Welcome to the Post Oak Mall page. This page I plan to be the most extensive of all the malls I plan to post here. Because of the mall's size (around 800k square feet, not big enough for super-regional but certainly big enough to not be able to comfortably fit the whole thing in), the pages will be broken up by sections. The whole way I'll set up this page is gonna be a *bit* similar to Lisa's Nostalgia Café's Crystal Point Mall page. Most of these pages are not up yet, sorry. Tune in for new updates as we continue to fill in the blanks. Some of this is based after pages at Brazos Buildings & Businesses


1000 Wing - Demolished several years ago for Steve & Barry's.
2000 Wing - From Sears to the main entrance.
3000 Wing - From Dillard's to Casa Olé.
4000 Wing - From the current Visionworks to the entrance of "Dillard's South", this constitutes most of the current food court.
5000 Wing - From Chuck E. Cheese's to Macy's.
6000 Wing - The other side of the food court wrapping back around it.
7000 Wing - From Macy's to Bealls.
8000 Wing - From Bealls to JCPenney.
9000 Wing - From JCPenney to Dillard's South.
Anchors - Describes the anchors.
Unknowns - Stores with Unknown Locations. Can you help?

Last Updated July 1 2015