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West 43rd Street, West Crosstimbers Street, and Crosstimbers Street
This covers only West 43rd Street (east of US-290), West Crosstimbers, and Crosstimbers Street.

It does not cover the "full" gauntlet of this very long road. The section of West 43rd Street crosses the railroad at Hempstead Road and becomes Clay Road, with over 22 miles west into exurbia. To the east, the road continues under East Crosstimbers and other names before ending at a plastics facility near Business 90 and Beltway 8.

In Version 4.0 of this page, Crosstimbers has been added (we're only going to North Freeway); all in all, the following has been added: Iglesia Emanuel Houston, Mobil, a whole section describing the shopping centers between Oak Forest and Ella, Modera Garden Oaks, 508-512 West Crosstimbers Street, and everything past North Main. It updates Mister Car Wash (641 West Crosstimbers was redeveloped, so it has been "disconnected"), Residence at Garden Oaks (Whataburger info moved), and 440 West Crosstimbers Street (ABC Automatic Transmissions closed). The latest version of the West Crosstimbers page adds West 43rd Street to link it to the Northwest Freeway page. Most of West 43rd is a highly residential area, with the Oak Forest homes (and their driveways) facing the avenue directly. Most of West 43rd Street is a highly residential area. Version 3.0 of the page adds West 43rd Street, which by extension, everything listed west of North Shepherd. PetCare Express, MytiBurger, T & T Washateria, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Premier Properties, and Dollar General. It also updates Mister Car Wash (Family Bingo Center got wrecked, so the entry got merged) and Gatlin's Fins & Feathers (entry renamed from "302 West Crosstimbers Street"). The 43rd Street section is rather sparse and time restraints had to cut the Kroger shopping center out.


Most of West 43rd Street is a highly residential area.

PetCare Express / 6220 West 43rd Street
This early 1970s-style building most recently had "Donalds Donuts" (not related to the Bryan-College Station stores). PCE opened in January of 2014. Prior to this, it was Mary Lee Donuts since 1977 then Donald Donuts starting around 2000. While it was originally a Texaco station (and has not been one for many years), the pumps were visible up until around 2007.

MytiBurger / 2211 West 43rd Street
The original MytiBurger location opened in 1967 and is one of only two in Houston (others were opened in the 1970s but failed in the 1980s). The other location at Kempwood appears to be semi-independent. (For example, they serve breakfast, the 43rd location does not).

T & T Washateria / 1859 West 43rd Street
T&T Washateria has been here since at least 2005 (as that name). There were formerly some palm trees between the laundromat and the street, but these perished in 2021.

Iglesia Emanuel Houston / 1845 West 43rd Street
This hasn't been a retail store in years. It opened as Henke & Pillot (later converted to Kroger), which closed in 1975 (see HHR, we'll get to the main Kroger they're talking about further down.

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Premier Properties / 1803 West 43rd Street
This is housed in a very obvious former Taco Bell building, which operated from 1973 to around 1990. Even imagining it as a Taco Bell, it feels a bit isolated from other fast food restaurants and traffic.

Mobil / 1807 West 43rd Street
The main store here was built as a 7-Eleven in the mid-1980s but sold to Stop N Go, which was converted to Corner Store in the late 2000s. It seems to have suffered an identical fate to the former Corner Store at Valley Mills and Memorial in Waco, where the Corner Store got Circle K promotional signage but in the end removed both the Corner Store sign (no CIrcle K branding) and the Circle K promotional material. Like the Waco store it also got a new ExxonMobil brand name.

As of April 2022, there's a vacancy (L&M Cleaners and 1805 W. 43rd) to the left of the convenience store, and to the right is Nails By Katherina at 1809 W. 43rd Street.

Dollar General / 1804 West 43rd Street
Family Dollar was replaced Dollar General between 2016 and 2018. This was almost certainly one of the Dollar Express-owned stores that was spun off by Dollar Tree in 2015 and operated as Family Dollar until Dollar General bought the spin-off company and converted the stores. An October 2017 photo shows Family Dollar closed and a banner announcing a Dollar General coming soon. Around the time the store converted, Manna Thrift Store, located to the left of the store at 1806 West 43rd Street, closed.


