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West Crosstimbers Street
West Crosstimbers Street isn't particularly long or interesting, but I did live off of it (Residence at Garden Oaks) for a short while. Version 2.0 of this document upgrades it to current standards, updates Kroger, adds MP Instrument Company, and reverses it to line up with the North Shepherd document. There's no sections here because it only covers from North Shepherd Road to Yale Street, a distance of about six blocks.

Family Bingo Center / 641 West Crosstimbers Street
Kroger (#174 in the Houston division) built and operated this store (likely on land from Sears; it was connected to its' parking lot) in 1979 but closed after 1982 (probably due to union problems), with Kroger putting it up for sublease in 1988. It wasn't always empty, an outfit called "Home Town Foods" operated it in 1984-1985. Family Bingo Center (moving from 1275 Pinemont) has been here since 1999.

Mister Car Wash / 640 W. Crosstimbers Street
Mister Car Wash dates back to 1973 (one of the earliest locations), though has obviously upgraded its appearance several times since.

Residence at Garden Oaks / 500 West Crosstimbers Street
Unremarkable 98-unit apartment complex unit built in 1972. It has gone under a few names, including "West Crosstimbers Apartments" to just "Crosstimbers Apartments" by 2011. In 2014/2015, it was repainted and rebadged as "Residence at Garden Oaks Apartments". Originally the parking lot spilled out onto Truman Street and Fenn Street; however, these were later fenced off and is now controlled by an electronic gate.

Immediately west of 500 was 514 West Crosstimbers Road, a Whataburger (#89; one of the drive-up variety, appears to be) opening in 1976 but closed sometime in the latter half of the 1990s. It was later redeveloped into townhomes.

ABC Automatic Transmission / 440 West Crosstimbers Street
ABC Automatic Transmission has been here since at least 1990, probably further back.

Flying Saucer Pie Company / 436 West Crosstimbers Street
Flying Saucer Pie Company has been here since at least 1975. 1967 is the first year in business, it's very likely the building is the same.

The Wealth / 422 West Crosstimbers Street
From 1999 to 2016 this was the home of Direct Air Compressor Rebuilds, also known as Direct A/C. After it closed, the sign stayed up for a few years before it was renovated in 2018 into "The Wealth" (events space, open 2019). It appears that "The Wealth" was always just an events space, despite tax records indicating it was supposed to be "The Wealth Bar & Lounge". Records prior to 1980 can't be found.

302 West Crosstimbers Street
For years, from about 1957 to 1997, this restaurant, Mexicatessen (also known as Mexicatessen Herreras, operated at this small building off of West Crosstimbers. It finally closed around 2007, and remained vacant for about 7 years before becoming Texas Enchilada House in 2014, but less than a year later became Landa Café (which also appears as Landa Cafe', or even "Landa Caf'" in many sources). It closed in fall 2018 but the signage remained up. Around June 2019, it reopened as Arturo's Mexican Cafe (even making it in a local piece about new restaurants) but by September 2019 it was already closed (per Yelp).

120 West Crosstimbers Street
From 1975 to 2016 this was Aquarius Awning Corporation (signage still exists), but the older Jim Miller Industries Real Estate & Investments (~1950-1975), which still has a sign up. The main building (disguised with newer siding) dates back to circa 1920 as a single family house.

MP Instrument Company / 125 W. Crosstimbers Street
Electronic and engineering repair for large companies, as well as a distribution center for those parts. The company website says it was founded in 1962 at the "request of" Southwestern Bell and officially incorporated in 1964. It's hard to say if it was ever officially part of Southwestern Bell/old AT&T but it certainly isn't today.

Barbecue Inn / 116 West Crosstimbers Road
This restaurant I've been to, it has a small but aging following, with some good chicken fried steak and french fries. The current building was built in the 1960s, not the 1940s. I've written more about it with some photos at The Houston Files.

At Yale Street (which Barbecue Inn sits at the northwest corner of), West Crosstimbers Street becomes Crosstimbers Street (starting again in the 100 block) going east, becoming East Crosstimbers Street east of North Freeway, Ley Road east of Homestead Road, Green River Drive east of Greens Bayou before ending at Sunrise Plastic Enterprise, Inc. just west of the eastern half of Beltway 8.

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