This list is going to be a little different than how other documents are set up. Originally, one road, U.S. State Highway 90, was the western way out of Houston. It paralleled a railroad track like many other highways of the day. At what is now Campbell, an even older alignment was present all the way toward modern-day Highway 6. Highways used to jog across railroads sometime, but by the 1940s Katy had been straightened out to parallel south of the railroad. In the 1950s, a second segment of Old Katy Road had been created when east of Post Oak Road, a new alignment connected to Washington Avenue, closing off an at-grade crossing of four railroad tracks for a modern four-lane alignment under the tracks. The next big change to hit the Katy corridor was in the 1960s, when this newer segment was upgraded to the Katy Freeway, a six-lane freeway with paralleling frontage roads. The portion of Katy Road between where the new alignment split and the end where the Katy Freeway came in was also named Old Katy Road. For most of the 1960s up until the early 2000s, businesses on the north side of the freeway (except between Campbell and Post Oak) had Old Katy Road addresses, while south-side businesses had Katy Freeway addresses. In the mid-2000s, this changed again. The railroad and Old Katy Road were obliterated for new freeway right of way (and then some), with the only "Old Katy Road" segments being a small section near Highway 6, the old alignment bypassed by the underpass, and the four lane (now six-laned) section by Post Oak Road. So here's how this is going to work. Rather than list the road, the headlines will describe what part of the road we're dealing with.

OLD KATY ROAD (Immediate West of the Four Tracks)

1976: Radcliff Materials Inc. (hat tip to sevfiv of
1984: General Welding Works (it looks like they may have built an office building for this company, as it appears by 1989 but not 1978)
2004: General Welding Works (Internet listings appear to have this still listed at this address, I have to assume it stayed in operation at least until 2004 based on aerial photos)
2005: General Welding Works (assumed last year in business...demolition was underway by January 2006)
2008: demolished (office building still intact)
2009: demolished (currently empty for future phases of Somerset Green)

1970: Plastic Applicators (hat tip to sevfiv of
1984: Plastic Applicators
Note: PA was owned by Schlumberger. Also, records have this as "Energy Servs Inter" in 1984 as well.

OLD KATY ROAD (Between the Railroad Bypass Split and Post Oak Road)

1984: Ventco Inc. (this is the most accurate one I can think of, as the 1984 listed the following with all the same phone numbers for this address: Argo Sales Co., Phil Rich Fan Mfg., Rich Properties, Ventco Inc., H C Williams Mfg., and Windmaker Fan Co.)
1991: Carolyn Thompson's Antique Center of Texas (opening as per this link)
2011: Carolyn Thompson's Antique Center of Texas (moved to Northwest Mall in 2012 and demolished soon after)

1984: Houston Cent Credit (possibly "Houston Central Credit", and possibly the brown-roofed building at the southwest corner of Old Katy Road and Post Oak Road, demolished in the widening project)

KATY FREEWAY (Between Post Oak Road and Campbell Road)

1977-: (Houston's) First Baptist Church

1982: Kettle Restaurant Note: Building still extant by 1995, however, my 1995 restaurant list does not list this location.

1982: Pizza Hut Note: Building still extant by 1995, however, my 1995 restaurant list does not list this location. By 1995, the building was extant but it did no longer appear to be a Pizza Hut.

2001: Courtesy Chevrolet (demolished 2005)
2009: Alexan Silber (year completed, luxury apartment building)
2014-: 7 Square (rename after new management)

1985: Holiday Inn
2005: Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites (demolished this year and used for land for Alexan Silber)

1998: Wellesley Inn & Suites (opening according to the now-defunct Yahoo! Travel)
2005: Wellesley Inn & Suites (closed and covered with graffiti by August, demolished soon after, may have closed in 2004)

1996: REI (opened May of this year)
2003: vacant (relocated to 7530 Westheimer Road)
2008-: Strip center. It should be noted that it was mostly empty even into 2011. Tenants as of 2016 include Memorial Wine Cellar (B, I couldn't find A, unless it absorbed it), Dolce Ave Boutique (C), Era Thai Massage (D, since at least 2015, seems to have replaced "Mobile Tan Houston" and "Retreat & Relax"), Houston Bridal Gallery (E, website says it relocated here in 2010), J. Dall Hair Salon (F), Silly Silly Girls (boutique in G, opened 2012), Houston Dental Works (Suite I--couldn't find H), The Shelton Family Cleaners (J), Encore Caregivers (K, well at least used to be, closed between 2014 and 2015), That Cigar Place (L), Solutions in Pharmacy (M) Body Mind and Soul (N, since 2013), Nourish Pet Care (Suite Q, couldn't find O or P, nor does there seem to be space for it), Paradise Nails & Spa (R), Live Well Chiropractic & Wellness (S), Boca2 Gastro Bar & Bites (T, formerly Il Mondo Della Pizza Ristorante, looks like)

1965: Howard Johnson's (restaurant and motel)
1989: demolished (I don't think it ever changed hands)
Note: Replaced by 7951. Thanks to for the info.

KATY FREEWAY/OLD KATY ROAD (Between Campbell Road and Eldridge Parkway)

All even addresses become Katy Freeway after around 2005.

1984: Silber Road Shell
Note: This would remain a Shell up until 2005 when it was demolished. A gated parking lot was built on the site in 2015. Residual Internet listings mention "Silver Shell Center", indicating that it had an automotive garage component.