Collectively, the two shopping centers here have one owner for both sides save for the section at the northwest corner of Ella Boulevard and West 43rd, along with some separate parcels that aren't owned by either. To demonstrate what I'm talking about, I have the "main" shopping centers at this PDF (archived from here) with the Ella side here (archived from this link). I wanted to hit a few of the highlights, including the other parcels that aren't technically a part of it. I know I'm still leaving out a lot but I completely cut this part out when I was working on Version 2.0 of this page.
  • Village Medical Primary Care at 1351 West 43rd Street was a Fantastic Sam's haircut shop in 1986 and by 1990 had become a bank (United Savings), with Washington Mutual in the spot in 2004 (it became a Chase after the late 2000s collapse of WaMu). Between September 2016 and May 2017, Chase closed.
  • The Oak Forest Neighborhood Library at 1349 West 43rd Street was built in 1960 with a renovation and expansion completed in 2012.
  • Like the library, 1346 West 43rd Street also dates back to 1960. It was originally Gordon Baines Tire & Appliance, then Northwest Hardware (changed hands between 1966 and 1969), and eventually The Avenue (c. 1986-2011, plus-sized clothing). Mattress Firm Oak Forest opened in 2016.
  • The Kroger (1352 West 43rd Street) was actually my "main" grocery store for about a year. It was branded as a Signature store upon its opening in 1998 to the late 2010s. The construction of the Kroger was a significant change to the north shopping center strip. Before the Kroger construction in the late 1990s, there were two small strips and one larger strip with Kroger (which bought the store from AppleTree, formerly Safeway, in 1994). The redevelopment expanded the first building, tore down the second building, and half of the third. The "third" building was later redeveloped into the "Ella at 43rd" plaza.
  • As a part of the aforementioned second redevelopment, Starbucks (1206 West 43rd Street) opened here in May 2008. (See Starbucks Everywhere).
  • The Walgreens at 1215 West 43rd Street also chopped off the east end of the southern end of the shopping center when it was built in 2002. The drug store has had a presence in the area since 1984 (originally located across the street).
  • Berryhill at 1201 West 43rd Street was a place I ate at a few times. (Good fish tacos). Formerly known as Berryhill Baja Grill, though it looks like this branch was never branded as such anyway) opened in 2014 at what used to be a early 1970s-era Mobil station.


    This section has a stoplight at Alba Road but is exclusively single-family homes. Nothing to really cover here.


    At North Shepherd Drive, West 43rd Street becomes West Crosstimbers Street.

    Mister Car Wash / 640 W. Crosstimbers Street
    Mister Car Wash dates back to 1973 (one of the earliest locations), though has obviously upgraded its appearance several times since.

    Modera Garden Oaks / 641 West Crosstimbers Street
    Currently undergoing construction is this multi-story apartment building. This was built on land that was a Kroger store (and its adjacent parking lot), though it only operated as such for a few years and spent most of its life as a bingo parlor. Kroger (#174 in the Houston division) built and operated this store (likely on land from Sears; it was connected to its' parking lot) in 1979 but closed after 1982 (due to union problems). After a short run with an outfit called "Home Town Foods" operated it in 1984-1985 (part of a short-lived affiliation of stores), it remained mostly empty until Family Bingo Center (moving from 1275 Pinemont) has been here since 1999. In October 2021, the bingo parlor shut up without much notice (despite owning the facility) and demolition plans for the building were filed soon after.

    508-512 West Crosstimbers Street
    There's a few warehouses that are back here accessible by a driveway, and prior to COVID, there was a small brewery called Brash Brewery, but as of fall 2022 appears to be closed up. Just west of here (actually accessible from Westcross) are some townhomes built in the mid-2010s. Immediately west of 500 was 514 West Crosstimbers Road, a Whataburger (#89; one of the drive-up variety, appears to be) opening in 1976 but closed sometime in the latter half of the 1990s. It was later redeveloped into townhomes. Immediately west of the driveway was 514 West Crosstimbers Road, a Whataburger (#89; one of the drive-up variety, appears to be) opening in 1976 but closed sometime in the latter half of the 1990s. It was later redeveloped into townhomes.

