1997?-2011: OfficeMax
2014-: Connecting Point Church

1984: The Christmas Store
1989: Sneakers
2002-: Rudy's Country Store and Bar-B-Q (building rebuild around 2000-2001)

1993: Diamond Shamrock
2007-: Valero with Corner Store (converted early 2007 or a few years prior, Corner Store name did not appear until Valero conversion)

1993-: Sundance Apartments

1989: Dirty Juan's Saloon
Note: This and other 900-block stores are in the Woodstone Center shopping complex.

1993: Subway
Note: one of the earliest Subway stores in town.

1990-2005: DoubleDave's Pizzaworks (may have closed and still paid rent by 2005)
2006-2009: Shivers Gourmet Shaved Ice
2009-2011: Carroll's Giant Burger
2011-2015: How Do You Roll? (opened August 2011 and closed February 2015)
2015-2019: Eskimo Hut (opened late 2015, closed permanently January 2019)
Note: Older tenants were from an article from The Eagle, archived here.

1983: Grandy's Country Cookin' (same listing appears in 1984)
1989: Grandy's Restaurant
Note: Reportedly demolished by the 1990s, also reportedly in parking lot just west of Pier 1 Imports.

For the rest of the 1000-1100 block not covered in this section, please visit Brazos Buildings & Businesses.

1998: Circuit City
2005: Circuit City
2012-: Guitar Center (opened that year)
Note: Circuit City opened in the mid-1990s or so, and closed a few years prior to going bankrupt, so it sat longer than just 3 years vacant.


1980-2018: Briarwood Apartments
Note: In the early years, there was a nightclub on the premises (same address) called Zacharias' Green House. The apartments still exist today, though the nightclub is long gone. In 2018 it was folded back into Plantation Oaks and the whole thing was renamed as Castlerock Apartments

1982: Post Oak Mall
Note: Visit our Post Oak Mall page for more!

1993-: Plantation Oaks Apartments
2018-2019: Castlerock Apartments
2019: The Grand 1501 (the Castlerock Apartments name did not last long, apparently)
Note: I've also seen 1503 for this apartment complex. The apartment complex dates back to the 1970s, just 1993 is what I have for oldest "recorded" date. This should change, possibly before you read this.

2011-: Chuy's Tex-Mex (Grand Opening February 1 2011, so likely opened in January)
Note: opened in parking lot of mall

2011-: BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse (opened July 2011)
Note: opened in parking lot of mall

1989: Jose's Restaurant