Years ago, I wrote a great blog called Brazos Buildings & Businesses, which held several names over the years. Today, that blog is largely abandoned, with the only new posts being recycled material. Despite shopping it around, no one wanted to continue to pick it up. What ended up happening was the beginning of a "stripped down" version of the blog, where I list things collected from directories and phone books (as such, dates may not be 100% accurate, and I take no guarantee that the rest of the information is also 100%, errors do happen). Back links will be provided to the blog when available, and in many ways, this will be a "sequel" to the blog as I intend to still add advertisements and other things where applicable. As the site grew, I later added Houston roads to the list. (All will be mine, taken or scanned from phone books, unless otherwise stated). The inspiration for this site came from a largely defunct site called New York Songlines, which rarely updates. I've found a few references to 2016 and 2017, and given how it rails against Christopher Columbus, as this writing, there aren't modern slams toward a certain New York City developer turned President. This probably due to neglect rather than an admirable attempt to be apolitical, though.

The second big inspiration, Downriver Locations Through the Years is closer to my vision for this section of Carbon-izer. Originally it was in HTML not unlike what you will find here, but instead went to a rather bland off-the-shelf design, which made it somehow worse. Unfortunately, this was only a cosmetic move and did not actually update any of the pages, which are still in a 2006-2007 time warp, which isn't necessarily bad from a present day position (most of theose things are still there), and along with NY Songlines, it's still generally pretty easy to find a former location for an address back to around 2005/2006. In the future, I'll be integrating more and more of the blog and this page. Note that many of these aren't even "complete", with the University Drive one being the "closest" and if you've lived in the area, will notice several blank spots. How this directory works here should be noted that a date listed is when a directory, phone book, or newspaper said it was open, not if it's still open today, when it opened, or when it closed. A full date means I have more information on it. Where available, a dash will indicate things still open as to the last time when these lists were updated (see the Updates page).


Katy Freeway/Old Katy Road

West Crosstimbers Road

North Shepherd Road [NEW!]

Miscellaneous Houston Listings [UPDATED]


University Drive

Harvey Road

Texas Avenue South and Highway 6 South (College Station)

Texas Avenue South in Bryan

University Drive East

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