    Residence at Garden Oaks / 500 West Crosstimbers Street
    Unremarkable 98-unit apartment complex unit built in 1972. It has gone under a few names, including "West Crosstimbers Apartments" to just "Crosstimbers Apartments" by 2011. In 2014/2015, it was repainted and rebadged as "Residence at Garden Oaks Apartments". Originally the parking lot spilled out onto Truman Street and Fenn Street; however, these were later fenced off and is now controlled by an electronic gate.

    440 West Crosstimbers Street
    ABC Automatic Transmission was here for years, since at least 1990, probably further back. Around 2021 it closed and was replaced by Heights Upholstery (auto upholstery) and repainted the building with some ugly murals on the garage doors, but it seems like as of September 2022 it already closed ("For Lease" signs up, et cetera).

    Flying Saucer Pie Company / 436 West Crosstimbers Street
    Flying Saucer Pie Company has been here since at least 1975. 1967 is the first year in business, it's very likely the building is the same.

    The Wealth / 422 West Crosstimbers Street
    From 1999 to 2016 this was the home of Direct Air Compressor Rebuilds, also known as Direct A/C. After it closed, the sign stayed up for a few years before it was renovated in 2018 into "The Wealth" (events space, open 2019). It appears that "The Wealth" was always just an events space, despite tax records indicating it was supposed to be "The Wealth Bar & Lounge". Records prior to 1980 can't be found.

    Gatlin's Fins & Feathers / 302 West Crosstimbers Street
    For years, from about 1957 to 1997, this restaurant, Mexicatessen (also known as Mexicatessen Herreras, operated at this small building off of West Crosstimbers. It finally closed around 2007, and remained vacant for about 7 years before becoming Texas Enchilada House in 2014, but less than a year later became Landa Café (which also appears as Landa Cafe', or even "Landa Caf'" in many sources). It closed in fall 2018 but the signage remained up. Around June 2019, it reopened as Arturo's Mexican Cafe (even making it in a local piece about new restaurants) but by September 2019 it was already closed (per Yelp).

    After sitting vacant for a few years, it was announced to be the location of Gatlin's Fins & Feathers, a soul food restaurant with other ethnic influences. It opened in July 2022.

    120 West Crosstimbers Street
    From 1975 to 2016 this was Aquarius Awning Corporation (signage still exists), but the older Jim Miller Industries Real Estate & Investments (~1950-1975), which still has a sign up. The main building (disguised with newer siding) dates back to circa 1920 as a single family house.

    MP Instrument Company / 125 W. Crosstimbers Street
    Electronic and engineering repair for large companies, as well as a distribution center for those parts. The company website says it was founded in 1962 at the "request of" Southwestern Bell and officially incorporated in 1964. It's hard to say if it was ever officially part of Southwestern Bell/old AT&T but it certainly isn't today. (Southwestern Bell spun off as an independent company in the mid-1980s, and eventually bought AT&T, taking its name).

    Barbecue Inn / 116 West Crosstimbers Road
    This restaurant I've been to, it has a small but aging following, with some good chicken fried steak and french fries. The current building was built in the 1960s, not the 1940s. I've written more about it with some photos at The Houston Files.


    The last section we'll cover here, becomes Crosstimbers Street at Yale.

    Independence Heights Apartments / 302 Crosstimbers Street
    These apartment buildings were constructed in 2018-2019 (at least partially subsidized), and physically where Kennedy Elementary School was before it moved out around the early 2010s.

    Church's Chicken / 425 Crosstimbers Street
    In the late 1960s this was home to the "TexGas Service Station" and became Ron's Krispy Fried Chicken around 1982. It didn't last too long before the entire chain sold out to Church's less than five years later. It's still a Church's Chicken to this day.

    1331 Crosstimbers Street
    This started out as Monterey House and converted to Monterey's Tex-Mex Cafe, before becoming Monterey's Little Mexico. It was closed up sometime around 2018 (maybe 2017). The May 2022 Google Street View shows the space being used for a staging area for new palm trees.

    1332 Crosstimbers Street
    This Wendy's opened in 1985 and closed in 2013, becoming Loanstar Title Loans. This was closed between November 2016 and May 2017, and boarded up soon after. Sadly, around 2020 the solarium (hidden behind plywood) was later completely removed.

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