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A Welcome to Houston Historic Retail Readers

Hi! Welcome to Carbon-izer. I'm glad you decided to follow the link here.

I wouldn't describe Carbon-izer as focused on any subject. It has retail content, it has video game content, and it has some other content, but it doesn't really focus on either one. It is a diverse website.

If you are interested in Houston retail and restaurants, you are in luck. This page is your destination. There are pages for full pages for Willowbrook Mall, Memorial City Mall, and The Galleria. There are even several large pages that are essentially "guided tours" down major corridors like Northwest Freeway, Katy Freeway, or Westheimer Road. There are several single one-off pages that explore things like the old Auchan stores, or 5130 Bellaire Boulevard, which went through four grocery banners over the course of about sixty years, or even the lifespan of what a single nightclub in the Richmond corridor went through.

There's an old page for Splashtown too, that I wrote well over a decade ago, and more recently (in the last few years) scanned an AstroWorld map. The real AstroWorld, the theme park, the one where people had fun, not got trampled.

That all being said, there's a host of other content here. Remember--there's a lot more to come, and it updates every month (except for summer). Explore the rest of the site! If you have anything to say, drop me a line, which you can find at the bottom of every page.

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