1970-: Barbecue Inn (the current building was built in the 1960s, not the 1940s)

~1950-1975: Jim Miller Industries Real Estate & Investments
~1975-: Aquarius Awning Corp.
Note: The 1975 number is derived from directories, with the older business derived from the sign still there and when the warehouses behind it were built (the main building dates back to 1920 as a single family house)

1957-1990: Mexicatessen Food (name as it appears in the directory, according to a mid-1990s directory, this was "MEXICATESSEN HERRERAS MEXICAN", presumably short for Mexicatessen Herreras Mexican Restaurant, ad says opening 1957 but HCAD says built 1958)
2007-2014: vacant
2015: Texas Enchilada House (banner says "Now Open" in January 2015, so possibly opened late 2014), though this already became Landa Cafe by the end of the year
2016-2018: Landa Café, also appears as Landa Cafe' (or even "Landa Caf'") in many sources. It closed in fall 2018 but signage remains up. In 2019 it became a new Mexican restuaurant (signage outside) but I didn't record it.

1990: Golddiggers Club
2007: Direct Air Compressor Rebuilders (sign says "Direct A/C")
2011: Direct A/C Air Compressor Rebulders (same phone number)
2017: Direct A/C Air Compressor Rebulders (moved this year)
Note: During most of 2018, renovations have been occurring at this building. No tenant information yet.

1967-: Flying Saucer Pie Company (first year in business, very likely in same building)

1990-: ABC Automatic Transmission (the 1990 directory just says "Auto Transmission" but it's short for "automatic")

1990: West Crosstimbers Apartments
2011: Crosstimbers Apartments
2015-: Residence at Garden Oaks Apartments (appears to have been rebadged at the end of 2014)

1978-1997?: Whataburger (former Whataburger pad, was closed and torn down between 1995 and 2001, and remained empty for years afterward...it was later turned into townhomes, but with a different address)

1990-: Mister Car Wash

1990: Kroger (appears to have operated from 1979 to sometime in the mid-1990s, sold in 1998)
1999-: Family Bingo Center (moving from 1275 Pinemont, seems to be the likely date of FBC's new operations)