1984: Crown Plumbing
Note: This would remain listed as such through 2002. The address is now a self-storage facility.

1991-1992: STØR (year opened)
1992-: IKEA (STØR closed and reopened as an IKEA in 1992 and in 2004 a new building was built behind the existing one and the original was demolished)

1989: Continental Finer Foods
1997: Memorial Market

1995: Steak and Ale (closed sometime prior to September 1997)
1997: Dixie's Red Hot Roadhouse (opened this year)
2001-2005: El Tiempo Cantina (opened August 2001 but demolished by October of 2005, POSSIBLY closed 2004)
2017-: Shipley Do-Nuts (rebuild, but on former parking lot space)
Note: Allegedly changed name to Dixie's Cajun Roadhouse in 2000, though newspapers still refer to it as their old name through 2001. Also, while this site is pretty dull otherwise (a highly dated personal website) it does contain a picture of the restaurant's exterior (showing a rather extensive remodel from Steak & Ale) as well as an AWESOME night shot of the sign.

1990: Platters Seafood Bar & Grill
2001: 59 Diner (closed and demolished around 2005)
Note: Today, the McDonald's (8147) occupies this space.

2011: National Tree & Shrub (opened mid-2010?)
2013: National Tree & Shrub (downsized--the former McDonald's area had been taken by an expansion of the Exxon)
2014: National Tree & Shrub (moved to the Heights sometime around late 2014)
2015-: McDonald's
Note: NT&S built initially on the former site of the McDonald's, the 59 Diner, and part of the parking lot of 8135 Katy Freeway. When McDonald's was built, the former section of the S&A/Dixie's/El Tiempo area remained vacant until Shipley's was built.

1990: McDonald's (opened this year)
2005: McDonald's (closed toward end of the year)
2006: demolished
2010: vacant lot (parking lot intact)
Note: During the first run of McDonald's, had 8147 as an alternate address. Today, the Timewise convenience store sits where McDonald's was. The last three entries are even more confusing because they are out of order.

1984: Carousel Skating Rink
2002: St. James Furniture & Interior Design (around 2005, the store was closed and the building partially demolished)
2016-: Medical offices (Pedro M. Argüello, MD and Russel Williams, MD), also Spring Valley Imaging LP (medical imaging)
Note: A shot of this building pre-demolition can be seen at In the research of this building, I couldn't believe it was the same building trolling Katy Freeway travelers with messages on the electronic screen like "Hemorrhoids? We can help!" or "Prostate checks".

1984: Calico Corners and Old Katy Co-Op (both listed)
2002: Calico Corners and Old Katy Road Antiques (the latter in suite B)
Note: You can see the Calico Corners sign at

1984: Paul Cashiola CPA (I don't know what this was, but it appeared to be at the northwest corner of Old Katy Road and Bade Street, it was flattened during the widening)

1984: Moore Supply Co. (metal roof, demolished c. 2005)

1984-: All-Quip Rental Center (consists of a covered structure and an enclosed building, originally the enclosed building was in the front, then built in the back as the highway widened)

1990: AppleTree (completed expansion and renovation this year, former Safeway)
1994-: Kroger of the Villages (AppleTree sold to Kroger this year)
Note: Despite the interesting name on the sign, it's a regular Kroger for all intents and purposes.

1983-2018: Pappy's Cafe

1984: Office building. Listed the following tenants...Dr. James P. Boren, Butler Business, "Citizen Busns Mach" (Citizen Business Machines?), Cunningham Co., Ganz Construction, Herrington Chiropractic (also listed as Dr. H Herrington), Inter by Phyllis, Peugeot Motors Inc., Vanreenan International, Wallpaper Shoppe, Zener Electronics
2005: Office building. Unknown tenants but demolished this year.
2015-: PDQ (restaurant, new building)

1984: Hurricane Fence Company (it was sold a few years later and demolished in the late 1990s)

2008-: H-E-B (Houston 54 - Bunker Hill #109, opened November 2008 and expanded in mid-2010s)

2009-2013: CompUSA (TigerDirect in all but name, was going to open as a Circuit City with the signage up and everything but it went bankrupt before it ever opened, closed for good spring 2013)
2015-: Nordstrom Rack (opened spring of this year)

1970: Holiday Inn
1996: Days Inn (aka Days Inn West, according to the American Kennel Club
2008-: Guadalajara Hacienda (new building and parking lot at least since 2001)

1992-1993: Price Club (opened this year but closed a year later)
1997-: Chase Houston Contact Center (link)

1985: Service Merchandise (Wilson's conversion this year, sometime in the 1980s downscaled for Office Depot)
2002: Service Merchandise (believed to have closed this year)

1997: Steak and Ale (from an undated restaurant directory, unknown to actual opening)
2008: Steak and Ale (believed to have closed this survived the widening and was flattened around January 2010, but the sign remained up into 2011)
Note: Address also appears as 11111 Katy Freeway

2007: La Quinta Inn Houston Wilcrest (demolished 2014, closed 2013)

KATY FREEWAY (Beyond Eldridge Parkway)

2017-: At Home
Note: The previous At Home, originally built as Buyer's Market Mall and the corporate headquarters of Garden Ridge for many years, had the address of Atrium Place. This was partially because for many years it actually lacked access to the highway frontage road, as a railroad ran in front of it.