BBQ / 110 Hwy. 71 West
    Tax records indicate this barbecue restaurant has been operating here since 1982. Contemporary reviews seem to rank the restaurant favorably, even if the location is a bit of a dive.

    Pizza Hut / 107 State Hwy. 71 West
    The de facto pizza delivery chain in Bastrop from opening in 1975 to 2004 (when Domino's opened), this Pizza Hut is still here in its original building (with modifications). It received a black repaint in the late 2000s, and in 2022 became branded as a "Pizza Hut Classic" with the old logo appearing back on the (still black) roof.

    Tropicana Motel / 105 Hwy. 71 West
    This simple motel has been here since 1975 (at least) and for years maintained an outdoor swimming pool. Sometime between November 2019 and March 2021 it was demolished and replaced with a basketball court.

    Texas Grill Center / 103 Hwy. 71 West
    Featuring the same name and logo of the restaurant next door, this was originally an Exxon from the mid-1980s to 2013. After it closed, it reopened in 2015 as Lock Drug Health Mart, a drug store/pharmacy which had relocated from downtown. It tore down the canopy and the pumps but reused the sign structures. By 2019, Lock Drug Health Mart was closed, with the former signage now for the restaurant next door and marketed as a strip mall.

    Texas Grill Restaurant / 101 Highway 71 West
    "Texas Grill #2" has been here since the mid-1970s. At the Colorado River, the road changes to Highway 71 West and changes numbering again.

    Sonic Drive-In / 103 Perkins Street
    When the highway was rebuilt in the mid-2000s, the Sonic became harder to access (the ramp access was not favorable), even after a late-2000s rebuild that took out the building to the north of it. The restaurant was originally built in 1986.

    River Basin RV Resort / 98 State Hwy. 71
    This used to be known as the Bastrop River RV Park when it was built in the early 2000s and served under the KOA brand (Kampgrounds of America) from around 2014 to 2021 ("Bastrop/Colorado River KOA").

    L&S Mart / 908 College Street
    With a Conoco sign crudely painted over with "GAS" (the Conoco sign is one of the types where it isn't flat letters), this has been in operation since 2007, replacing C&G Grocery. Both stores have/had a liquor store component (at 908 College). If L&S Mart ended the Conoco brand, then it stopped being a Conoco in 2007.

    Jack in the Box / 1641 Highway 71 East
    Jack in the Box opened in 2010 (with the new logo obviously). It is the second Bastrop-area location of the chain.

    CVS/pharmacy / 1671 Highway 71 East
    Like Jack in the Box, Bastrop's CVS store was built in 2010 at the southwest corner of Jackson Street (Highway 21 jogs north) and Highway 71. It did not replace a previous location.


    Buc-ee's / 1700 Highway 71 East
    At the northeast corner of Highway 95 (aka Highway 21 as it routes off of 71) is Buc-ee's. Buc-ee's #28 opened its giant gas station and convenience store in May 2012. It has a Highway 71 East address but faces Highway 95. In fact, it doesn't have a Highway 71 entrance, only a right-in, right-out access, and even that wasn't direct, it connected to Pitt Street behind the store. This was true before and after the overpass at 95/21 was built.

    QuikTrip / 305 Jackson Street
    On the other side of Highway 95 is QuikTrip #4128. It isn't as busy or as large as Buc-ee's, but still draws a loyal following. It opened in November 2020.

    Exxon / 4104 State Hwy. 71
    In 1991, an Exxon/Tiger Tote was built and around 2013 rebuilt (with the convenience store, still called Tiger Tote legally, was now branding as "The Tote"). In 2015, Tiger Tote's parent company, Cinco J Inc., was sold to Alimentation Couche-Tard (Circle K's parent company), resulting in the stores rebranded to Circle K in 2016.

    This is as far as we go here. A quick jog up 150 is Highway 21, where we continue east toward Caldwell and Bryan.

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